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Blue Moon Astrology - Inspiration and Application: The Mars-Jupiter Grand Trine

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    http://www.bluemoon.bz/astrology/jupiter-grand-trine/ Inspiration and Application GRAND TRINE IN WATER Jupiter Grand Trine: Wednesday, June 17th PDT Mars Grand
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      Inspiration and Application
      Jupiter Grand Trine: Wednesday, June 17th PDT
      Mars Grand Trine: Saturday, June 20th PDT
      This week both Mars and Jupiter arrive at five degrees Cancer, taking turns perfecting a grand trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. A grand trine involves three or more planets that form 120° aspects to each other. Inscribing an equilateral triangle in the heavens, a grand trine results in a flowing, closed circuit of energy.
      Both positive and negative characteristics apply to any astrological aspect, and a grand trine, though comprised of harmonious trines, is no exception. While on one hand, a grand trine does seem to bring ease, luck, and opportunities, it also comes with some baggage, less-than-ideal tendencies for which it is helpful to be aware: escapism, laziness, idleness, and dissipation of energy, plus a susceptibility, especially in the element of water, to become entangled in a drift net of past emotional patterns and habits.
      A grand trine in the element of water — especially one that includes Jupiter, our cosmic amplifier and Neptune, agent of enlightenment AND confusion — can open the gates for a bewilderingly strong flow of emotion and intuition, while at the same time, with Saturn in Scorpio in mutual reception with Pluto, we may very well fear this same emotion. With Saturn in Scorpio involved, some of this emotional-intuitive free flow may not necessarily be happy-jolly golden dreams of love and peace, but some really difficult REALITIES streaming in: about you, about life, about the world. With the grand trine in effect throughout this week, perfected by Jupiter today and passionate, sometimes aggressive Mars on Saturday, it might become much more difficult to view life from a healthy, detached place, especially with a current, simultaneous shortage in the intellectual, rational element of air, and Mercury swimming in a subjective, reflective retrograde mode in water as well. Jupiter in Cancer can inflate defensiveness and increase the feeling of emotional vulnerability and the need for security, while Mars in Cancer, bolstered by this conjunction with Jupiter, can result in an increase in reactiveness, and through this sometimes faulty Cancerian self-referential mirror. We may be tempted to come out swords-first at any hint (real or imagined) of external threat, or pull ourselves deeper into our own emotional shells.
      With Neptune involved in this watery circuit of energy, what is felt or intuited must not be automatically given relevance and power (nor dismissed out of hand either). As I wrote in an earlier article, water signs often have that difficulty because they are so powerfully intuitive and so often correct. Regardless though of one's psychic batting average, it is important to remember that feelings are sometimes just that: feelings picked up from who knows where and not necessarily connected with anything relevant to what's actually going on. We are being asked right now to harness our sensitivity without being at its mercy, and so not as easily blown off-kilter by whatever storms may be brewing around us.

      Jupiter trine Saturn, Saturn trine Neptune, Neptune trine Jupiter

      Saturn and Neptune, Neptune especially, are slow moving planets. It takes Saturn 29½ years to make a complete circuit around the zodiac wheel, whereas a single orbit for Neptune takes 165 years. Conservative, form-and-structure Saturn works towards consolidation and represents cause and effect: the cold, hard, sometimes harsh and unfair realities of life. Saturn has a long memory and reminds us that in life we reap what we have previously sown, consciously or not. Neptune, on the other hand is NOT of this world. An outer planet emissary of the cosmos, Neptune represents that aspect of ourselves which is eternal and transcends temporal, earth-bound existence. The trine between these two planets, which forms the longer-lasting core aspect to these series of grand trines we've had over the past month, at its best suggests an open channel between heaven (Neptune) and earth (Saturn), between the needs of the soul and the physical life here on terra firma. Functioning at a less than ideal level, it can indicate all kinds of potential subterfuge, deception and disillusionment.
      Co-rulers of the water sign of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune could not be more different than Saturn. Neptune is associated with the dissolution of the bounds of physical life, which Saturn builds, bolsters and reinforces. Neptune works to dissolve structures, while in a similar vein Jupiter represents growth, development, and the freedom to roam free physically and intellectually. Neptune dissolves and Jupiter flings open those gates, while Saturn works to fence things in, to limit, prioritize, and define. Saturn's impulse is towards manifestation, solidifying, and firming up. The grand trine is two parts vision and inspiration, one part practical application. When these contrasting planetary principles fall in harmonious trine, we have the potential to lift the veil chartand move between the worlds, to bridge this gap in our own lives: ideally bring inspiration and vision down to Earth and intuit ways in which these ideas and dreams can be made real — IF we can muster sufficient the energy and motivation to actually do something.
      Looking at the planets involved in this grand trine, and how they tend to express in the element of water, it becomes apparent how tricky the energies really are right now. First and foremost is the fact that Saturn operates in a very different manner than both Jupiter and Neptune, complements when functioning at their best, antagonists at their worst. So this particular grand trine is an easy flow of energy between planets that function quite differently, and represent very different urges and impulses.
      "Jupiter's element," as Stephen Arroyo noted in his masterpiece on astrological elements, "shows what sorts of experiences and modes of activity generate an inner faith and confidence" in ourselves. He adds that we often experience a protective feeling of unity with a greater power or plan when we operates on the level indicated by Jupiter's element: currently emotional/intuitive water.
      Saturn in water, on the other hand, generally indicates difficulties in fully accepting our emotional nature without fear and anxiety. "This fear," Arroyo notes, "is often an outgrowth of an old pattern of life that has now become intolerably rigid and oppressive, although at one time (such as in past lives) this caution and discipline could have served a useful purpose." Therefore Saturn in the water element can indicate fear of emotional expression. While we may think that Saturn transiting though water, especially covert, Pluto-ruled Scorpio, we might become much more unfeeling, cold and cut off from our emotional natures; yet the reality seems to be just the opposite: we often become overly sensitive and defensive. When Saturn falls in a water sign, the challenge is to not bottle up one's feelings, but to express them responsibly, with the appropriate discipline, focus and self-acceptance, even though it may be the last thing on earth we want to do, even though this expression can make us feel quite vulnerable. This is another important part of this grand trine, the opportunity to dismantle some of these old Saturnian emotional walls behind which we have been hiding.



      The image shown here is a detail from Katsushika Hokusai's most famous woodblock print, "Great Wave off Kanagawa" from his series Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji. Hokusai (1760- 1849) was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist and printmaker of the Edo period. Digital file courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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