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Today's Inspiration from Sandy Alemian

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        Inspire Me Today Inspired Quote of the Day You cannot fail in God s eyes. You can fail in the eyes of a spouse, parent, or maybe even in the eyes of
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      Inspire Me Today

      Inspired Quote of the Day

      You cannot fail in God's eyes. You can 'fail' in the eyes of a spouse, parent, or maybe even in the eyes of the world. Maybe it's time to stop making other people your 'God'. ~ Sandy Alemian

      Today's Inspiration

      Sandy  Alemian

      Sandy Alemian

      Sandy is an inspirational speaker, a spirit medium, and the international bestselling author of What was God Thinking?!
      If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...
      Sometimes life doesn't seem to make sense at all, especially when you are surrounded by the darkness of the unknown. Most often, the only sense comes through the healing and growth that you choose to experience.
      There is a common thread to each painful life challenge. Each experience offers you the opportunity to see the precious gems hidden beneath the pain, to reconnect with God, and to re-awaken to your soul...the true essence of who you are.
      Life's challenges knock at your door. You cover your ears, so you don't have to hear the persistant knocking, of cancer, of death, of addiction.
      You cover your eyes, so you don't have to see the pain, the struggle of those you love.
      You cover your heart, so you don't have to feel the agony of life slipping away.
      And yet, no matter how hard you try to fight...babies die, cancer breathes one's last breath, addictions colors life in shades of greys and blacks. No matter how hard you fight to not feel, your walls crash down...and you are seen shaking, stripped down, exposed, naked, vulnerable.
      The choice is to run for cover...or stand in your moment.
      If you run, you run for what seems an eternity, darting from pain, so it won't ever, ever touch the wound that was never allowed to heal.
      If you stand in your moment, you may begin to hear that still, small voice whisper, "I love you. I've never left you."
      If you stand in your moment, you may begin to see others who are also standing in their own vulnerability, and you no longer feel alone...you begin to move toward each, drawn to one another by interconnected heartstrings of compassion...and hope.
      If you stand in your moment,you may begin to feel the beat of your own heart...that is beating in unison with the heart of God...and the heart of all of mankind.
      You may begin to remember that when nothing is certain, anything is possible, that healing can happen, that it's possible that one's life never ends, but simply changes form...
      You may begin to know that perhaps the journey has called you to stand in each moment, to dance with the unknown, to learn and grow with grace, and then reach out with compassion.
      You may begin to feel grateful that even one person's life has breathed easier, just because you have lived. And then we may begin to dance together...knowing that we can help each other come home again to love...again, and again, and again.
      May you stand in your moment.
      May you remember that you are never, ever alone.

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