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Simona Rich: how to release the anger that you hold inside

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    http://www.personal-development-coach.net/where-to-channel-your-anger.html Where to Channel Your Anger August 19, 2013 By Simona Rich About Simona Rich I aim
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      Where to Channel Your Anger

      August 19, 2013 By Simona Rich

      About Simona Rich

      Simona RichI aim to inform, inspire and empower people to change their lives.

      I live in tropical South India, ride scooter, meditate, do yoga and read spiritual books. That's the kind of "unusual" life I always wanted to have.

      Read my story to find out how from humble beginnings I created my life the way it is now.

      I recently got a facebook message from a person who finds it hard to control her anger.
      Here’s a modified version of her message:
      I saw your facebook post about a yoga teacher the other day. I get upset about how nowadays anyone can become certified yoga teachers. In particular I know a girl who is getting certified. She eats very unhealthy, smokes and so on.
      I’ve been practicing yoga for years and she considers herself to be a yoga expert just because she’s getting certified. That makes me very angry.
      I don’t know how to release this anger. I journal my thoughts, but that’s it. Do you have any other suggestions?
      Where to channel angerJournaling is a very good idea. However it’s not good to keep this energy in a notebook at home.
      Rip off the pages with angry words and burn them (safely!).
      Hide the bits that can’t be burnt into the earth or flush them down the toilet. Say a quick prayer that when these bits reach the earth, the earth will do with them whatever it wants. Now it’s not your issue – you’ve released it.
      This works because you project/channel your anger into a tangible thing (a paper) and then you see this projected energy burnt into insignificant pieces. Then you see with your own eyes how you bury these pieces into the earth and they are no more.
      Although it seems very easy, don’t underestimate the power of this process!
      You can also use the same process to let go of some person you no longer want to be attached to. In this case you should burn his/her picture.

      Burning celebrations to release energy

      There are some communities in the world who celebrate the burning of old things every year. It’s a big festival on the day, and a lot of bad energy is released into the earth, leaving people feeling light and happy.
      Here’s a quote from Cuzcoeats.com about the tradition of people living in Cuzco, Peru:
      For many, part of augering a good year for themselves is to get rid of their old clothes and other old things by burning them. People will make dolls of old clothes in order to light them on fire at midnight. In this way they can begin the New Year by starting fresh.
      Here’s another one about Pongal celebration of Tamil people in India:
      …people welcome the celebrations by burning old things off as a sign of making way for the new.
      In many cultures this process of burning the old for the energy release and inviting new opportunities has been modified into burning one single thing or disappeared completely. However anyone who chooses can revive this process and get the same benefit people of the old got.


      It’s important to get rid of the things that you channel your anger or other negative emotions to. A good way to get rid of the energy stored in an item is to burn it and bury the left bits into the earth. This shows to your mind that your anger has vanished and so you become more positive and open to new opportunities.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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