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Pleiadedolphininfos: AA Metatron - Walkway to Portal of 8/25 - CONFIDENCE

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  • Ash
        pleiadedolphininfos pleiadedolphininfos ________________________________ * Go into your heart – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn August 02, 2013 *
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      Posted: 02 Aug 2013 12:28 PM PDT
      (Translated from original language german)
      My child, don’t wait for a savior. There is none to come. You alone are your savior. It was told already so often to you. You get all possible help, but the work on you, you have to do already by yourself. Nobody can do this for you. Only by the work on yourself you can grow and develop yourself further. This is something completely and utterly personal. You are on earth to learn your lessons that you have chosen so carefully before your birth. Now is the time to begin with it if you are still deliberating what you can do. Go into your heart and listen to the voice of your Higher Self. It will direct you, because it is YOU. Also your spiritual guide talks to you in your heart. And if you are seeking me, so you will find me there too. There is my place in you and there I wait for you that you hear and answer me, my child. In my deep eternal love to you. ~
      Your Divine Mother
      Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. http://sirianheaven.wordpress.com/
      Posted: 02 Aug 2013 06:41 AM PDT

      ~The theme of this walkway as you make your way to another portal is CONFIDENCE. This is the moment when all of you will breathe confidence, think confidence and be confidence. As the old patterns of your daily lives begin to slowly fade into the background, you will shed the skin like a snake born anew and arrive at the Portal of August 25th a new born infant. ~
      ——Greetings dearly beloved ones. Greetings dear children of light and love and the creation of all that is. Yes finally you have walked through one of the gates only to find yourself in the midst of a walkway that will lead you through into another gate which is within your reach and is coming your way shortly.
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      Posted: 02 Aug 2013 06:35 AM PDT

      Thanks to: lucas2012infos 

      REMAINING FIFTH DIMENSIONALOur third dimensional world teaches us that
      seeing is believing

      However, our fifth dimensional world teaches us that
      believing is seeing!
      Posted: 02 Aug 2013 06:32 AM PDT

      (If the youtube sound quality is not to your liking go to soundcloud.)
      All material can be spread freely with the correct name of the show as it is distributed and only in full. Editing and cutting up shows is not allowed. For other uses the makers of the show need to have expressed specific and written consent.
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      Posted: 02 Aug 2013 06:30 AM PDT


      425562_10151387210281667_1343537231_n❄ Dear Ones, you are yourselves Angels, one and all.  You wear amongst you clothes of many colors, many variations of self-expression and ideals.  No particular person’s path is exactly the same as any other, and this is true despite whatever outward similarities you should happen to perceive.  Unique and original as tiny snowflakes in the sky, are you.  No seashell is marked precisely in the same way, is this not true?.  No flower or tree is devoid of intricacies in shape, design, scent and hue.  United as one, sprung from Source, yet altogether forming a tapestry interwoven of threads of every texture and design.  Behold the beauty which is your joining.  There is nothing at all akin to you throughout the Cosmos!
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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