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Health Mastery Systems: Aloha Aquarius Full Moon Juyl 22nd Astrology

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    http://www.kgstiles.com/astrology-of-aquarius-full-moon-july-22-2013/ Astrology of Aquarius Full Moon July 22, 2013 Posted on July 13, 2013 by KG in Health
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      Astrology of Aquarius Full Moon July 22, 2013

      Posted on July 13, 2013 by KG in Health Mastery Blog.
      aquarius astrological sun sign public domain imageOn July 22nd we have The Aquarius Full Moon at 0º Aquarius exact at 11:15am PT.
      At the Aquarius Full Moon you celebrate something completely new and innovative being born.
      A Full Moon is always in opposition to the Sun and brings a time of celebration and rewards for your accomplishments, as well as illumination. What has been resisted or hidden is now revealed.
      The Sun has just moved into Leo today and with the Aquarius Moon forms a T-square to Saturn the planet that gives you structure and stability through limitations and restrictions.
      Saturn wants you to take responsibility for your life and teaches you how to create the structures you need to succeed.
      Saturn can really put the squeeze on you to face reality and get you to change your habits or structured ways of being, so that you can succeed and realize your true desires.
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      Also on the day of the full moon Venus the planet of love enters Virgo the sign of the original healer and is beginning to form an opposition with Neptune which can create confusion.
      Take your time responding to the energies at play during this time until you are clear.
      Mars the planet of desire and taking action conjuncts Jupiter the planet of abundance which expands whatever it touches. You can feel a sense of frustration if you’re wanting to take action, but feeling unclear about what action to take.
      Just relax, allow the energies to flow and be in an internal dance with them as they work their magic to free you from a past habit or way of being. Keep your mind focused on the outcomes you desire.
      Take your action (visualization, active imagination) within your dreaming space to change your perspectives and attitudes. Prepare yourself for taking action when the time is right which is coming.
      Mercury moved Direct on July 20th and is slowly picking up speed, so there will be a feeling of urgency yet you’ll feel sluggish with your thinking about what to do exactly. Just allow yourself to flow with things and let go of any resistance.
      The best time to act will be after Mercury comes out of its shadow phase at the time of the Leo New Moon and into August as Mars move into Leo on August 27th.
      You may not enjoy the task master style of Saturn to create necessary change in your life at whatever stage you’re in, but if resisted Saturn’s next time around will be even more challenging. There’s no getting out of your life lessons for soul growth is what Saturn teaches you.
      I see this T-square as a feeling that something has got to give. There is a breaking apart and a cracking open. You must let go of something. It could be an internal attitude or a perspective,
      Something needs to shift to bring greater balance into your life in the areas where the Sun, Moon and Saturn are located. And with Saturn applying its unrelenting pressure for change something will get cracked open and resolved.
      It’s time to let go of entanglements with old structures whether within yourself or in your world. It’s time to move on, so something bigger and better for your success in life may come into being for you.
      Again, there is much mystical and magical energy available during the month of July for surprising twists and turns to occur that are supportive for all concerned. This is the way the Divine works. It never chooses sides, but has everyone’s best interests at heart.
      The Cosmic viewpoint is served in the month of July and there is an awakening to how things are divinely connected in a beautiful way. With Saturn so strongly involved this revelation has a practical application. You can have numerous “aha” awakening moments that live on past the peak moment of your experience.
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      star of david public domain wikipediaFrom July 22nd at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon we are in the window of a constellation called a Star of David that is forming. A Star of David is an especially rare astrological event.
      A Star of David looks like a six pointed star of Venus and associated with a shield of protection.
      The Star of David is the intersection of the Grand Water Trine and a Grand Earth Trine that is forming.
      The mystical water Trine is between Saturn at 5º Scorpio, Neptune at 5º Pisces and Jupiter at 5º Cancer which is conjunct Mars adding desire for action to the Grand Water Trine.
      The apex of the Grand Water Trine is Saturn. So the area where Saturn is located is most likely to see the greatest effect though all areas where these planets are located will be affected.
      The Grand Earth Trine which births a new form is between Venus at 5º Virgo, Pluto at 9º Capricorn and the Moon at 5-9º Taurus. The apex of the Grand Earth Trine is where the Moon is located.
      So the area of your life where the Taurus Moon is located is most likely where a new form will come into being in your life. Though the other two areas where Pluto and Venus are located will also be affected.
      The Star of David is at its height of activation on July 28th, 29th and 30th.
      A Star of David historically was seen as indicating the birth of a king or queen, god or goddess. It’s my feeling that this Star of David is about the spiritual awakening of humanity that’s being born within each of us.
      You are awakening to your true divinity and the practical realization of your greater self. These astrological constellations indicate that a spiritual awakening is taking place on a grand scale.
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      How did you like this article? I always love hearing from you and finding out how things are going for you.
      Thanks so much for joining me. Enjoy the magic of the Aquarius Full Moon!
      Until next time…be well

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