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Divine Guidance/Path of the Soul Card: Illuminate ~ Treasures

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  • Ash
    You are a shining star. There are undoubtedly periods where we may feel less connected, moving through what we are feeling is a bombardment of energy or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2013
      "You are a shining star." There are undoubtedly periods where we may feel less connected, moving through what we are feeling is a bombardment of energy or whatever the case may be for us individually and collectively where we may not think or see ourselves in this light. Yet, in truth, this is more accurate than we may consciously think or be aware of. That is of our luminosity, our innate radiance that gives illumination (if we simply make a conscious choice to Open ourselves, to Look and See) into that deepest and highest parts of Who We Are. That Divine Glow which we can remind us that we are always and eternally connected to and apart of Source.

      It is our perceptions of ourselves that can be a major factor in how that we hold ourselves back yet also, in the same moment, when we shift our perspective to choose to look through the Eyes of Divine Love and Compassion that we can begin to See more and more clearly. Remember that forgiveness does not mean that we ignore or allow individuals, circumstances, etc to continue to have a hold upon us. Forgiveness is a key that we is a vital part of how we re-empower ourselves, that we find liberation in not holding animosity to those so we can move forward releasing those attachments and can open up to see the treasures that have been within ourselves and others more fully . Our perceptions then become apart of our liberation for as we shift to embrace, forgive, and love ourselves unconditionally and completely we begin to shine that much more brightly as the living stars that we are. That resonance which begins to create beautiful symmetry and harmonics as we join together sharing, encouraging, supporting, guiding and listening to one another. Spirit can and does move in many ways and how often have we, and how often can we, experience true epiphanies and clarity through the eyes of infant, the touch of a breeze, the smile of a beloved soul, and more? Those are treasures around us that reflect the treasures within us coming into the light of awareness.

      Embrace the skills we have yes and expand upon them and also embrace the newness that is within each of us that Co-Create and discover together in Pure Love. *:x lovestruck

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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