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      Thank you for showing interest in www.multidimensions.com. If this email has been forwarded to you and you wish to subscribe, email me at suzancaroll@... and place SUBSCRIBE in the subject line or click "Join Email List" at: http://www.multidimensions.com/TheVision/newsletter.html  
      July 24, 2013 
      Saturday, July 27th
      Time: 11am Pacific / Noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 7pm GMT

       We hope to meet you Saturday July , 2013
      This month's free session is a 90-minute experiential program that is part of a larger series of 6 Guided Meditations. You are welcome to join each individual session. In this upcoming session, you will be be meeting and merging with your Highest Expression of Self for a constant source of guidance and powerful information.

      Dr. Suzanne Lie leads us in this experiential event that allows us to access and hold higher frequencies of light.  
      You'll learn a process and technique to in contact with your great aspect of yourself for a great guidance so you can create from your highest expression. In order to interact with the higher frequencies of reality we need to attune ourselves and entrain ourselves with that frequency of our own multidimensional self. 
       As we are in direct and constant alliance with the higher expressions of self, we have a constant source of guidance that we can carry with us throughout our daily life. Ascend into higher vibrational levels and access of the highest consciousness available in this New Golden Age.

      In our continuation of this series, we're moving to threshold of 5D where we first communicate with our soul, which is multidimensional. This is a hard concept to grasp at first because we don't perceive our soul as all these beings within one. At the threshold of 5D is where we really need to become masters of our thoughts and emotions because we are moving towards instant manifestation. It's one thing to get to the threshold of 5D and another to stay there.            
      Many of you had a dream of a being of light taking your hand and asking you if you were ready to leave the hologram. Before you could answer, we informed you that you would leave your holographic reality on 'automatic run', which means that the 3D hologram would appear that you were still there.  Then you would return a few seconds before your left. Hence, you would leave the hologram by leaving time and returning seconds before you left.
      Once you left the 3/4D limitation of time, your resonance returned to your innate fifth dimensional Lightbody. You then had many images of walking through your daily life. However, you could walk through all forms of matter. To your perception, when you walked through matter the molecules of matter would temporarily disperse. Then the molecules would return to their prior form once you had moved through that object.
      This phenomenon occurred because you were out-of-sync with your 3D, holographic reality. Since you were resonating to a higher frequency than the matter of your environment, you were not limited by any physical structures. To the perception of those resonating to the 3D hologram nothing unusual occurring. In fact, they believed that they saw you walking around the obstacles. Since third dimensional belief creates the illusion of 3d reality, that is what they saw.
      I will now guide you into an expanded version of this exercise. I say exercise because this experience was merely a lesson for you to realize that you could leave time and return without ever appearing to have left. In this manner, you will begin to remember how to bi-locate from 3D Earth to your higher frequency realities. When you bi-locate you appear to be in both realities at once, but you have shifted your dominant state of consciousness from one reality to another.
      To leave the time-hologram and bi-locate to a higher dimension of reality,
      • Place you earth vessel in a safe place. In other words, make sure you are sitting in a safe place and not walking or driving.
      • Believe that you can leave time to travel inter-dimensionally.
      • Trust that you imagination is real.
      • Step out of time as simply as you may step out of your shoes.
      As you step out of time, you step out of your earth vessel. Therefore, turn around and look at your earth vessel. Tell your body that you will be back one second before you left, which you will. This experience is not the same as astral travel. You are not in your fourth dimensional astral body, for that is a component of the hologram. Instead, you are out of time, and thus out of the hologram.
      You are now experiencing reality via your multidimensional consciousness. Your body is in a safe place, and you will return one second before you left. Hence, your earth vessel can easily maintain life support while you are away. When you release the illusion of time, you remember that your multidimensional consciousness can travel throughout any time or space of any of your incarnations that you have experienced.
      At first you may appear to be limited to visiting your own incarnations. However, after you have accustomed yourself to this type of travel, you will no longer need the 'marker' of one of your own earth vessels. These markers/incarnations are similar to video games. The player must have an avatar self (your earth vessel) in order to login to that game, as well as a programmer self (your Higher SELF) to take charge of creating your own life.
      Many of you ascending ones have created very difficult video game lives. You created this life because you realized it was the life in which you would have the opportunity to leave the hologram and return home to your Multidimensional SELF. Consequently, you wanted to clear up any unfinished business.
      If you can remember that you created your life before you were born, it will assist you in releasing any remnants of feeling like a victim. Once you expand your consciousness from the avatar within the game to the programmer of the game, you can create the game in which you ascend.
      You were all very brave to choose such difficult earthly challenges. Also, from the perspective of your Higher SELF it was easy to forget how very challenging life could be in a third dimensional reality. Fortunately, as you continue to remember more of your Multidimensional SELF, it becomes increasingly natural to remember that you are visiting your time-bound 3D Earth, but you are a multidimensional being who simultaneously lives in myriad realities.
      We see that many of you are remembering multiple expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, I will assist you to remember your SELF in a higher dimensional reality. In this case, it will be the reality of fifth dimensional New Earth.
      • Direct your intention and attention to the higher frequency expression of your Multidimensional SELF living on New Earth.
      • This fifth dimensional experience of SELF is very similar to the SELF that you are in your present incarnation.
