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Fw: Tuesday, August 21

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  • Polly Menendez
    Tuesday, August 21st Mayan Calendar: 10 Akbal, 6 Uo [ 10 represents:Creative pulse of placed intention manifests on earth grid. Keyword MANIFEST. Akbal
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      Tuesday, August 21st

      Mayan Calendar: 10 Akbal, 6 Uo

      [ 10 represents:Creative pulse of placed intention manifests on earth grid. Keyword MANIFEST. Akbal represents: Becoming civilized and giving shelter from the darkness. 6 represents:Time/Space; The creation of the cycles of time based on the Cosmos. Keyword FLOW. Uo represents: A time to listen in silence and hear the oracles of heaven.]


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer

      The Moon enters Libra and parallels the fixed star Menkar. A victim of the unconscious.

      The lunar void cycle ends

      Mercury squares Saturn

      Venus conjoins Pollux at 7:05 AM. The process of creativity.

      The quickening of the intuition and the willingness to trust it

      greatly increases our ability to respond creatively to life�s challenges.

      The human spirit rejoices in the wonders of creation and the abundance of infinite potentiality. Our Soul desires to take part in all aspects of personality expression and fulfilment. Expressing our Soul-purpose in the physical realm leads to renewal and deep personal fulfilment.

      We are gaining the ability to develop on physical, emotional and mental levels. Once these abilities and powers are developed, we are able to attune to our intuition and use our intent to make positive changes in our lives.

      The fixed star Menkar is linked to the forces of the collective unconscious which can emerge from the sea of the collective and greatly influence us in our decision making.

      When we are vulnerable in our emotions, we often act out of unconscious conditioning. We can be our own worst enemy unless we become aware of our wounded self and begin the process of integration. It takes courage and will to acknowledge our wounded self and process our emotions. Saturn is giving us the opportunity to heal our dissociated patterns so that we are able to make decisions wisely and consciously.

      Pollux is the twin of castor. The light of Pollux is increasing while the light of Castor is diminishing. The two stars symbolise the evolution of the personality and the Soul. Castor is the personality, Pollux the Soul. The two aspects merge into one and the light of the one that wanes is absorbed into the greater Light of the one that waxes.

      Saturn in Gemini is giving us those opportunities and challenges encountered in the physical realm. These experiences bring greater wisdom and increase the Light of the Soul.

      The Moon trines Neptune at 3:16 PM and squares Jupiter at 5:32 PM.

      We are able to feel emotionally and intuitively to the energies of Neptune and Jupiter by taking part in meditation, devotional ceremony and attuning to the Sacred.

      Universal consciousness functions on both personal and collective. levels. On the personal level, it reveals itself as the aspect of the Soul which is love. This is where we evoke healing, nurturing and spiritual sustenance.

      The Rays of Neptune help to unfold Universal Consciousness in the human kingdom. We are getting in touch with the passion and adventure of our own unfolding, attuning to the loving and wise consciousness of our Soul and preparing for Discipleship.

      In the new Paradigm, the World Disciple is Humanity and the Coming One comes through each of us. The impact of this evolutionary process results in the unfolding of World Goodwill, realised by group endeavour and spiritual intent.

      Jupiter can fuse resources, both of the material and spiritual kind, in order to reveal the boundless abundance available to humanity when World Goodwill is awakened in the heart of Humanity.

      Jupiter gives the ability to fuse and blend various doctrines, religions and groups in order to teach others about the universality and inclusivity of beliefs and creeds.

      We are all One

      (refer to the Law of One or email to receive it).

      Mercury Squares Saturn at 5:10 PM.

      Wisdom combines with magnetic will.

      If we are feeling frustration or depression, it is important to re-attune to our Soul-purpose and strengthen our will. We can channel our energy more creatively by focusing our intent and magnetically attracting the resources that we need.

      Mercury, also known as Hermes was thought of as the god who invented and initiated humanity into magic and the Mysteries. Magic can be described as the process of creating on emotional, mental and physical realms. Mercury is teaching us to use the thought process creatively.

      Opportunity is a keyword as Saturn and Mercury offers those challenges and life situations that bring us to make a conscious decision that leads to illumination.

      It is through our desires or aspirations, that we come to a greater comprehension of the Laws of Manifestation.

      Eventually, through the opportunities Saturn gives us, we are able to achieve karmic balance and reach a place where conscious choices becomes an actual possibility.

      At this point the choices we have to make for our evolutionary advancement become clear to our awakening eyes. We know that if we accept the work and service in front of us, we are realising our heart�s desire or Soul-purpose. We have the chance experience the true freedom of spirit.

      Our vision encourages us to shoulder some of the collective burden for advancing humanity and the expression of Love-Wisdom in the world by taking part in World Service. Saturn reveals where our Dharma or duty lies and where we may expect tests of restriction and self discipline to arise when we stray from our Soul-purpose. We always come back with greater wisdom, Understanding and compassion for those in bondage.

      the Prodigal experienced these �tests� when he ended up eating of the �husks of life�. He makes a conscious decision to return to his Father and experiences joy and celebration.

      The Soul enters deeper into the material realm in order to get more experience. When we allow ourselves to become influenced by the illusory quality of world glamour, we can temporarily forget our Soul�s purpose. After experiencing many of life�s challenges, we experience a revelation and are able to see our destiny and purpose more clearly. This leads to our conscious decision to return Home to Spirit where we experience real joy and fulfilment.

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