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White Wolf Journeys: How Are you Going to Love?

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  • Ash
          Weave the Web July 9, 2013 How Are you Going to Love?  How Are You Going to Live?       Lake Rotopounamu is the sacred lake that holds the
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      Weave the Web
      July 9, 2013
      How Are you Going to Love? 
      How Are You Going to Live?
      Lake Rotopounamu is the sacred lake that holds the emerald green stone in the southern hemisphere and home  to  a powerful water dragon. Long before the land was known as Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, long before it became a country known as New Zealand these lands were part of ancient Lemuria. Land sacred to the Waitaha, guardians of the dragon lines.   This land holds the memory of a gentler and more peaceful world.   It is the sister vortex  directly connected to the sacred waters of  Avalon in the northern hemisphere in Glastonbury, England.
      This mystical emerald green lake, identified as the spinning water vortex of the earth had called to my soul after the dragon  in the mystical lake in Tibet spoke to my heart.  18 beautiful souls also felt the stirring in their heart and joined with us  to pray for oneness and sing to the dragon spirit of the  lake.    Ancient mystics used song, sounds, and ceremonies to keep an earth chakra or vortex open. As more people awaken and remember these old ways of ritual honoring our Great Earth mother by practicing the ancient Earth Religion, which belongs to everyone, significant change can take place. The relationship between the Earth and we humans is reciprocal. We affect each other in direct and subtle ways. When we come together to perform ceremony and honor the unseen world we are each profoundly affected and changed.  When one is close to an active vortex it energizes us to see things the way they really are, multidimensional and connected to divine source.
      Since I was a child I have dreamed of this land, not  as New Zealand but  when it was the heart of Mu and the civilization of Lemuria.  This is where my heart feels most at home upon the earth and where  my spirit soars.  It is because this land holds the blueprint of a time long, long  ago when our world lived in harmony and oneness.  I long to walk these lands and remember.  It is why I AM here.  It is this land that makes my heart sing.  The old alliance between the world of human and that of the unseen, the ancient code of the dragon is burned within my consciousness and serves as my guiding star even in times of doubt or challenge. 
      Many beautiful souls gathered together to cleanse and heal themselves as they answered the call of the Waitaha and the star beings.   We came to stand together as one, to create a pillar of light to be woven into the delicate web that surrounds the earth mother.  We were joined by a powerful soul, Te Keru Pounamou, on this special day, one who carried the wisdom of the Waitaha and would open the doorway for our group to enter into the unseen world.
      As we stood at the waters edge we each agreed to reclaim our power and walk a path of beauty.   We shared the obsidian stone being, the stone of the shaman asking for guidance and wisdom, we shared the beautiful andara crystal, the stone of unconditional love and we each placed our prayers and vision of peace and oneness into the stone to then be placed into the emerald green lake.
      Finally we passed a beautiful clear quartz heart that each of us activated with our personal light to join together.  We prayed for peace, we prayed to heal the cosmic web where violence and darkness still existed, we prayed to heal ourselves, to let go of the untruth and mental anguish that had bound us to the earthly experience of illusion, we prayed for our leaders to make right choice and right decision for our global community.  We prayed to end judgment and separation and we prayed for greater clarity to step forward in our truth.
      When our prayers were complete the Waitaha wisdom keeper, Te Kuru Pounamou, released the stone to the sacred lake, our gift back to the unseen world.  We each promised that day to love with and open heart, free of judgment and to live life as an expression of light.  We called upon the spirit of the dragon and sang with the crystal bowls to the lake.  Both the obsidian stone being (if you have not seen the video please click here) and the andara crystal, the Lemurian stone of unconditional love were placed into the Dragon Spirit lake.  Water from the Dragon Spirit Lake in Tibet from the northern hemisphere, along with water from Morgaine’s cave, water from the Chalice Well of Avalon, water from nine holy places gifted from Europe, waters that flow from Telos through Mount Shasta and water from a sacred spring found on Waiheke Island were all placed in the waters of Lake Rotopounamou. Living waters from many lands holding the prayer of unity and healing.   From the spinning water vortex  we gathered water that would now be carried on the spiritual journey to the enchanted lands of faery in Ireland, Scotland and the unseen world in of Avalon in September.  Click here for more information regarding Avalon for those who may be interested in following the path of the sacred waters.
      Many of our group continued to walk through the enchanted forest which seemed to come alive with each step.   Just as we had sung to the lake and the spirits of the forest, the forest embraced each of us and sang back.  A mysterious mist began to move around the lake just as it does in Avalon.  The dragon was awake, the forest beings were joyful.  It was truly a remarkable day as the alliance between the world of human and that of the unseen had been acknowledged and reestablished.  
      Each day we choose if we are going to love unconditionally, each day we choose how we will live.  Each day we must make a commitment to walk a path of beauty and to listen to the quiet voice of our heart.  No matter what your challenges and struggles we each must do the best we can to hold onto our faith and to be expressions of light to awaken those just now stirring as they begin their journey home.  We are the change, we are the light.
      As Saturn, the planet of karma now begins to move forward on the New Moon make your commitment by speaking these words:
      Dear God/Dear Goddess…..Show Me where you want me to be…. Give me the words to speak that will empower, encourage, heal and bring hope to another…. Help me to know when to stay out of my own way.  Show Me…. Guide Me…. I AM ready to move forward.
      Love and rainbows, Robbyne
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