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Isha Lerner's Tarot: Inner Child (Eight of Hearts) ~ Power of Flowers (Lavendar) ~ Triple Goddess (Awakened Aphrodite w/ 3rd Chakra)

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  • Ash
    Inner harmony can lead you to a state of divine bliss and actualize your potential as a gifted healer. Raphael drapes His violet blue wings around you,
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      "Inner harmony can lead you to a state of divine bliss and actualize your potential as a gifted healer."
      "Raphael drapes His violet blue wings around you, reminding you that you are never alone on your healing journey."
      "Awakened Aphrodite accepts life. Live life fully. Above all else, do not be afraid to love completely and honestly. Honor thyself and love will return one thousand times over."

      Healing with love and acceptance is the emphasis of today's messages and arriving in perfect, divine timing. :) There is much within all which is written that will speak to each of us where we are.  May each of us keep to heart that in our journey within each life we are richly blessed with the presence of those who have been and will always who love and cherish us deeply and truly as we do to and with them. That is the essence of all growth, change, and healing. Love. Our relearning how to accept ourselves and one another freely, completely and honestly as Awakened Aphrodite affirms. We honor Life, Our Selves and One Another with this precious Divine Gift. How empowering this is and that it Opens the door wider to our abilities as a true healers. Healers of body, mind, heart and soul. With the blessed touch and presence of the guides, angels and beings always with us and with the beloved souls physically here on this world who are no less true angels and inspirations for us. Let us consciously choose to allow our lives to radiate and illuminate inward and outward as we share, express, create and give love to one another unconditionally and within this remember to give this same measure of Divine Unconditional Love to ourselves. There is nothing more enriching, invigorating, transforming, and healing than Love. I am grateful for the love of all of those who are and always will be true in that Love. The change that comes sees that love grow to new depths, reaches to new heights and expands ever outward. Let us give thanks to each other equally with our body, mind and heart for we Honor One Another, Spirit, Mother Earth and Our Self together as we do. *:x lovestruck

      Eight of Hearts
      Your card is...

      Eight of Hearts

      The infinity symbol stands for completeness. It is composed of a solar right side and a lunar left side and can denote union or balance between the sexes. In essence, it is two becoming one. Ancient mystics said this symbol indicated the presence of twin gods or goddesses. Such twins were praised as magicians, healers, and angels of fertility. In this card, twin water spirits are uniting through the deep, transforming circle of power and change. Although their music is calm, the waves behind them ebb and flow with a rhythm of strength and force. This is represented by the eight musical notes in the shape of Winged Hearts. The blending of these opposing forces is the key to understanding personal transformation. The number 8 is itself a sign for infinity and represents passion, sexuality, power, and regeneration. Realize that you have both male and female energies within your psyche. If each of us were to consciously use our gifts of sexuality and empowerment constructively, together we would create a safer and less destructive world. This card asks you to find spiritual and emotional equilibrium within the realm of feelings. A profound change awaits you when you integrate a personal sense of empowerment with a serene understanding of the universal flow of life. Inner harmony can lead you to a state of divine bliss and actualize your potential as a gifted healer.

      Your card is...


      Latin: Lavandula officinalis

      Color(s): Bluish-Purple

      Archetype: Archangel Raphael. Archangel Raphael, whose name literally means “God Heals,” or “God Has Healed,” protects and overlights the Nature Kingdom—his healing presence extending outward to envelope all Earthly beings, including plants, trees, animals, insects, rocks & minerals, and humans. Through him, the Earth becomes a suitable abode for humanity.

      Signature: Intense heat, bitter cold, and extreme altitudes cannot harm the sturdy Lavender, with strong vertical stems and brilliant bluish/purple blossoms which become tubular at the end of the stem and are nestle among linear, blue-green leaves. Both flowers and leaves are fragrant.

      Healing Properties: The pure, clean aroma of Lavender washes one’s energetic field, and soothes and heals a shattered soul force when mental and spiritual properties have become overly burdened. It also assists with negative “self-talk,” and encourages us to rest peacefully, knowing you are never alone on your healing journey.

      Healing: The Guardian of Treasures comes to you carrying a golden portion of Lavender healing. You are under the protection of Archangel Raphael; your mental anguish and cumbersome worries are washed clean; earthly burdens are lifted; and vision is purified. You can rest peacefully. Raphael drapes His violet blue wings around you, reminding you that you are never alone on your healing journey. The white butterflies in this card represent purity and freedom, for once the mind has been cleansed, it becomes like a butterfly spreading its wings, receptive to sublime messages of liberation. If you are in need of deep healing at this time, Lavender flower elixir will soother your soul. It is beneficial to rub the oil made from the Lavender plant directly onto your body, absorbing its healing fragrance, as well as its healing essence during times of stress, crisis, or illness. Dried lavender is also glorious; sprinkle some around your altar or meditation site, as this will invite the presence of your healing angel, Raphael.

      21. Awakened Aphrodite
      Your card is...

      21. Awakened Aphrodite

      Soul Message: We are the mirror, as well as the face in it. We are tasting the taste of eternity this minute. We are pain and what cures pain. We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours. Soul of the world, no life, nor world remain, no beautiful women and men longing. Only this ancient love circling the holy black stone of nothing. Where the lover is the loved, the horizon and everything within it. --Rumi

      Alchemy and Transformation: At this stage, the adept knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the schooling of life is found within, and that each of us has the freedom to become fully awake through our own efforts and will. New levels of spiritual insight and contentment flood in on a regular basis and are readily assimilated. Wells of creativity and vitality are unearthed. Your power to serve the world with great compassion and skill comes to the fore. You are no longer hiding your light under a bushel, for there is nowhere left to hide.

      Awakening to the Archetype –Awakened Aphrodite: The path into Awakened Aphrodite’s embrace entails constant discernment, for She embodies the truth of real love. No longer does She confuse mere seduction, which is fear-based, with love, which knows no fear. Loving and kind to all women and men, She refuses to perpetuate the competitive and jealous ways of others. She is at home in Her physical body and grateful for the gift of life. She shares this joy with all around Her. She attracts many things to herself, yet knows the path of discrimination.

      Everyday Encounters: Take time for yourself. Sleep when you need to, vacation and play when it is appropriate. Do not overwork or bury yourself in competitive work habits. Awakened Aphrodite accepts life. Live life fully. Above all else, do not be afraid to love completely and honestly. Honor thyself and love will return one thousand times over.

      Nature’s Healers: Goddess Bouquet of Apple Blossom/Rose/Lily
      Third Chakra

      Third Chakra

      Chakra Attributes: (Color: Yellow) (Function: Will, Power, Laughter, Anger, Joy)

      Healing Essence of the Chakra: Located above the navel, it corresponds to the solar plexus in the physical body. This chakra opens the channels of power and acts like a radiant sun, storing power and energy for future use. By directing the full force of our intention toward our dreams and goals and moving creatively through life, we leave the limiting aspects of our childhood behind. We are transformed into sacred and peaceful warriors.

      Healing Flower: Sunflower

      Keywords: Leadership, Power, Authority, Integrity, Consciousness, Courage, Action

      Affirmations: I honor myself. I offer my light and service to the world.

       © Copyright 2013 Inner Sight / Isha Lerner Enterprises. All rights reserved.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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