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Goddess Light Teleconference:The Choices You Make

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      Ansaluia My Friends in Soul!
      Happy July!  I send thoughts of light and love to each of you~~~
      How are you doing in this time of intense energy and Mercury Retrograde?  I’m feeling it in a couple ways.  Certain things in life continue to flow with ease, other things that are either frustrating or stressful; become even more so!  I also feel as if I’m integrating a lot at night, therefore I wake up all the time sometimes with very intense dreams at the forefront. I also hear from a lot of people that this is a particularly intense time.
      The Goddess and group have spoken at length about the integration of the crystalline energies and how that will transform things for us.  I think when we try to struggle and push against something; change, old patterns, lack, etc then it becomes even more intense.  The more that we allow for flow to be within and around us, the greater the ease in our lives.  That to me is the key to crystalline or universal light – allow the flow or potential.
      I have Opening to Channel coming up in August! I’m so excited about this course and look forward to a wonderful class.  This will have meditations, discussion of channeling, discussion of energy and I will assist you in creating shift in your life. People who've taken it in the past have thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s going to be 2 Saturday’s in August the 17th and 24th . 10:00 am  2:00 pm EST   (I can flex the time depending on what most people want.)Here’s the link to sign up: OPENING TO CHANNEL CLASS 

      I love the private work I do as it can create such change in people’s lives.  Some who've worked with me in the past then do so again have said ‘I missed this so much! I feel like me again.’ And other comment I had was ‘I’ve worked with others, but only you could see the whole picture like that.’  Still another comment was ‘I don’t know how I would have managed without these adjustments, thank you thank you.’   This is such joy to me!!  If you would like a private session, I have various times available both for the session and length of the session.  Please check out my website:  PRIVATE SESSION WITH SHELLY 
      I love to interact via Facebook.  I do send out tweets, but they are not always current!  I’d love to hear what you’re up to and interact through my FB fan page.  
      For those of you who prefer Skype for the teleconference, it's finally working better!!  When in Skype, please use the address freeconferencing.0075 This is a more secure link.  You then click 'call' across the top and look for the keypad on which to then dial in the room. 


      Sending lots of love and joy~

      My wonderful grandon's!!  Luke 2.5 on the left; Logan 3 months on the right. 


      Latest Goddess Light Teleconference:
      The Choices You Make
      This channel has some really amazing energy in it!!  Today is a couple of weeks after the solstice and the Goddess was referring to energies that were coming in, particularly around that time. There continues to be more and more of the light vibrational energies and this is what allows us to flow through the dimensions with greater ease. 
      To many people, this may not make much sense.  My take on it, is that the light, higher, finer the vibration; the easier it is to manifest and we feel good.  But if are stuck either between the dimensions or we manifest with a lightness, but remain in doubt and fear, we’re stuck between what we want and where we are.   During the channel, the Goddess created a space that allowed us to become more aware and through the awareness, we could shift.
      This took us into the central spiritual sun, our soul star, the Milky Way and much more.  The Goddess also assisted in shifting in particular fear; fear that we may have in our lives, fear of the collective consciousness. Within the sun, there was only white light.  This light is unconditional love.  As we stand within the energy, it flows through us with great ease and acceptance.
      Repeatedly during this channel the Goddess spoke of choices.  Everything in our life is a choice.  She spoke of how some people feel they’re just dragged around by others, but in truth; you still have a choice.  You can always choose how you view a situation.  You can choose how you react to someone.  You can choose how accept and allow within your life. You can chose which direction you would like to go.  So no matter is happening; it’s ultimately your choice.
      I invite you to allow the energies of channel to clear everything out for you so that you may have the clarity and the best of your intentions no matter what your choice. 

      NEW!! You may now watch the YouTube video of this channel from my website if you're interested. 
      There is soooo much available to you in my website! I'm in there every day and I hope you will take the time to explore everything that's available.  It's so much easier to read now that the channel and the Q&A are separated.  You can catch up on things more easily.  

      Private Channels
      Testimonials:Here are some of the comments I receive from people about the channels they receive; some private, some the Goddess Teleconferences.  