      • Allow yourself to imagine that you are visiting and/or living on the New Earth.
      • Surrender into your imagination so that you can believe that this fifth dimensional person is YOU.
      • You do not need to follow a sequential process, as you are merely shifting your dominant state of consciousness into a higher frequency of your Multidimensional SELF.
      • Once you have shifted your perception of SELF to your fifth dimensional expression, you have automatically left time. Time, as you know it, does not exist in a fifth dimensional resonance of reality. 
      • All you need do is believe that you are that SELF.
      • See that SELF before you and transfer the primary focus of your consciousness on your SELF on New Earth.
      • Think that you are in the fifth dimension, and use your loving emotions to merge into your SELF within that reality.
      • Trust that your imagination is your fifth dimensional thought, and remember that your thoughts and emotions create your reality.
      Know that it may take a while for your third dimensional thinking to remember how to perceive this frequency of reality. Therefore, surrender into this "imaginary experience" so that it can take form within your consciousness.
      Many of you have already left the hologram of 3D Earth and have transitioned into this higher expression of your SELF, but you are not aware of this shift because your thinking is still third dimensional. Hence, you consciousness is actually fifth dimensional, but your thinking is still third dimensional. However, you are quite happy about the myriad ways in which your world is changing.
      Those of you who are the openers of the portals into the higher expressions of Gaia are conscious of your transition. You remember your meditations and purposeful intentions toward aligning your consciousness with the higher frequencies of energy in order to assist Gaia in her transition. Therefore, you are actively awaiting the release of the many restricted patents. You are aware of the great increase in UFO sightings and actively wait for the landings to begin. You also know that these landings will only be perceivable to those who can accept and believe that the landings were real.
      Many people walk along side you that are completely unaware of these changes. Their body was resonating to the expanding frequencies of Gaia, but their thinking is still locked in the limitations of the third dimension. These ones need your help. If they cannot align their consciousness with the higher frequencies of New Earth, they will not be able to remain in this frequency of Earth. These people are loving and kind. Otherwise, they could not resonate to this reality. However, their thinking is still trapped in the beliefs of a reality that has ended. You can kindly talk to these people and tell them what is happening.
      Now, holding this timeline in your consciousness, return to the remnants of your third dimensional reality. Feel how exhausted you are with that low frequency of third dimensional reality. Remember that you are ready to return (and have already returned) to a higher expression of your SELF. Yet, you still wonder how that will occur, and your wondering creates doubt. This doubt lowers your consciousness, and you are no longer able to perceive New Earth around you.
      Therefore, release the concept of time from your awareness and live only in the NOW. Within the NOW there is no future to move into and no past that has hindered your way. Within the NOW, you are your SELF in your daily life. Hence, remember to relax into each moment that you are experiencing while you continue to release your third dimensional thinking.
      Release the concepts of how, when and where. Surrender to your confusion. Surrender to your desires. Surrender to your fatigue, and surrender to your thinking. Release the time-bound, cause-and-effect reality that has become too small for you. Feel your SELF and BE your true, Multidimensional SELF NOW.
      YOU are New Earth!
      Please enjoy this journey again via audio and visual.
       An Invitation
      Let's find our way back Home together!
      An Invitation
      Greetings, we are the Arcturians:
      We are inviting you to have the opportunity to directly communicate with a group of committed Beings who are ready to step forth and follow the energetic pathway to New Earth. It is important to remember that fifth-dimensional Earth is actually a state of consciousness.
      Therefore, New Earth is not a place but a frequency of light. Your ability to perceive any given reality is based on the frequency of your consciousness. In other words, you can perceive only realities that resonate to the same frequency as your consciousness. Hence, whenever you expand your resonance into the higher frequency of consciousness, your expanded perceptions, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc., become a component of your daily life.
      With your expanded perceptions you are then able to perceive a higher frequency of Earth that will appear to be a New Earth. This frequency has always been there, but you could not perceive it. Hence, you thought of this higher place as a higher world, the Land of Fairy, Heaven, etc. However, with your fifth dimensional consciousness you can see that the "higher world" of New Earth is not above you but around you.
      What if you already ascended and didn't know?
      You are not becoming better or improving yourself.  You are activating the natural abilities of your Multidimensional SELF that you've always had but had forgotten. When we say "you" we include your beloved planetary Mother, Gaia.
      Together, person and planet, you are stepping into the unknown without a map or a guidebook. Only your inner guidance and that of those with whom you share your journey can lead your way. One thing you do know is that your third dimensional thinking is incapable of completing this challenge.
      Hence, you must attend to your Multidimensional SELF and bravely surrender into each moment of discovery of your expanding SELF. In this manner, you can flow into the next moment of the NOW into which you will lovingly surrender. Therefore, each meeting will build on the last.  
      Dear members of Gaia's great planet, you are bravely doing what has never been done before. In the past of your third dimensional reality, people have ascended into the fifth dimension but their bodies have "died." Planets have burst forth into suns at the cost of being destroyed.
      In your wondrous NOW, you are endeavoring to transmute your personal and planetary bodies into their fifth dimensional expressions without destruction. Therefore, Gaia and Her humans are uniting and becoming ONE being surrendering into the eternal moment of NOW.
      People and planet are discovering their way back home to their true, multidimensional personal/planetary SELF who is awaiting their return to New Earth. This "New Earth" has always existed just beyond the perceptions of our physical self.
      Please join us as we discover and become the energetic pathway back HOME.

