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Quado's Garden: Create the Miracle ~ Power Animal of the Week: Polar Bear & Cougar

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  • Ash
    Miracles. Ask about a dozen souls if they have experienced miracles in their lives and you will receive at least a dozen different examples of a miracle. How
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2013
      Miracles. Ask about a dozen souls if they have experienced miracles in their lives and you will receive at least a dozen different examples of a miracle. How often when we are thinking of miracles is that the 'grand' example of those from various cultures and beliefs? There is a gentle, powerful reminder that miracles abound in a kaleidoscope of forms and there are 'little' miracles which are the basis or foundation for those that are more recognizable.

      Do you feel that miracles are lacking in life due to a number of circumstances? Look around to those that you see these manifesting in and around them. In that act look beyond the outer appearance and truly Open our Eyes to look deeper and what is seen? There is a reflection of YOU within them. At times we may not consciously be aware of this to acknowledge and embrace it yet that is there. Miracles are created by reclaiming who each of us are. Embrace and see that You Are A Living Breathing Miracle. An extension of the Divine that moves, lives and breathes within us. There is the miracle that comes when we are touched at our height and depth by the joy and smile within a baby's eyes and smile. A fragrance that carries with it such a sensation of peace and serenity that is healing. When a word, a touch or presence by another moves you and quickens your Spirit. These are miracles just as much as the 'big' ones. Miracles are Magical and when we can begin to let go of judgment of ourselves and expectations on how something 'should be' we are reawakening that alchemical connection to Source that we are apart of. Growing as a Genuine, Authentic, Loving, Divine Soul brings these manifestations in our lives. What is drawn to us from around us and what is called up from within us. 

      That abundance, strength, confidence, focus and passion all with their deepest tendrils/roots in Unconditional Love and Acceptance. The Polar Bear and Cougar bring their insights to guide in accessing those very areas within us. How to weed out what we have had, and perceived, as a hindrance or blockage in our lives. As the polar bear message touches upon, our self-belief/awareness/knowledge deepens, expands and grows. The weeds of doubt are transformed whereas we are encouraged and emboldened that no matter where we are physically or otherwise we do more than survive. We thrive and excel. You are everything you need to be and that confidence is complimented by the cougar as she walks and acts patiently and confidently. Two that can represent masculine and feminine energies come together showing how much they not only compliment one another but are united in purpose, in essence and that they are ONE.

      Both showing that it is the abundance there within us, the unlimited potential which grows and is ready, which we use to create miracles. Embrace those and you embrace the Infinite, Divine Abundance that you are and rediscover that Divine Love. Radiate it, share it, be it and that is we Create Miracles when we begin to See ourselves for the Miracles that we are to one another and the Earth. *:x lovestruck

      Create the Miracle

      See yourself as standing in the center of a circle. The perimeter of the circle is your life in five years.  Consider all of the parts of your life and see where you will be in five years if you continue doing what you are doing now, with these habits, using time in the way that you do. 
      And now, turn just slightly in the circle, taking just the smallest action, getting up a little earlier, meditating, exercising, watching what you eat, practicing a skill, taking a class, devoting time to pursuits and relationships that are important to you.  And now, with these little changes in your daily life, look out to the perimeter again and see what life is like in five years.
      It is a little miracle, is it not?  Just focus on what you care about and desire, diligently and patiently, just a few minutes a day, a few hours a week, and the miracle of conscious change takes place—gradually, it is true, but steadily and inevitably.
      Magic lies in the steady application of small changes, that little turn in the circle that puts you in an entirely different place in five years.  And there you will be, having achieved what you wished to achieve.  And you will have not only the result you desired, but the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes when you choose to take complete responsibility for your life, no matter what.

      The Polar Bear
      Strength          Perseverance          Insulation

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the polar bear fill you. Click here to Listen to the Polar Bear's Song.

      The polar bear is enormously strong and full of courage.  He will help you stand up to the challenges of life, so you are never overwhelmed, no matter how large the challenges are.  For you are the polar bear, and you do not back down. 
      The polar bear will also teach you to thrive in environments that may be hostile to others.  He will give you powerful insulation, so that you are always safe and sound, no matter what is around you.  While others are losing strength and power, you will just breathe in deeply and pull warm polar bear energy around you and within you.
      With polar bear energy within you, you will have the strength and perseverance to handle any challenges that life brings to you, no matter how great.  Just breathe in polar bear energy and you will be filled with self-belief; you will know that you are everything you need to be.   
      The polar bear is also a master at camouflage.  When you need to disappear into yourself and find peace for a moment, just close your eyes and cover your nose and you will disappear for a time.  Then, rested and rejuvenated, spring to life, full of enough energy to cross the arctic ices.  After all, you are the polar bear and power is yours.

      The Cougar
      Fitness          Focus          Success

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the cougar fill you. Click here to Listen to the Cougar's Song.

      Feel the power, the athleticism, of the cougar.  Feel how your body naturally wants to be trim and strong, healthy and active.   Feel how your spiritual, mental and physical intentions are one and the same, all a balanced part of the full expression of your powerful nature.
      The cougar will also bring you abundance, for he will teach you how to go after what you desire and bring it home.  He is a highly successful hunter, able to pursue prey seven times his weight with almost uncanny success.  And he will help you apply this ability to your life, to make the right decisions and choices, all leading to great success and abundance.  No goal is too lofty nor tree too high to climb, for you are the cougar.
      The cougar preserves his power for the hunt; he avoids fighting unless his family is threatened.  He will teach you how to focus your energies on what truly counts in your life, not spread yourself too thin, fighting over what is of no real consequence. 
      Fit and energetic, focused and successful, is the cougar.  And you are the cougar.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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