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Archangel Michael's *FEMININE ENERGIES MEDITA TION* (Celebrate Your Inner Goddess with Comp assion, Forgiveness, Tolerance and Peace!) + Sananda's *ABUNDANCE* (Allowing Energy Exchan ge) - in English and Chinese 中英文

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      Archangel Michael's *FEMININE ENERGIES MEDITATION* (Celebrate Your Inner Goddess with Compassion, Forgiveness, Tolerance and Peace!) + Sananda's *ABUNDANCE* (Allowing Energy Exchange)  --------------- in English and Chinese 中英文

      It's Two Minutes to Dawn, Ascension Time! We need your energetic contribution to complete the Ascension of this Planet, Solar System, Galaxy, and Universe by focusing on our meditations 15 minutes per day! Write to janisel(((at)))sanandaseagles.com to join our Project: Eagle family!

      Archangel Michel
      channeled through Janisel of Project: Eagle Triad -- janisel(((at)))sanandaseagles.com
      NOW THROUGH AUGUST 3RD! 15 Minutes or More A Day!

      I am Archangel Michael, God's Messenger of Power and Truth, and I am here once again at this time of your lunar cycle to instruct the Eagles in their next meditation.

      As Ashtar was speaking to you about last week – grids upon grids upon grids – there are also layers upon layers of what you might think of as the Divine Qualities of Love. And it is on one of these layers you are being asked to focus in your coming week: that of the Divine Feminine Energies, which we shall harvest from this time of your full moon.

      The Divine Feminine Energy of our Mother God contains many of its own layers, such as Compassion, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Peace, etc. And so it is that each of these layers, as it were, will be, and are, downloaded to the Earth through this full moon cycle, bringing to all the Balance that is required to help bring an end to the duality on your planet.

      Before beginning, you are reminded to observe the protocol directions you have received from Ashtar, the grounding to Earth and the intention to join in oneness. Oneness is, of course, a Perfect Balance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies and it is to this end that you strive. So let us begin. And this will one continuous meditation rather than three separate foci, so you may visualize it as an unbroken flow of energies comprised of the various Qualities or layers of the Divine Feminine.

      To begin, you are to connect to your planet's moon. Call upon and allow the energies coming from that celestial sphere to fill your four lower bodies, anchoring within your heart. As they swirl within your being, send them forth into the mass-consciousness grid and into the hearts of all humankind. You may visualize this as one amalgamation of energies or you may separate out the various Qualities, such as sending the energy of Compassion to all the grids and, perhaps, the energy of Peace to the hearts of those in fear or in emotional and mental pain. In other words, bring these Qualities of the Divine Feminine to bear upon the grids you deem most in need. Bring these energies from the moon into your heart and then send them out to your world through the various grids. Simple, yes?

      So my brothers and sisters, how's that for self-empowerment?! We're leaving this decision in YOUR hands this week; you are capable and we have every confidence that you will be successful in bringing these energies to Earth in a graceful and joyous manner. And so it shall be! I AM Archangel Michael, always at your service.

      By Sananda (Lord Jesus the Christ Ascended)
      channeled through Janisel of Project: Eagle Triad -- janisel(((at)))sanandaseagles.com

      Our Creator wishes you to have abundance in all things.  ALL things.  All you have to do is ‘allow’.  So, in order to allow, all you have to do is feed your soul.  It is this simple.  If you find that you are doing something that
      depletes your soul’s energy, stop doing it.  It is like this: You have energy to expend, your soul has energy to
      expend.  So you can go out and expend your energy and your soul’s energy, OR you can turn it over to your Creator…totally and completely… let go of it, and get all of that energy back 100 timesover!  And it gets handled SO beautifully and SO perfectly it would make your head spin to see how easy it actually is. 

      Now, the question is, “How do I do that?”  ASK!  It’s that simple.  You see, the ego has a very hard time at
      times.  You may put it in any form you wish.  You may say, “Heavenly Father…”, you may say, “Royal Goddess…”, you may say whatever your heart truly sees your Universal Creator as, your God/Goddess that you acknowledge as the Power over All.  And you say, “This is my problem.  I expend too much of my soul’s
      energy on this problem.  I turn it over to you.  I give you multitude of gratitude, for I know that you will handle this in the best way possible.  And I thank you in advance because I know it is done.  And it is.  With all my love.”   You get ALL of your soul’s energies back, and your problem gets taken care of, and the Creator is marvelously happy that you asked… because it was a freewill choice to ask, which means SO much more to
      the Creator. 

      When any human in a human form takes that freewill choice to ask Creator, it is just SO lovingly received because it is such a precious gift to have that freewill choice to ask.  It need not be long, it need not be formulated.  All it need be is from the heart.  That is it… and it is done.  And it is SO easy.

      It's Two Minutes to Dawn, Ascension Time! We need your energetic contribution to complete the Ascension of this Planet, Solar System, Galaxy, and Universe by focusing on our meditations 15 minutes per day! Write to janisel(((at)))sanandaseagles.com to join our Project: Eagle family!
      天使迈克尔*女性能的默想*(庆祝你内心的慈悲,宽恕,宽容与和平女神!)+萨南达*丰度(允许能源交易所=释放控制!父亲/母亲神持有钱袋!)---- -----------在英语和汉语中英文


      通过的项目Janisel:鹰三合会 - janisel(((@)))sanandaseagles.com
      从现在起到8月3日! 15分钟或更长时间的一天!


      阿斯塔你说对上周 - 电网后,电网后电网 - 也有层层叠叠什么,你可能会认为爱情神圣的素质。它是你被要求集中在您未来一周这些层之一:神圣的女性能量,这是我们应当从这个时候你的满月收获。


      在开始之前,你提醒你已经收到了来自阿斯塔地球和有意加入统一性,接地遵守协议的方向。合一,当然是一个神圣的女性和神的男性能量的完美平衡,为此,你努力。所以,让我们开始吧。 ,这将一个连续的冥想,而不是三个独立的疫源地,所以你可以想像它作为神圣的女性的各种素质或多层组成一个完整的流动的能量。



      通过的项目Janisel:鹰三合会 - janisel(((@)))sanandaseagles.com

      花费。所以,你可以去消耗你的能量,你的灵魂的能量,或者你可以把它交给你的创造者......完全,彻底放手的,得到所有能量100 timesover!它得到处理如此美妙,如此完美,它会使你昏头转向,看到它实际上是多么容易。




      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'


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