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Isha Lerner's Tarots: (Inner Child) Peter Pan ~ (Power of the Flowers) Iris ~ (Triple Goddess) Kundalini Rising

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    The key to your happiness and contentment lies within you, within your own heart and mind. Within is where we begin to rediscover the joys of life, the
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      "The key to your happiness and contentment lies within you, within your own heart and mind."

      Within is where we begin to rediscover the joys of life, the renewal of love and the resurgence of happiness and contentment. Where we can, do and shall discover the ways to remove what we see that has been self-limiting and apart of what we are perceiving or intuiting as stagnant. This is not to say that we walk upon these roads alone. Far from that. For we have those within our lives who give us inspiration, who have been apart of assisting us in grounding especially when we have felt adrift. Their compassion, their patience, their love is always with us and awakens that part of who we are inside of us. That is a healing journey and we can find ourselves healing in ways that we may not have realized we were capable of. The road of self-discovery builds upon our courage, our heart, our passion and, at the root of all our Love.

      This assists us in reawakening to our Divinity and Creativity. That Artist inside of us finds a new expression, a new vision and new easel to create or produce music or whatever that may be for True Art comes from the Soul and each of us are Artists. That carries a responsible for us to be authentic and genuine as we continue to experience this and embrace a life of wholeness and love that we embrace and share. That is where our inspiration comes from inside of ourselves and inspiring one another. Our potential goes into manifesting joy, serenity, peace, wholeness, healing, and love. All a miracle of how we are releasing and transforming and shaping our lives each moment of each day. Let go of judgment, fears, confusions and worries by making a conscious choice to reconnect and follow your Heart of Hearts wherever that takes you. We do have the mean within ourselves to transcend limitations we may have thought we have had and find ourselves once more in the Heart and Eye of Creation.

      Speak your Truth with courage, love and hope renewed Knowing that the angels, guides, and souls here on this world walk with you and just as they are an encouragement and well spring to you so to you are to them. Eternally together growing, expanding and sharing Unconditional Love. *:x lovestruck

      VII Peter Pan
      Your card is...

      VII Peter Pan

      When this card appears in your reading, move steadily in life and uncover your secret resources. Ride the middle path, a road that eventually turns around completely and takes you home. While it makes sense to strive for safety and security on a day-to-day basis, allow yourself the freedom to dream, fantasize, and be adventuresome. Take a canoe trip, sail into the sunset, or listen to the pounding of the waves on the shore. Spend a few days in the wilderness and watch birds take flight, warble their songs, and feed their young. Let yourself fly into exalted realms of imagination. If you believe you can, you will.

      Your card is...


      Latin: Iridaceae

      Color(s): Over sixty genera and perhaps 1000 species

      Archetype: Iris—The Rainbow Goddess. Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow, traveled through the lower (dark) and upper (light) regions with the graceful flow of an angelic dancer. She gifts humanity with the understanding that all aspects of life are sacred and it is in the weaving of the dark and light within ourselves that we find our wholeness.

      Signature: A perennial herb with long, narrow, sword-shaped leaves and rootstocks, the iris has three petals, three sepals, and three stamen, symbolically relating it to the power of the trinity.

      Healing Properties: Iris unblocks old patterns of self-limitation and stagnation, inspiring us to the heights of beauty and grace, and restoring a path to art and creativity.

      Healing: Art is born through the soul. The healing journey of Iris offers you an ensouled vision of your flowering intuitive and feeling Self - one in which you may encounter the many hues of your emotional spectrum. We heal ourselves and others by first contacting the inner nourishment or the "water of life" which sustains our ability to create beautiful things in the world as well as to act from our hearts. Iris comes to you to awaken the ever-flowing magic and creativity that resides, like a bubbling spring, deep within you. Allow this well to be tapped into and you will experience an overflowing and abundant source of energy and inspiration. Let Iris greet you there and touch your heart and soul with her Rainbow healing. The root of your being, like the golden bulbs of the Iris, will produce the wondrous color of our potential, much like a golden chalice produces the elixir of love.

      16. Kundalini Rising
      Your card is...

      16. Kundalini Rising

      Soul Message: The key to your happiness and contentment lies within you, within your own heart and mind. The way you start each day is very important; you can start off on the right foot or on the wrong one. You can wake up with a song of joy and gratitude in your heart for the new day, for being alive, for the very wonder of living, and for being in tune and harmony with the rhythm of all life. You can expect the very best from the coming day and therefore draw it to you. Or you can start the day with a chip on your shoulder, disgruntled and out of rhythm. You are responsible for what today will bring, and knowing it gives you an even greater responsibility than those souls who are not aware of it and therefore know no better. You cannot blame your state of mind on anyone else. It all rests with you. –Eileen Caddy (from The Spirit of Findhorn)

      Alchemy and Transformation: At this stage of initiation, the soul moves beyond judgment, error, and limitation, for the lightning bolt has struck a responsive cord within. The aspirant is shown the power of his or her mortal and spiritual choices. At this level of awareness, the opportunity for self-transcendence is made known. One is shocked into stillness and surrender. Defensive strategies and systems of denial fall away and all that remains is the wisdom of one’s true nature.

      Awakening to the Archetype – Oya (Goddess of Winds, Tornadoes, and Lightning):
      Through Her ability to swiftly change and alter realities, Oya ignites the spark of transcendence within your soul. She aids you as you burn through the veil of attachment that has hindered your ability to fully embrace your destiny. Her bolt of lightning, along with Her fierce winds and storm, electrifies your inner life.

      Everyday Encounters: Powerful, unexpected events may surface at this time, asking you to look deeply into the interior of your present life circumstances. What growth opportunities knock at the door of your heart? Have faith in yourself and the changes you are invited to make at this time. Move with this energy by speaking your truth and making the necessary changes to set yourself free from the confines of the past.

      Nature’s Healers: Rescue Remedy
      Fifth Chakra

      Fifth Chakra

      Chakra Attributes: (Color: Blue) (Function: Communication, Creativity, Connection)

      Healing Essence of the Chakra: Located in the throat and neck region of the body and extending upward to include the lower region of the brain or cortex, this area holds the communication center. Through the Throat Chakra one may speak long-held truths of past hurts and, in the process, find much inner peace and a sense of personal freedom. With a healed and healthy fifth chakra, one’s words are kind, clear and truthful.

      Healing Flower: Morning Glory

      Keywords: Truth, Self-Expression, Song, Poetry, Clarity, Communication

      Affirmations: I am the messenger. I speak my truth with clarity and courage.

      © Copyright 2013 Inner Sight / Isha Lerner Enterprises. All rights reserved.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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