      As gently as a blossom coming into flower
      As softly as a whisper in the midnight hour
      Like a feather slowly rising in the currents of the air
      We surrender to ascension without a worry or a care
      We find the moments we create are drifting into days
      As slowly we become aware that we've moved into a haze
      This haze is what is in-between, where we are and where we're going
      It's the space between the past and NOW, that's wavering and glowing
      We release that which is over, to find that which we cherish
      And let go the life that is complete, so it can slowly perish
      It is through the ashes of what is done
      That we find the glow of our true Sun
      The Sun, the Stars, the Sky, the Sea
      All tell us who we're soon to BE
      Because we're ONE with all the Earth
      Together we shall Know re-birth
      The "who" we are becoming, and the ONE we've always been
      Remembers we are free of fear and forever clear of sin
      WE are the ONE we've always known
      WE are the light that we've been shown
      We step into our future to live within the NOW
      To be our SELF with every breath, for we remember how.
      And as we recall, the ONE we are
      With Gaia, we become a STAR
      A Star so bright and filled with love
      From deep inside and high above
      That we light the path for all to see
      And the way in which we can be free
      Free at last and free forever
      With a bond of love no one can sever
      Within our SELF inside our heart
      We've found the place from which we start
      We start anew, for we are through
      Of being a separate "me" and "you"
      We NOW can BE all that we SEE
      And know that love is always FREE!
      Pyramid Logo  
      Details about the meetings
      Please Join Dr. Suzanne Lie, Leslie Murray and the Arcturians
      for 4 Saturday Seminars
      You can come to only one, or two, or all four of the seminars.
      September 7 ~ October 12 ~ November 2 ~ December 7
      Each Saturday Seminar will begin at 10am, where there will be a lecture by the
      Arcturians with a question and answer segment.
      Please bring your own lunch as we will break at 1pm for 45 minutes and eat together.
      Starting promptly at 2pm we will have a meditation and experiential exercises created by the Arcturians with time to share our experiences.  
      The Seminar will end at 5pm.
      Please come with loose, comfortable clothes.
      If you cannot join us physically, you'll have an opportunity to purchase the recording of the event in a mp3 format.
      If you do come you'll get the recording for free included in the Seminar purchase price.
      One Seminar is              $175
      All Four Seminars are    $650
      You may pay by Paypal or by check.
      Send Paypal payment to Leslie Murray at starr1001@...
      Here is the link you can use to access Paypal:
      Leslie will send you a confirmation of payment.
      Checks can be sent directly to Leslie Murray at the address below.
      Please join us in Pacific Palisades 10am-5pm
      Leslie Murray
      1001 Las Pulgas Rd.
      Pacific Palisades, Ca. 90272
      We look forward to meeting with you, for the first time, or again!


