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Mirabai Devi Foundation: Light Transmission Teleconference from Sacred Kauai Waterfalls

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        Dear Friends,       Worldwide Teleconference with Mirabai Devi 15-minute Light Transmission from a sacred waterfall in Kaua i   Date: Tuesday, July
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      Dear Friends,
      Worldwide Teleconference
      with Mirabai Devi

      15-minute Light Transmission
      from a sacred waterfall in Kaua'i 

      Date: Tuesday, July 30th        
       Time: 9:00pm EDT
              Cost: $15 per person   
      Join Mirabai Devi for a special  
      virtual Light Transmission from a waterfall on  
      the mystical island of Kaua'i!
         On Tuesday, July 30th Mirabai Devi will take us  
         on a virtual journey to a sacred waterfall on the  
         beautiful island of Kaua'i. Join in her pilgrimage  
         to this special place where Devas will refresh,  
         cleanse and re-energize the soul.   
         Join Mirabai Devi on the special 15-minute
         teleconference where she will take us to the 
         magical spot where Devas reign and rainbows  
         illuminate the skies with brilliant colors.   
         Summer is here! The summer months are
         a time of great potential and exciting possibilities.  
         It is a time when the shining sun represents the  
         Light of our consciousness. The summer solstice  
         shines clarity and creativity into our awareness.  
         This Light Transmission will be dedicated to all  
         possibilities. We can manifest our desires  
         and fuel them with the enchantment, energy and
         excitement of the solstice. It is truly a time for    
         Mirabai wants to share her amazing experience
         with you as she pilgrimages to sacred waterfalls
         that are protected by the Devas. She will provide
         us with a 15-minute Light Transmission
      while you
         say your individual prayers for yourselves, your
         loved ones and for the planet as a whole, along   
         with the protection of all Mother Earth


      Kauai beautiful valley

      About Kauai    

         In ancient times, Kaua'i was regarded as a  
         sacred island where individuals were "invited  
         or called." Each area held special significance, 
         preparing you for specific work on your journey.
         Hawaiians believe that all things sacred or  
         revered waited for the right time to be revealed.  
         It's the abundance of waterfall that are partly the  
         reason for Kauai being known as the Garden  
         Island. Some of the more spectacular falls are  
         easy to access, are the playgrounds of island  
         residents and some even have a lengthy history  
         of cultural significance and history. One thing is  
         certain, no two of Kauai's waterfalls are a like.  
         Some are powerful and tall others are delicate  
         and trickle but all are beautiful and unique.

         Many people feel drawn to the lush green lands
         and sparkling blue green waters of Kauai,  
         Hawaii.  An ancient language speaks through the  
         winds, through the vitality of the trees, and the  
         sacredness of the island itself, reverberating this  
         purity and wisdom.   
            Kauai blue sky blue ocean  
         Kauai offers a spiritual renewal that can be  
         received in the sweet taste of a tropical fruit, the
         melodic ebb and flow of ocean waves dancing  
         through your toes, or the brilliance of the moon  
         and stars. Kauai flourishes as an example of  
         Divine balance, abundance and innate harmony  
         that we intuitively know we are all meant to  
         experience on this earth.
         Kauai is known as one of the wettest spots on  
         Earth with Mount Waialeale receiving over 400  
         inches of rain each year.  It has long been  
         recognized as Hawaii's motherland, since her  
         waters feed all the Hawaiian islands as well as  
         the entire Pacific rim, through an extensive  
         network of lava tubes.
         Kauai is a Goddess-oriented culture that honors  
         the balance of both the masculine and the feminine 
         energies. Hula, the sacred dance of Hawaii,  
         embodies the culture's most powerful expressions  
         of the Divine Feminine and Kauai is home to the  
         two most sacred Hula altars in Polynesia, and to  
         many of the most sacred sites in the entire Pacific  
         Kauai, dwells in the peaceful Pacific as the oldest  
         among the Hawaiian Islands, about 5.1 million  
         years old. From outer space, the last light of each  
         day fades on the globe at Kauai.
         It has been said that when a large group gathers  
         together to pray and meditate, this has a significant  
         impact not only directly in our society and in our  
         world, but also on the collective consciousness of  
         all humanity.  
         Therefore it is important to gather as many people  
         as possible together, in community and as a
         group to manifest our life intentions together. We
         invite you to participate in this healing as we send
         Love and Light to all new intentions.

         We invite you to join Mirabai for this 15-minute   
         teleconference that will include a Light  
         Transmission and prayer experience from  
         Kaua'i Waterfalls. We are excited to open into  
         and receive the energies of this magnificent  
         sacred place. 
        Date: Tuesday, July 30th
        Time: 9:00pm EDT (6:00pm PDT; 3:00pm HT)
        Cost: $15 per person   
      After you register, will receive an  
      automated response with the conference  
      call-in information.
      With Love and Blessings,
      Mirabai and The Mirabai Devi Foundation Team 
         Information about Kauai was found at www.sacredbirthing.com.  
         A special thank you to them. 

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      The Mirabai Devi Foundation is a 501(c) non-profit organization.  If you would like to support Mirabai's mission please click above to be linked to our donations page.  Your support is gratefully appreciated.  


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