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Pleiadedolphininfos: Becoming your new selves with joy. - channeled by Ron head

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  • Ash
        pleiadedolphininfos pleiadedolphininfos ________________________________ * Become your new selves with joy. – channeled by Ron Head * Lucas – Into
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      Posted: 29 Jul 2013 08:18 AM PDT

      Lions Gate

      We come to you once again, speaking to you of the energies of the ancient traditional new year signaled by the dawn rising of the star Sirius and movement into the sign of Leo.  This is the Lion’s Gate.  It is accompanied this time by several other rare and auspicious alignments in your heavens.  Together they bring you even greater cosmic energy than is usual even for the Lion’s Gate.

      As we urged you in our last message, just days ago, go within at this time.  Find your heart space.  Reach out with the senses which you will find there and receive with your love and gratitude that which is being showered upon you at this time.
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      Posted: 28 Jul 2013 11:59 PM PDT

      Logo Lucas_square_wordsFrom my observation post somewhere around Earth the insights in people’s psyche and understanding the non-logical decisions is something that feels strange and at least odd.  People got awakened in seeing the system and everything that was as lies and fraud. Then they go into activism and wanting to make a change on the outside, the system. They got later on out of their dogmas and beliefs from their upbringing, education and religions. They got even detached from the guru’s and teachers telling them a certain method or way was the right one for them to be or become…  Then there came some newly equipped mind-controlller along that had been in the spell of the divines and we got a new sort of guru or teacher born.  Nothing divine about it as it is just leading you again away from your own power as that is given away to this new sort of guru, teacher who says to connect you with aliens as you are part of their group.
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      Posted: 28 Jul 2013 02:00 PM PDT

      The Arcturian Group

      The Arcturian Group Message. Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele, July 27, 2013, at http://www.onenessofall.com/newest.html
      Greetings once again from the Arcturian Group
      We come in peace and Love to help you – our brothers and sisters, to awaken and understand the questions you hold about why you are here and what living on Earth at this time is all about.
      Generation after generation, lifetime after lifetime, humans have been programmed into believing that they were no more than living flesh here for a short time to struggle through life, then die and be buried. Many still believe that their only contribution is the children they leave behind, never realizing that they are deathless, birthless, infinite Beings – sparks of the Divine on Earth to awaken within and in spite of the denseness of duality and separation.
      Many of you are evolved Beings here to assist and lift others, but this does not mean you have no work of your own to do for, having lived many lifetimes on Earth, you too have acquired energies that need to be cleared.
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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