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The Breaking of Peace Contracts by Master Kuthumi | Natalie Glasson | Om Na

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        You ve received this email because you signed up or made a purchase at http://www.omna.org Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om
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      You've received this email because you signed up or made a purchase at http://www.omna.org
      Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na, I Am Bliss, Om Na

          Welcome to the Sacred School of Om Na with channelled wisdom, light and love through Channel, Author and Spiritual Mentor, Natalie Glasson.You are greatly appreciated and loved unconditionally in this very moment, light and wondrous blessings are sent to your heart and soul, you are honoured as your true self.

       Dear Shay,

      This week's channelled message is from the Master Kuthumi Speaking of breaking and raising the vibration of contracts.
      Workshop Recording of Shift into your Enlightened Body with Master Kuthumi is now available. Click Here
      Next Webinar is with Master Saint Germain, 'Manifestation,' on the 1st August, Click Here, if you missed part 1,  2  or 3 of Mary Magdalene's Heart Chakra Awakening you can catch up now Click Here
      Hope you enjoy.
      Many blessings, Natalie

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       The Breaking of Peace Contracts by Master Kuthumi
      Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 12-07-13-www.omna.org
      It is with love and the vibration of peace that I step forward to greet you in this new radiant and shinning era upon the Earth. There will come a time when you will look back at this transition stage agreeing that it was the beginning of the most magnificent era of loving transformation and experience of the Creator on the Earth. Love is the divine beacon which is shining now with ever more power from within you. This power is flowing because of your greater confidence in the manifestation and experience of the love that flows from the Creator. More of you are now holding courage to state and affirm that love is your only simple belief. The love that you hold, express and have courage in is now embedding its energies into the Earth for the true manifestation of transformation.
      ‘I believe in love and I am love,’ such affirmations are now becoming an aspect of the general consciousness of humanity. Once an energy or belief becomes integrated with the general consciousness of humanity it manifests at an accelerated speed, achieving full embodiment within many different experiences, realities and people upon the Earth. The presence of love is now beginning to hold power upon the Earth, being used as a great source and fuel of life and creation.
      With the presence of love many different understandings, perspectives, divine and physical contracts that may have been made in the past are being erased. The entire world and reality that you know within and outside of your being is moving through a powerful transitional process. Do not worry if certain aspects of your reality, what you are being asked to manifest or guided to do no longer make sense to you. Do not worry if your understanding of situations around you is incomplete. Aspects of your reality are merging, as if the lines of separation and understanding are becoming blurry, as I have said everything is in transition. As you are focusing with greater intensity upon following or being aware of the divine guidance within you, your reality begins to make a powerful transformation as many of your old manifestations and projection habits are dissolved and a greater flow and freedom of the Creator’s soul light emerges. When you are in the divine flow of the Cre ator, for while some things can be difficult to comprehend and maybe even seem impossible or unimaginable but this is the part of the transition process. You are being asked as you enter into and exist within the divine flow of the Creator to hold faith as you lose grip on your understanding and as new higher vibrations of light and consciousness shift into your being.  Can you hold your faith, trust and belief when things that are being presented to you may seem unimaginable or when you don’t truly understand the transitions and manifestations that are unfolding from within your being?
      With the presence of love so comes an inner peace that holds tremendous power acting as a shield and sword to wield as a light warrior of peace upon the Earth. With the presence of love peace will take on a new manifestation and interpretation upon the Earth. Many will realise that peace treaties and agreements created from the mind whether between figures of authority, between companies, countries, people, families, friends, loved ones, even yourself and in past lifetimes will no longer hold the power of importance as before. As we move from the mind into the heart, joining both the heart and mind in the divine bliss and wisdom of the soul, past and even current creations of the mind will no longer hold power or influence, even becoming void or erased. All creations, agreements and projections of the mind will be dissolved losing their power in order to bring forth a true idea and experience of peace. The question is are you and is humanity ready to let go of the previous and even present creations of the mind? Are you ready to move away from the safety that certain contracts created by the mind may bring to your own reality and to the existence of humanity? Are you ready to trust in your own constant vibration of peace, living from this space eternally, while you trust in the idea that others will do the same? This will take time but eventually you will see the falling of all forms of contracts, even contracts created to bring forth peace and love, even contracts made with your soul, the inner planes, guides and the Creator, until there are no more contracts in existence within the entire universe of the Creator. This would signify that karmic laws and patterning would completely be erased. It would also symbolise that you and humanity would have accepted your own inner power, truth, peace, love and divine oneness with the Creator, humbly and lovingly existing in and as all that is the Creator.