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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

    • Ash
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      Message 52 of 52 , Oct 16, 2013
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        Thank you for showing interest in www.multidimensions.com. If this email has been forwarded to you and you wish to subscribe, email me at suzancaroll@... and place SUBSCRIBE in the subject line or click "Join Email List" at: http://www.multidimensions.com/TheVision/newsletter.html  
        October 16, 2013 
        Online Healing Retreat
        Saturday, October 19 
        Time: 11am Pacific / Noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 7pm GMT

         We hope to meet you 11:00am Pacific Time - Saturday October 19, 2013
        To hear audio and register please click:
        Saturday, October 19th 
        Time: 11am Pacific / Noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 6pm GMT

        Register for Single Event: $22.22

        Register for the Full Series (5 Programs) - $88.88     
        Online Healing Retreat Description:
        This session is a 90-minute experiential program that is part of a larger series of 5 Guided Meditations in this series of monthly webinars August thru December 2013. You are welcome to join each individual session. The focus of this series is learning to live in the 5th Dimensional paradigm, which is based on unconditional love and is out of 3D time. And also finding and living our energetic pathway, which is our Arcturian Corridor home to our 5th Dimensional Self and beyond. If you are listening to this message, you are what the Arcturians call the "Openers". You are here to serve as an open Arcturian corridor, where your phsycical body is a surround ing of a multidimesnaionl cooridor. So you can bring in these frequencies, anchor it into Gaian and emminate it out of your aura, so that it will affect everyone in your area.

        If we, all of us, live in unconditional love, and release all judgement, and most importantly, believe that we are ascended, we will see this in our reality. Our beliefs set our state of consciouness and our state of consiousness becomes our reality. So expand your perceptions and consiousness and then ask: "How do we serve best as beautiful Portals of Light?"

        Event Dates in this Series
        Saturday, August 17th - MP3 Recording now available
        Saturday, September, 21st
        Saturday, October, 19th
        Saturday, November 16th
        Saturday, December 14th

        Testimonials from Participants:
        "That was simply wonderful! I never really understood that I am already in 5D and choosing to come back into 3D to be the unique, Living Portal of Light that I AM ... choosing to return to 3D for Gaia, humanity, and the Universe. Once Suzanne & the Arcturians said that in different ways a few times today, I truly get it. I am here by choice! Learning to BE Unconditional Love in each moment. And since 5D is no-time, I can log in & out whenever I want. It's huge! " ~ Kathleen

        "I found the content in today's presentation so valuable! Thank you! "~ Mary

        "WOW , this is very good new series Thank you very much!" ~ Nina

        Register for Single Event: $22.22

        Register for the Full Series (5 Programs) - $88.88 
        Simultaneous Perception and Creation
        Dear Arcturians, are our senses of perception projectors or receivers?
        Your senses are actually both projectors and receivers, but they are projectors first. You project your sensory expectations out into your reality and then you receive the perception of that expectation within that reality. Please remember that your state of consciousness determines what you will perceive.
        Thus, no matter what expectation you project, if you are in a third dimensional state of consciousness you will only perceive the third dimensional expression of that expectation. However, your projection leaves an imprint on your etheric aura. Once this expectation is imprinted into your aura it is influenced by your personal history of desires, failures, successes, moralities and limitations.
        The Imprint
        This imprint then moves into up into frequency to interface between your aura and the fourth dimensional matrix. As your expectation moves from the etheric plane into your fourth dimensional astral plane the imprint of your expectation is affected by all of your past, future, parallel and alternate lives.
        This imprint is further altered as it moves into your fourth dimensional emotional body to be influenced by all the emotions of your past, future, parallel and alternate lives. This imprint then moves into your fourth dimensional mental body in which all the thoughts of your past, future, parallel and alternate lives influence the imprint.
        When the imprint of your original expectation resonates to the frequency of your upper fourth dimensional spiritual body it barely resembles your original desire. If you are in communication with your I Am Presence at the threshold to fifth dimension, you will be able to halt the imprint of this expected perception, as you will realize that your expectation has been invaded by the virus of your past.
        On the other hand, if this expectation is of a desire in which you have had great success in your current and/or past/future lives, it will likely move through the fourth dimension with more clarity rather than distortion. It is for this reason that you can easily perceive/create that which is historically (in this life and in other lives) been successful.
        Your unconscious memory of success protects your original projected expectation with the power of your BELIEF that you deserve to be successful. Hopefully, the projections/expectations that went awry in your fourth dimensional history of failure and fear do not take form in the physical.
         Fortunately, if you can maintain a higher state of consciousness, you can gain a detachment from the dramas of 3D life and realize that you will need to change your approach toward manifestation. So, what is one to do? How can you avoid your long third and fourth dimensional history of failure to expect and receive successful manifestations in your life? The answer is quite simple.
        The FEEL of Dimensions
        You must learn to differentiate between the feeling of the third, the feeling of fourth dimension and feeling of the fifth dimension. We say "feeling" as opposed to "perception" because fifth-dimensional perceptions FELT with your entire lightbody.
        To continue this article please click:  http://www.acoustichealth.com/drsue3.htm


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        Multidimensions.com | 521 Sapphire St. | Redondo Beach | CA | 90277


        'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'


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