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Weave The Web: Planetary Update: August 2013

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  • Ash
        Weave the Web   August 5, 2013 Planetary Update: August 2013   If your world has been spinning, and you found yourself in explosive situations over
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      Weave the Web
      August 5, 2013
      Planetary Update: August 2013

      If your world has been spinning, and you found yourself in explosive situations over the past two weeks, feeling an array of emotions and standing on unstable ground, you are feeling the recent impact of the Grand Sextile alignment that occurred on July 29th.  Leading up to this incredible alignment of six planets creating the six pointed Star of David, the energy was nothing less than wild and raw.  It was designed to bring  everything up in everyone. Remember we are still processing all the wisdom that was given to us with the recent retrograde cycle of Saturn, the Planet of Karma and the retrograde cycle of Mercury.  This grand sextile formation of the celestial bodies is the same alignment that appeared  at the time of the Harmonic Concordance in November 2003.

      The astrological Star of David is a rare and unique alignment that opens the doorway of ones consciousness.  It creates an energy to open our hearts, allowing us to become more receptive.  This provides an opportunity for us to become aware of who and what we are allowing into our sacred space and the choices we make. Two triangles, one pointed downward and the other pointing upward represent the divine union of male and female, our logical thinking mind coming into union with our divine knowing heart. When two Grand Trines interlock within this alignment, the result is a combination of very stressful aspects.   The alignment applies pressure pushing us to make immediate change to create an opening for more harmonious energies.   Only when we clear the congested energy can the transformational  forces flow moving us to our desired dreams.

      Where we have resisted, change has now become our top priority.  The lessons will be more challenging if we don’t surrender.  NO MORE excuses, no more repeating the past.
      Another very clear warning comes with this alignment.  Stop talking out loud about the same old story or you will certainly repeat it.  IT IS NO ONES FAULT but yours, if you continue to play the same game and expect something to change. If you feel someone continues to take advantage of you, STOP putting yourself in a situation where you allow them to.  If you feel someone is critical of you, remember we learn from one another.  We can take the words of criticism to heart or we can remember that our own words can  either empower someone or disempower them and we will choose our words more carefully in the next conversation we engage in.

      The more you verbalize your discomfort regarding a situation or person, what you don’t understand, is you are creating the vibration of those words to repeat the same thing you are complaining about.  These energies are not easy to work with but one major key that will help is leave the past in the PAST.  Today is a new day.  Focus on what you want to create, not on what has occurred in the past.  The minute you revisit a past transgression or hurt you have now brought that energy into the immediate now. 
      My personal experience is focus on what you can do today to bring more joy into your life.  Everyday we have an opportunity to create our own happiness or our own frustrations.  We are given that choice, so choose wisely.   In the moments when I am not spinning I choose to look at those individuals who I HAVE allowed to create disharmony as my angels supporting me on my journey to make change.   Empowering me to do so by creating the very situation that I need to choose to change. 

      We all have these angels in our life, some more than others, but nevertheless they are God and Goddess sent to support our growth if we look at them with different eyes.  Those individuals that irritate us, dissapoint us, betray us  and hurt us are these angels.  
      May you find the magick in this day and use the energies of the recent alignment to support your expansion and growth.
      Love and rainbows from Mount Shasta, Robbyne

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