      Testimonial for personalized meditation:
      'Holy goodness those meditations are awesome! I feel like I lost 10#'s lol. I can definitely breathe better and feel like it brought me back to center.  I literally feel better.' 
      Testimonial for a private channel: 
      Thank you!! My heart is filled with gratitude and love. For myself and the connection to my essence - my self - and for You who lights up the way. It feels like a miracle - but the true miracle is knowing and experiencing that it is for real. Thank you for the gifts and the light that you are realizing. You are amazing!!
      There are different ways in which to receive a private channel.  You can speak directly with the angels through the telepohone or Skype.  Or you can communciate with Shelly, submit a list of questions or intentions and they will do the channel for you without  you being present.  Both formats offer a tremendous amount of potential for change.  In most cases, either format can leave you feeling transformed. 

      Shelly has an ability to create a very clear link with the Angels, guides and God/ Goddess.  She's very effective in her channeling whether it's about information, healing, you're present or remote.  See what it'll bring for you! 

      There are packages available if you would like to sign up for multiple channels that would be spread over time or combine it with a meditation.  
      Next Teleconference
      Sunday, July 21, 2013
      9:00 pm Eastern Time
      Access code : 642149#
      Featured Lightworker
      Featured lightworker:  I believe we are all here in support of each other.  For every expansion one person has, so do the rest of us.  In this section I am sharing with you people who I’ve come into contact with that I think you may also enjoy.  I will at times feature an organization or others who are even more well known.  If you would like me to feature you and your work, please send me your information.

      I will from time to time channel the energies of the Dolphins.  I LOVE this!! I never know what to expect, but they always bring a sense of love, joy and playfulness.  This time, the energy that came through was that of the intergalactic level.  This means it was a very high vibration and that from say the over soul rather than the earth bound energy.  It gives us a different perspective.  I invite you to enjoy~~~ :) 

      Dolphin channel: Messages from the Intergalactic Dolphin Energy. 

      As I reach out to their energies, I just invite everybody to take a moment and breathe deeply and easily, allow yourself to go to a place that lets you relax.  We will invite all that dolphin energy to come in, to be within and around us.
      Greetings beloved!
      I am so very pleased that you are reaching out to us, because it has been quite some time since we have had the opportunity to speak with you and the community.
      There is a lot that is taking place in the oceans, there is a lot that is taking place in the in the dolphin world, there is a lot of transition that is taking place upon your world.  , we the essence of the dolphins, therefore have got a lot that we would like to speak with you about.
      We are going to jump in there and we always like to begin some of these things by inviting you to come and jump with us.  The Dolphins.  We invite you to swim with us, we invite you to have a sense of being in the water, of allowing yourself to just be in the flow, so that you may feel what it is to have the freedom that we have.
      People always comment about how happy they are when they see the dolphins in the wild.  They comment about how they would like us to jump, to do a tailspin, various types of play that we like to do, because it is fun and it brings you joy.  We are in particular, referring to Shelly when she was just down at the beach (referring to her vacation, June 2013 to Grayton Beach, Florida, USA) .  She and her family did see a large pod of dolphins, and while they enjoyed it, they were always saying, "jump, jump,” 
      What we wish to say to people is that the energies of the dolphins are such that they can be worked within a number of different ways.  When you ask for us to jump or you ask for us to do something in particular, many times what is happening is that we are in a process of feeding or we are in a process of searching or looking, or perhaps we have our young with us.  When the dolphins are in a space of jumping, it causes a disturbance, it causes a shifting or a transition of the energies that makes it a little bit difficult then to go back to the eating.  It's almost as if there's the play, and then there's the eating.  But the two are separate, and yet the two are together.
      I know that doesn't make any sense to you, but we do want you to be aware that there also gets to be a lot of noise, or a lot of clutter.  When you have a lot of people, or boats, or whatever it may be, there is a lot of that noise with people yelling and people excited and people laughing sometimes that can be intimidating to a group, where as other times it can be stimulating.
      So in your everyday reality, when you are reaching out to the dolphins, when you communicate with us and you ask us to have something, sometimes the best thing that you can do is put out a calm, steady, relaxed energy inviting us to come and play with you.  We calm and we play with you and we are with you energetically, at any given moment.  We are always there for you and that is something that is very easy to do.  When you're in the physical reality, then that sometimes will make it more difficult for us to be able to come on command so to speak.
      (You may read or listen to the entire channel at this link)  Messages from the Intergalactic Dolphin Energies 
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