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Pleiadedolphininfos: Melchizedek - The Merkabah alignment, an update channeled by Meline Lafont

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  • Ash
      Melchizedek ~ The Merkabah alignment, an update ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont Posted: 31 Jul 2013 07:31 AM PDT Picture: Méline Lafont Melchizedek
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2013

      Posted: 31 Jul 2013 07:31 AM PDT
      Picture: Méline Lafont

      Melchizedek received on July 29

      I greet you cordially, my beloved brethren and friends of the Light. As I talk to you today the alignment and the formation of the so-called Merkabah takes place around your planet and straight off I can confirm that everything is expanding beautifully to a higher and more refined light.

      Your planet Earth, your beloved Mother Gaia, has been able to get Her needs and help out of this powerful alignment which provides the highest degree and the most refined energies of the Light. Deceit and the powers of the dark are now completely out of the picture; this truly is a pure day of Love and Light, we feel it that way and you do too. This is a most pure and blessed day for all of you as well as for us and for the whole of the universe. My beloved ones, you really have no clue whatsoever what this day will cause to take place in yourselves and in your reality as at this precise moment, everything is still in the process of being totally absorbed and integrated in your cells, in your Being, in your Hearts and in your Eartly incarnations.

      Litterally bombs and inpourings of Love and cosmic Light are being sent out through your hearts and your earthly vessels/tempels of Light in the most powerful way ever. The heart is capable of absorbing everything very well and instigates every particle of this cosmic essence into an activation, an integration and into becoming a part of yourself. Your heart can cope with everything for it is not only your means of existence in a physical incarnation, it is furthermore the most important element taking care of Ascension because your heart steers everything  and contains everything to help you evolve further and transform. My beloved ones, the heart is the mirror of your Being, of your true existence and the more you are One with yourSelf, the more loving your heart will feel and be.
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      Posted: 31 Jul 2013 07:18 AM PDT

       foto: Méline Lafont

      Melchizedek ontvangen op 29 Juli 2013

      Ik groet u van harte mijn geliefde gebroeders en vrienden van het Licht. Het is vandaag de uitlijning en vorming van de zogenaamde Merkabah formatie rondom jullie planeet, wanneer ik spreek en ik kan al meteen bevestigen dat alles op een wondermooie manier zich aan het uitzetten is tot een hoger en fijner licht.

      Jullie planeet Aarde/geliefde moeder Gaia heeft haar noden en hulp kunnen halen uit deze krachtige uitlijning die voor de hoogste graad en fijnste energieën van het licht zorgt. Er is geen sprake van misleiding meer of krachten van het duister, dit is werkelijk een pure dag van liefde en licht en zo voelen wij het allemaal ook aan , alsook jullie. Dit is een pure en gezegende dag voor jullie allen alsook voor ons en het hele universum. Jullie hebben tot nog toe geen enkel idee, geliefden, wat deze dag allemaal teweeg brengt in uw zelve en in uw realiteit, voor alles op dit moment nog volop geabsorbeerd wordt en geïntegreerd wordt in jullie cellen, jullie Zijn, jullie hart en jullie Aardse incarnatie.

      Werkelijke bommen en influxen van liefde en kosmisch licht wordt door jullie harten en Aardse lichamen/tempels van licht gezonden op de meest krachtigste manier ooit. Het hart weet alles goed te absorberen en bewerkt elk deeltje van deze kosmische essentie tot een activatie, integratie en deel van uzelf. Uw hart kan alles aan voor het is niet enkel uw hoofd van bestaan in een fysieke incarnatie, maar het is ook het belangrijkste element dat voor ascentie zorgt omdat uw hart alles stuurt en alles in zich heeft om u verder te laten evolueren en transformeren. Het hart, geliefden, is de spiegel van uw Zijn; uw werkelijk Zijn en hoe meer u 1 bent met uzelf, hoe geliefder het hart zal voelen en zijn.
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      Posted: 31 Jul 2013 03:59 AM PDT

      Do you "feel" it? Yesterday's Planetary Merkaba formation in the stars of 7-29-13 was truly amazing! The energies today are still so very strong and watching the various stages that led up to NOW has been something to both witness and participate in. WOW!

      I had many experiences that led up to yesterday with the bringing back of fractals of "SELF" that were in various timelines throughout history, in various dimensions, and who were parts of me that needed and MUST come home to the "I AM THAT I AM" or ME to enter this next stage of my personal ascension process an my own sovereignty... With that, it seems that not only karma has been cleared but also memories of those times, the story has seemed to disappear... WOW... Did the Akash get rewritten because of that? Whew... so much has happened and so little time has passed this will take a while to digest.

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      Posted: 31 Jul 2013 03:54 AM PDT

      Picture credit
      In my observations, that I  am always just also part of, I have been greeting the energies of change that are strongly coming in now. It is  making people choose between thoughts and actions presented to them in the now.  Are they about to  continue the old paths of separation in any form or are they chosing to be coming towards the middle and bringing about unification.  Yes, It is a layer by layer process that still needs to get done till the onion is pealed to its core. 
      There is only ONE ball so to say and it represents  all that is as it is in us and as reflected on the outside also. Still people seek the outside walls to bounce that ball of Oneness  ti bring it  into their separation fields.  As things are being  forwarded in the middle by all that is expressed from the One that we all are it will become experienced and perceived also as Oneness. Some people propagate still one to be only one if it is in their  separation chamber or corner. That is not becoming Unified or being One as it has conditions.
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      Posted: 31 Jul 2013 03:51 AM PDT
      When your move into fully conscious living replaces your present illusory state of existence, as it very soon will, you will be so engrossed with the new environment you are busy adapting to that your interest in “what is to come” will have evaporated, because you will experience it as being no longer pertinent or of interest. In this new “now moment,” there is no future, nothing to look forward to, because there is only the eternal, joy-filled now moment.  You truly have absolutely no idea of the wonders to which you will soon be gloriously re-exposed, when you awaken into your natural and divine state as fully conscious entities at One with God.
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      Posted: 31 Jul 2013 03:49 AM PDT

      The following is an automatic writing-based “interview” with the Pleiadian High Council.
      Wes Annac: Hello dear friends, it’s great to connect with you on this night.
      The Pleiadian High Council: We are overjoyed to connect with you and with every dear soul absorbing this communication. Thank you, dearest Wesley, for connecting with us and choosing to bring our energies and impressions through.
      Wes: It’s my honor, dear friends.
      Now, I’ve been given personal sightings of ships that I believe to be of your origin, but that may be of another higher-dimensional race. Regardless of the origins of the ships, I’ve seen them before after making a telepathic request to.
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      Posted: 31 Jul 2013 03:47 AM PDT

      SaLuSa“For the Love of GAIA”, SaLuSa – 30 July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean
      Dear ones, we are so pleased to see your level  of consciousness rise incrementally from message to message. Your light shines far and strong, and it can be seen from many millions of galaxies. You are our emissaries to this quadrant of the Universe and you are strong representatives of the Galactic Federation and of ascended masters living on Earth. Your interactions with those around you bring light to many, even if you are not inclined to believe so immediately. However, you are contributing in raising the light, in an unquestionable manner. You are inspiring other lightworkers, whistle-blowers, and inspiring those around you to question their own belief system, and the entire set up and structure of a no longer functioning society.
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