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Simona Rich: Are You an Old Soul or a New One?

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    http://www.personal-development-coach.net/old-or-new-soul.html Are You an Old Soul or a New One? August 16, 2013 By Simona Rich I’m reading a very
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      Are You an Old Soul or a New One?

      August 16, 2013 By Simona Rich
      New soul or old soul?I’m reading a very interesting book “The Hidden Science of Lost Civilisations” by David Wilcock.
      In one chapter the author quotes Dr. Newton’s findings about the colors we see with closed eyes and what soul age they describe.
      Here’s the quote:
      I found that typically, pure white denotes a younger soul and with advancement soul energy becomes more dense, moving into orange, yellow, green and finally the blue ranges.
      In addition to these center core auras, there are subtle mixtures of halo colors within every group that relate to the character aspects of each soul. For want of a better system, I have classified soul development as moving from a level I beginner through various learning stages to that of a master at level VI.
      These greatly advanced souls are seen as having a deep indigo color. I have no doubt even higher levels exist, but my knowledge of them is restricted because I only receive reports from people who are still incarnating…
      Deep indigo circle is what I see when I close my eyes. I see this indigo circle with blurred boundaries in a black background during meditation and sometimes when I simply close my eyes.
      This deep indigo circle started appearing as soon as I started meditating. At times it’s very intense, at other times I see only a transparent indigo circle. Usually it’s not fixed; it’s a living circle – the boundaries always move, the circle expands and then shrinks, becomes elongated or the edges become wavy.
      Sometimes I see other colors, especially purple, however other colors never form a circle except for the purple color. The other colors are seen as wavy lines and rays.
      White is quite common too, and on rare occasions green. Yellow also appears in my third eye vision. I almost never get red though and orange is also unusual for me to get. So according to Dr. Newton, these color ranges would indicate my character.
      I don’t remember which author suggested that the deep indigo circle that people see is their souls. I never felt that it’s the soul that I’m looking at though when I see the circle. Dr. Newton’s claim that the color we see shows the age of the soul resonates with me more.
      I also feel that this internal vision of colors corresponds to the chakra colors and which chakras are most active. It would make sense then that I most of the times see indigo and sometimes purple. Indigo is the color of the third eye; purple is the color of the crown chakra. My interest is largely in the area of spirituality, thus the third eye and the crown chakras are active.
      (My feeling about these colors being the representation of chakras doesn’t deny Dr. Newton’s findings since each chakra has certain characteristics/character  features associated with it.)
      What’s the color you usually see when you meditate? In what shape do you see it? Does it move or is it fixed in your vision? Let me know by commenting below.
      (If you don’t see any color, you need to meditate regularly and purify yourself. With time you will see it, it’s a usual meditation experience.)

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