       I say this not to bring fear or to ask you to take action but to make you aware that even creations of the mind that seem appropriate and needed may collapse. This is only to allow and make way for a true manifestation of peace which in many ways needs no words or explanation but simply manifests and is experienced creating a unified bond that is beyond your imagination but is stronger than any contract of the mind.
      Rather than contracts, bonds will be formed which are an expression and manifestation of the divine unity and oneness of all souls and the Creator. The reforming of the Creator’s vibration within all of us and between each soul will manifest creating a consciousness of oneness, trust, love and truth. Therefore no contracts will be needed of any form and healing will have taken place within and between all.
      In many ways contracts could be seen as flimsy, they have the opportunity to be broken, divine bonds are created from the purest place of love and Creator familiarity which cannot be broken or misused because it is the synthesis of all that you are and all that is the Creator. It is not to create bonds but to reform that which has been separated, the separation of the Creator. It is very similar to the process of attachment and detachment. When you are attached to a person, energy or outcome you are not experiencing a divine flow but are grasping, hindering and holding the flow. When you dissolve all attachments but replace the attachment with a connection of unconditional love everything begins to move with and in the divine flow of the Creator, in truth the Creator is experienced.
      It is advisable to observe the contracts, agreements and even bonds that you have created from the mind in your past, present and maybe even for your future. Are these aligned with the peace and love vibrations that you know and understand to be powerful and true within your being? Did you agree to something because there seemed as if there were no other options, in those moments were you allowing yourself to see the magnificence and opportunities of the Creator? I am not asking you to take physical action but more energetic actions. I wish to advise you to ask for all contracts and agreements made by you and even your soul to be brought into the highest vibration of peace and love to work in unity and oneness with this new era and the Creator’s vibrations upon the Earth.
      ‘Beloved Master Kuthumi, Lady Portia, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Amethyst and Lady Nada, I call upon your presence, love and support to be with me and to cocoon me completely. I call upon the divine will of the Creator to be presence and to oversee this process.  Only that which is in divine order is able to manifest fully. I call upon my soul light, love, guidance and consciousness to pour into my entire being and reality.
      I ask for a greater awareness and understanding to dawn of the contracts, agreements and bonds that I have made upon the Earth, in this lifetime and past lifetimes, as well as upon the inner planes. Master Kuthumi, Lady Portia, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Amethyst, Lady Nada, my soul and the Creator, please send your healing vibrations into my entire being as I ask for all contracts and agreements made by me and even my soul to be brought into the highest vibration of peace and love to work in unity and oneness with this new era and the Creator’s vibrations upon the Earth.
      Let me also understand the guidance of the Creator, dissolving limitations of my mind so I may view a greater plan of the divine Creator for my being and reality as well as the manifestation of peace and love from within as an ascension process.
      Let peace and love activate from within my being with greater intensity, let peace and love reign upon the Earth.
      And so It Is, Thank You.’
      Sit in the healings energies of transformation for as long as you wish.
      This invocation doesn’t mean that contracts or agreement will or must be broken but that they will be brought into the highest vibration of peace and love to work in unity and oneness with this new era and the Creator’s vibrations upon the Earth.
      In peace and love,
      Master Kuthumi

      Shift Into Your Enlightened Body with Master Kuthumi
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      With the new energies of 2013 beginning to settle and stabilise within our beings and reality it is a wonderful opportunity to focus upon embodiment and bringing into physical manifestation the divinity and magnificence that is within your being and physical body. You are naturally connected into a powerful network of universal energies and consciousness, known as the Creator, it is time to access, activate and familiarise yourself with your true existence drawing forth the sacred wisdom, clarity, understanding and resonance that is yours to transmit into your reality. Already you have accepted so many realisations about yourself and the Creator but now is the time to embody and walk as your truth upon the Earth, living, expressing and confirming your divinity with every moment of your reality. This is the era to BE your sacred self within all levels of your being and reality, free from fear or doubt, Master Kuthumi wishes to be of service to you and assist you in shifting into your enlightened body.

