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  • Ash
        pleiadedolphininfos pleiadedolphininfos ________________________________ * Karen Doonan: ELOHIM Message to Humanity – 22 July 2013 * John Smallman ~
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      Posted: 24 Jul 2013 12:53 AM PDT

      John Smallman

      original link: John Smallman

      The volume of LOVE flowing from the Source of all, God, our Father, and then through us in the spiritual realms and on through the divine field of Love, to which every single conscious being that God created is eternally connected, is infinitely abundant.  It is presently directed most purposefully to assist in humanity’s imminent and divinely assured awakening, because it is God’s Will that you awaken from the nightmare in which you seem to have been immersed for so long.  Focus your attention, as frequently as you possibly can each day, on feeling and experiencing the divine Embrace that is so lovingly offered to you in every moment, because that helps you to further strengthen and intensify your intent to wake up.  And it is your intent to wake up, your collective intent, which will bring it about.
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      Posted: 24 Jul 2013 12:50 AM PDT

      Posted by Wes Annac
      -Channeled through Wes Annac-
      We quite enjoy connecting with humanity and giving you updates related to the ongoing evolution of your world, as you’ve existed under veils and limitations that enforce separation from the Divine realms of consciousness you’ve both come from and are growing back toward as a collective.
      We seek to update you as often as possible from our vantage point on matters playing out on your dear Earth, and to that extent, we wish to let you know that events continue to progress significantly in relation to the disclosure of our existence.
      We don’t say this because of progress made on our end or on the cabals’ end in the way of disclosing our existence to humanity, but we speak rather of the rising collective energy levels, which are becoming more allowing of our presence and a widespread understanding of it, in every moment.
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      Posted: 24 Jul 2013 12:44 AM PDT

      The Devic Realm. “Be As The Little Children.”

      Originally received on October 12, 2012.
      9642-water-faerieI was reading through some of my old messages this morning, and I came upon this really sweet one from the Water Deva. I normally will receive messages like this one when I’m by a lake or at the beach.  I’m definitely looking forward to returning home to Florida next month, where I’m sure I’ll be in the right place to get more.  This is one of my very favorites, and it addresses our need to view the world through the eyes of our inner child, and to live our adult lives with much of the lighthearted attitude of our children.  I hope you enjoy it!
      ✿ In the bright light of day, nothing shall be hidden.  Remember this well in the coming days;  because as  surely as the dawn breaks in the morning, so shall it herald the beginning of a new age.  You shall prepare yourselves for a different way of living by instilling within your hearts a deep determination-a vow-to drop the heaviness from  your hearts and cease giving credence to the chaotic illusions  continually bombarding  your senses.  Be as the little children.  For, do they pay the darkness any heed at all?  Are the wee ones even mildly aware, nor interested, even?  To be as a child is simply to emulate – and in the most positive sense, might we add – those ones to whom the serenity of Source is the freshest of memories.  They love purely and trustfully.  To imagine is to make make real.  They know this.  As these are the ones who are able to easily remember and thus embody the most fundamental Universal truths.  Innocence personified, they are.  And they have come in now to show the more jaded hearts the way it needs to be.  Allow the children to show you ways to recreate your present Home, your Home and Gaia’s Home, our Home-soon to become the most  splendid locale in all of the Cosmos.  Our dear Earth is destined for unparalleled greatness.  If only you could see it and touch it on this day, although in due course you shall know these things and much, much  more.
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      Posted: 24 Jul 2013 12:45 AM PDT
      Posted: 23 Jul 2013 02:50 PM PDT


      (Translated from original language german)
      My child, why are people in your life? People who you love, who you dislike or even hate, or who you don’t care anymore someday. I have only sent Angels to you, because Angels they are, as you are an Angel to them. People are in your life to help you to remember or to grow. They give you opportunities to learn lessons. The same is valid for you. You give them opportunities to learn and to grow. Or to remember something. Others are there to give you strength or simply just Love. You don’t meet them by chance, my child, but you have discussed this with them on soul level before your incarnation. This person, you maybe hate the most, can be the Being you love the most in an other dimension. Therefore send each person you meet or who is in your life, your unconditional love. ~
      Your Divine Mother
      Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. http://sirianheaven.wordpress.com/
      Posted: 23 Jul 2013 01:55 PM PDT

      Early in the morning when I woke up I set down to meditate and began to see strange visions, brutal visions, airplanes flying above and dropping bombs, people dressed in military uniforms marching down the streets, military vehicles passing by and I realized that I have been pulled into the past, pulled into WWII. I wat
      ched all of this horrid violence unfold before my eyes, once again, just like I saw it on TV when I was a kid watching documentaries about what this earth has been through. I was not thinking about any of this at all lately, but got pulled into it all.
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