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      Planetary Spirit Newsletter
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      Planetary Spirit Newsletter


      July 2013 Guest List for Planetary Spirit

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      Planetary Spirit welcomes our up coming guests:
      Lori Doupe Sheridan Lori Doupe Sheridan - July 1
      Medium, Angel Messenger, Spiritual Teacher – is returning to be my guest for Psychic Circle Tuesday. For nearly a decade she has delivered messages of love, hope, and healing from the angels and deceased loved ones during public events and private sittings. Her practice is dedicated to empowering others on their life journey.

        July 4
      Happy July 4th/Independence Day to All. No show today
      Rashmi Khilnani
      Rashmi Khilnani - July 9
      author, spiritual film maker, healer, teacher, channel, and visionary. She is currently co-producing a film on God in which she was interviewed along with Neale Donald Walsch. She is a pioneer in translating the ancient wisdom teachings into simple comprehensible manuals for bridging the spiritual with the mundane. She utilizes her celestial gifts of psychic intuitive channelling, sound, light, breath and vibration to help shift and heal individuals and groups and conducts ceremonies for morphogenic, global, heart healing.  She seeks to serve the Ascended Masters in bringing a spiritualization and the energy of heartfelt unconditional love and Unity Consciousness to people from all walks of life. The author of several books, her latest is entitled, ”Shiva Speaks: Conversations with Maha Avatar BabajiPlanetary Spirit .
      Bill Pfeiffer
      Bill Pfeiffer - July 11
      Deep Ecologist, Shamanic Guide, Spiritual Coach, and author - aka <<Sky Otter>> founded Sacred Earth Network  that has implemented leading edge visions for almost 20 years. In that time, Bill made Russia a “second home” and traveled there 42 times — giving him a rare cross-cultural perspective. He has 25 years of experience in Re-evaluation Counseling and Vipassana meditation, and undergone extensive training with Siberian shamans as well as with Joanna Macy and John Perkins. He has also spent much time in the US Southwest learning about Native medicine ways and the crucial importance of petroglyphs and pictographs. Bill brings to all his work a dynamic mixture of open heartedness, sensitivity, and a fierce determination for a peaceful, sustainable future. His latest book is entitled, “Wild Earth, Wild Soul: A Manual for an Ecstatic CulturePlanetary Spirit .
      Ester Nicholson Ester Nicholson - July 16
      is an acclaimed healer, vocalist, and now an author with a breakthrough spiritual approach to the 12-Step recovery process that’s proven more effective because of its integration with empowering divinity-within principals. Ester maintains an impressively expansive career. She is an Agape-licensed, spiritual therapist who for 17 years has studied under Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Centert. She’s a motivational speaker who brings her personal experience of 25 years of sobriety coupled with a deep understanding of spiritual practices to audiences around the world. In this capacity, she facilitates workshops and gives inspirational keynote addresses to institutions, companies and organizations, incorporating concepts from the Soul Recovery process she developed. She’s also a gifted vocalist who’s completed two world tours with Rod Stewart and Bette Midler, performed multiple times at Madison Square Garden, appeared on Oprah, The Tonight Show, The View, Good Morning America, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and has released her own critically-acclaimed albums of soul-nurturing music.
      Kent Smith Kent Smith - July 18
      grief/bereavement coach, intuitive, and author, currently works as an Operational Psychology Coordinator in NASA's Human Health and Performance Directorate the Human Spaceflight Operations Program, supporting astronauts and their families. She founded Universal Life Strings LLC, to promote understanding of death as a part of life, and how life and the afterlife meet. Her book is entitled, “Love Promised: A Future Life RevealedPlanetary Spirit .
      William Donato, MA William Donato, MA - July 23
      archaeologist, archaeological consultant, CEO of Apex Institute : Advanced Planetary Expeditions. His Masters thesis was entitled: A Re-examination of the Atlantis Theory. He has spent the last 25 years exploring the island of Bimini for clues to conncetions to the lost continent of Atlantis. He has been a guest on The History Channel and various other TV programs that are willing to take a hard look at these intriguing questions that revolve around the whereabouts of the lost city, lost kingdom of Atlantis.
      Frank Ferrante Frank Ferrante - July 25
      stars in an indie film, “MAY I BE FRANK”, that tells his story, ex-addict, 54-years-old, overweight Sicilian-American from Brooklyn with hepatitis C and some bad habits. The documentary film which was recently released on DVD and digital platforms from Cinema Libre Studio, captures Frank’s transformation after he stumbles into the vegan Café Gratitude in San Francisco, and over a period of 42 days, takes part in a life-changing journey coached physically, emotionally and spiritually by three twenty-something staff members as he searches for a better life, real happiness and a path to enlightenment.
      TBD - July 30
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