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Isha Lerner's Tarot: (Inner Child) The Wizard ~ (Power of Flowers) Sagebrush ~ (Triple Goddess) Infinite Bliss w/ 2nd Chakra

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  • Ash
    When we share our insights, wisdom and experiences let us always be open in being receptive as well. Each of us are teachers, guides and nurturers to one
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2013
      When we share our insights, wisdom and experiences let us always be open in being receptive as well. Each of us are teachers, guides and nurturers to one another. Being receptive and actively listening with a genuine desire and openness to learn is one of the fundamental cornerstones of what it means to be a true teacher and leader. One that does not perceive their own insights as being above others. Rather that we are open to the inspiration that others bring especially those who have touched us at that deepest place within her heart and impacted our lives in the best and highest of ways. Let us see ourselves united together in a loving, harmonious matrix where we grow together, share our dreams, walk together, lift each other up in times of hardships and at the core of it all to love one another. Freely and unconditionally. Therein we can and do experience the expansion of our Heart Consciousness. Our awareness begins to encompass and embrace all forms of life upon this world and beyond.

      We can and do begin to purify our mind, body and heart together individually and collectively. These are apart of the choices that we have presented before and have no doubts that each of us is apart of those choices being presented as we have Co-Created the doors and means to see these appear within us and around us. White Buffalo Woman bears the gifts of how we can reconnect and 'flip the inner switch' to our personal evolution and ascension. The courage she presents is not courage which has been absent within us even though we may have thought that. Rather She assists us to reawaken that courage and experience the fruits of sweetness and wholeness which are eternally bearing new seeds. Seeds planted and harvested and Her guidance and teachings enable to enhance and grow in our attuning to Our Mother Earth, to Source and to one another. These choices are ours to make and decide the paths that we will experience. Do we choose to fall back into where we were and laden ourselves with more heaviness or do we choose to accept Her gracious guidance and teaching? What we are taught is not showing what we lack. Teachings reveal, expound upon and enlighten us into what we already Know deep, deep inside of ourselves. How to see them, access them, and expand upon them in new and affirming ways.

      There is that eternal, infinite bliss as it bubbles and unfurls in our souls. At the Heart of Spirit where we reside and flow from and will always be connected to. We are relearning how to be present in the moment and experiencing life to the fullest by loving life to the fullest and that means loving yourself fully and unconditionally. Be Your Bliss and share that Bliss with one another. We have the power to transform ourselves. There is no place exempt save those places we close ourselves off to. Inspire, touch, move and share the magic that comes from making, creating and giving love to one another experiencing the vibrancy and life-affirming/altering/transforming blissful power of love. *:x lovestruck

      V The Wizard
      Your card is...

      V The Wizard

      When this card appears in your reading, a spiritual teacher is on the scene. Who is inspiring you at this time? Is there a new field of study to explore? See the realms of music, art, literature, philosophy, religion, history, and nature as pathways to higher knowledge. Build a bridge between the child within that seeks answers and the Higher Self that continually offers jewels of enlightenment through dreams, visions, promptings, and intuitive flashes. When breakthroughs occur and inspirations flood your mind, be willing and eager to share your newfound wisdom. Avoid the temptation to rigorously hold on to revelations. Steer clear of controlling others for your own purposes. Most of all, with your visualization skills (based on the development of your third eye, or ajna center), see your life linked with a fellowship of like-minded souls, your true ring of power in the world.

      Your card is...


      Latin: Artemisia caucasica

      Color(s): Yellow

      Archetype: White Buffalo Calf Woman. White Buffalo Calf Woman is associated with the mysteries of the Sacred Pipe of the Lakota Tribe. She gave teachings regarding the cycles of the earth’s evolution, and introduced an awareness of the sacredness of all life: the four-leggeds, the winged birds; grandmother and grandfather earth wisdom; and all that grows upon the earth.

      Signature: An extremely hardy evergreen shrub or woody perennial distinguished by its interesting leaf patterns, silvery gray or white aromatic foliage, and small yellow flowers. Its leaves are woven into sticks of incense and used for ritual cleansing.

      Healing Properties: Sagebrush purifies the heart, mind and body, accelerating personal evolution. Sagebrush helps us to see through our well worn patterns, addictions, and attachments so negative thought forms and self-effacing habits can be eliminated. Combined with California Poppy, it is a wonderful essence for freeing one’s self from drug addiction.

      Healing: There are times in our lives when we are faced with the choice either to realign ourselves to higher principles, through purification of thought word, and deed, or to turn our backs on such a precious opportunity. The presence of this card indicates that you may be standing at such a crossroad in your won life. The choice you now make could take you to the core of self-realization or leave you relatively unchanged and stagnant. White Buffalo Calf Woman brings you courage to take the necessary steps to personal transformation, reminding you of the sweetness that shines within your heart. She sustains you with her abundant and unconditional love. Through her, the Wakan Tanka, or Great Spirit, comes to you, purging you of the impure intentions that have brought much suffering to your soul. You may wish to smudge your home, your body, your altar, or whatever space you use for meditation and prayer. As you seek to live your life in reverence for all of life, remember to give thanks to White Buffalo Calf Woman, the harbinger of cosmic justice, love and peace. Know that your life is capable of great transformation at this time.

      22. Infinite Bliss
      Your card is...

      22. Infinite Bliss

      Soul Message: Through the energy centers within my body that carry the life force of the universe, I am in communion with Earth and stars. My thoughts, my actions, my creative vitality, birth the return of the Great Bliss Queen. I shall walk the path of Infinite Bliss. My heart glows with divine love and joy.

      Alchemy and Transformation: At this stage of initiation—through regular prayer, meditation, and visualization—the human body begins to transform into a being of Infinite Bliss. The organs are strengthened and new levels of perception are awakened. The preconditions necessary to attain true peace and freedom have been fulfilled.

      Awakening to the Archetype –The Great Bliss Queen of Tibet : The Great Bliss Queen has completely gone beyond the human tendency to solidify and objectify the things of this world. For Her, life is a holographic dance of translucent, rainbow-colored patterns of energy that dip and swirl and interweave. She smiles and laughs because She is fundamentally free, and because She knows that we are, too!

      Everyday Encounters: You encounter the Great Bliss Queen in your life when you are fully present and alive in the world of form, while fully immersed in your flaming wisdom bliss. When you dance wild and naked in the moonlight; moan in ecstasy; squeal with delight; sign in sweet repose; or have a good, hard belly laugh at the sheer absurdity and wonder of it all. When you let your heart break open to the agony and the ecstasy, and especially when you discover that agony and ecstasy are, ultimately, one and the same. In short, once you have awakened to your own blissful nature, you encounter the Great Bliss Queen everywhere. There is no place She is not. She is All. All is Bliss.

      Nature’s Healers: Pomegranate
      Second Chakra

      Second Chakra

      Chakra Attributes: (Color: Orange) (Herbs: Gardenia, Damiana) (Function: Desire, Pleasure, Sexuality, Procreation)

      Healing Essence of the Chakra: Located in our lower belly, it is where we relate to our bodies through the procreative centers. Through a healthy second chakra one can heal relationship problems, transform deep and hurtful emotions, and balance life.

      Healing Flower: Hibiscus

      Keywords: Life Energy, Creative, Procreative, Giving, Receiving, Inner Truth

      Affirmations: I make my decisions from a place of hope and faith. My creative drive is strong and exciting. My sexuality is fulfilling and meaningful. I am life.

      © Copyright 2013 Inner Sight / Isha Lerner Enterprises. All rights reserved.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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