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Quado's Garden : Quiet Your Mind and Observe ~ Power Animal of the Week: Butterfly

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  • Ash
    When we find our mind full of thoughts, racing back and forth, take a moment to settle ourselves. Take a deep breath to help ease any slow the mind and make a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2013
      When we find our mind full of thoughts, racing back and forth, take a moment to settle ourselves. Take a deep breath to help ease any slow the mind and make a conscious choice to shift from those 'inner debates' to around you. As you do begin to truly listen. Actively listen and you will begin to notice what surrounds you. Quietly observe how life unfolds around you. There are messages within the sounds we hear. Of the birds, running water, footfalls, music and voices carried on the wind and more. Even when we hear silence...that silence can and does speak richly of mysteries that are unfolding, bearing seeds and fruits that are ripe for the planting and picking. As you observe the world around you receive these insights without judgment. See how life exists, moves and touches each being and as you do so that quiet observation can and will become apart of who you are. That can be used inwardly to understand yourself more intimately and fully as well as others. You come to Know the richness of diversity and how that can, does and will accentuate our unity and, in that process, you can see that same rich diversity and unity within yourself.

      Therein comes a deeper appreciation of life and that Nature of our Being. You can begin to see life more for what it is, in how it evolves, grows, expands and changes. The Divine Touch and Song that moves in and through every facet of life throughout this world and the worlds beyond and, never forgetting and reawakening to the remembrance of the same Divine Touch and Song that flows inside of YOU. You begin to regain that sense of balance and grounding. This does not mean everything is 'resolved in an instant' but it does mean that you find yourself within that quiet, powerful and serene place at the very heart and soul of YOU. That is where you begin your co-creation and in that process you begin to transform yourself. Ultimately that is apart of the most fundamental seed and fruit of True Unconditional Divine Love. To grow, to change, to transform.

      Butterfly comes as a herald, teacher, guide and companion on the road to transformation and observation is one of the building blocks on this path. Butterfly will assist us in observing life, Knowing our cycles and how to appreciate, value and love each facet of existence, one another and equally and vitally important ourselves. When there are multiple directions presented before us and/or within us and we are not certain which way to go honor this too for that is not a sign of a lack of understanding nor doubt nor confusion. It is apart of how we enter into a chrysalis stage and can use that to quiet the mind and observe. Feel the rhythm of our heart and soul as we watch and listen to the Earth's as She Sings and Speaks and Moves throughout all here whether they are conscious of Her presence or not. You will know when it is time to make a choice born of patience, observance and love.

      Remember that it is not another who transforms us; it is YOU who transforms you. Rekindle and reawaken the Butterfly within and life is experienced with a new Breathe, Song and Joy renewed, reborn, refreshed and rejuvenated in Love.


      Quiet Your Mind and Observe

      Today, notice what surrounds you.  Listen to the sound of birds, the sound of voices, music in the background.  Quiet your mind and observe. 
      Today, see how things actually are, right now.  Watch other people and see if you can understand what lies behind their actions.  Let life unfold as a mystery around you, a mystery full of clues.
      The power to create a new life for yourself begins with a full understanding of where you are and who you are right now.  Today, focus on where you fit into the world, what your world is like, what other people are truly like.
      Be deeply observant.  See how the world works.  See how other people feel, think and act.  Be objective and observant.
      And from this deep understanding of the world which surrounds you, you will be able to find a center of power which makes sense not only for you and your internal world and wishes, but for the world of which you are a part.

      The Butterfly
      Transformation          Acceptance          Gratitude

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the butterfly fill you. Click here to Listen to the Butterfly's Song.

      The ultimate symbol of transformation is now an integral part of your life.  Be glad, for you are the butterfly!
      The butterfly energy will allow you to continually transform, gradually lifting your level higher and higher as you cycle through the stages of birth, crawling, cocooning and flight for each new stage of your life.
      And as you go through this process, over and over, learn to accept that each stage is a necessary part of transformation.  Butterfly energy will help you not only accept, but actually enjoy the early crawling stage, as you learn new skills and new ways of being.  This energy will also help you understand that the chrysalis stage, wrapped in a cocoon with direction unclear, is a necessary state before you can emerge in your full glory.
      And as you finally emerge as a butterfly, something that will happen to you many times in your lifetime, stretch out your beautiful wings and fly, enjoying life to the fullest, engrossed within this moment and this moment only, as you drink the nectar of the garden and give thanks for the many blessings of your life.
      And then, of course, you will do it all over again, for you are the butterfly.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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