      Next Webinar
      Back to Basics and the Core Purpose of Our Creation
      7pm UK Time
      1st August
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      Maybe there are dreams you wish to create, energies or skills you wish to experience, allow Saint Germain to support you in fine-tuning your natural manifestations skills, returning you to the truth of your being.
      Master Saint Germain comes forward for one webinar session to speak of the importance of manifestation as we exist in this new era upon the Earth. Focus upon manifestation is becoming more and more important and imperative as we move into recognising ourselves as sacred energetic beings of the Creator's vibration.  The awareness that all we need to support our physical and spiritual reality is within our being is becoming completed grounded into our realities, as we have been asked to embody our divine manifestationnatural skills and abilities. We have been given the responsibility of our spiritual growth as we enter into this new era and so there is a need to become the conscious creators of our realities upon the Earth, supporting ourselves and all of humanity.  The core purpose of our existence is to express and manifest the creation vibration and to fully experience the Creator on all energetic levels. It is now time to live as our power and tr uth upon the Earth.
      Saint Germain is a powerful figure of transformation and manifestation; he wishes to guide you in practices and meditations to support your exploration of your manifestation skills while reminding you of the basics of manifestation so that you may build a powerful foundation to accelerate from, while creating and experiencing all your soul divinely expresses.
      Join Saint Germain and Natalie for an Evening of Manifestation!

      The Link Between Detoxing & Channelling
      Natalie's Healing Journey with Marian

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      I Surrender,
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      Archangel Metatron brings forth a powerful activation in the form of a meditation within his ashram upon the Multi- Universal level of the Creator's universe. Archangel Metatron's activation is focused upon completing the transition of moving from the old era into the new era, it supports a deep cleansing within your being, an acceptance of the consciousness of the new era while activating the supreme or super aspect of the Creator within your being. Archangel Metatron invites you to join him in this capsule to truly awaken the divine light within your being as well as sacred skills and abilities.


      Missed the Webinars? Catch Up Now!

      Heart Chakra Awakening with Mary Magdalene
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      It is the time of love, experiencing and expressing a pure vibration of love. It is divine timing to focus upon the healing, restoring and expansion of the Heart Chakra in order to bring forward a purer understanding of the love of the Creator. Mary Magdalene invites you to explore and heal your heart chakra supported by her sacred goddess guidance and vibration. Mary Magdalene is known as the Celestial Rose Heart because of her sacred loving expression and the support that she offers many in opening and healing their heart chakras on the Earth and the inner planes.
      In a three part webinar series Mary Magdalene wishes to connect you on a deeper level with your heart chakra, assist you in recognising the love that your heart holds and how to use it as your power. She wishes to aid cellular repatterning for your entire being to be attuned to the heart vibration, encourage you to access the subtle chambers of your heart chakra, heal past pain held within the heart chakra and the heart organ, as well as anchoring new vibrations of Creator heart chakra energy from the universe into your being to aid further expansion. Mary Magdalene will encourage you to hold a greater awareness of your heart chakra in your daily reality while channelling all her love into your being to soothe and heal all aspects of your being.
      Allow Mary Magdalene to assist you in opening up to the powerful love volume and frequencies within you aiding a more complete manifestation of love within your reality.
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      Allowing Yourself To Be Provided For
      Capsule No
      15th June 2013
      With Archangel Metatron

      In Capsule 48 Archangel Metatron describes how we are each always provided for by the Creator, he assists in a unique understanding of all our needs and requirements being provided for to aid our further ability of manifestation and creation in our realities. With this understanding you allow yourself the freedom to connect with the Creator and develop your manifestation skills. Archangel Metatron shares a special mantra and its meaning to assist in your continued belief and perspective that all is provided to you, while sharing a meditation that shifts your consciousness from lack and limitations to abundance and freedom, attuning your entire being with this new understanding. This is a powerful communication from Archangel Metatron especially focused upon the divinity within your being.

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