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      The Blue School Creation Workshops
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      The Blue School will teach you to return to this place of creation, and to remember the language as the embodied gift you carry within. Drunvalo highly recommends this workshop and attendees have told us that after the Blue School workshop, they had greater success in going into the Sacred Space of the Heart.  Participants of both the Blue School and the ATIH will have special accesss to additional teachings, special projects and materials in the upcoming months as we continue to create this global community.
      Blue School Traditions teach us that a direct access to what lies at our center and in our heart can be accessed through the imagery one 'receives' during the act of inner gazing. Hints of this truth surface in Biblical descriptions of the 'visions' of the prophets, such as Isaiah, Ezekiel, Elijah, and Enoch - and the 'dreams' of the patriarchs, Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph, along with the revelatory experiences of Moses, Jonah, and Samuel, also indicate that, for the ancients, the most prevalent form of communion with the Divine did not involve the Left Brain at all, but was rather a Right Brain, visionary process. The Blue School teaches that the point of creation, is the place from which we see from within. Imagery is a global language, which bridges culture, much in the same way as musical notes.
      July 2013 - "THE CLEAR LIGHT OF TRUTH" Issue
      The month of July is the time of fire and water. During this stretch of the year  these two, totally incompatible elements give us a good lesson in the reconciliation of opposites. As the Dog Days double the heat of the Sun, its fires burst forth to open the heart of the Earth. In that moment the Great Mother has no other choice but to respond, and her waters pour out of her core, fertilizing all of Creation.
      For the next thirty-one days, what the Sun stirs to life will be purified by the floods that, since the beginning of time, have never failed to rise, and wash everything clean in their wake. The ancients knew of these things. If we have forgotten them, our cellular memory has not - and this time around, without knowing how, or why, we are engaged in this process from a totally different place; all of us can feel it. And what we can already see is that inside this realm of newness and change there is no room for falsehood and no space for anything that isn't born in the clear light of Truth. 
      With the intensity of the solar force about to be amplified by the Heliacal Rising of Sirius, whether we are ready for it or not, all of us are about to undergo an initiation that will require us to be clear, and free of every trace of falsehood; because inside the heart of the creation process, and within the alchemy that occurs whenever we ascend to another level of consciousness, there is no room for anything but the clear light of Truth. It is in that spirit that we welcome you to our July edition. May everything that you find in this month's issue give you a way to look at yourself and your place in the world with the soul of integrity and the clear light of Truth that lives in the heart.
      Join us for the "Clear Light of Truth" edition
      at the Spirit of Ma'at!   www.spiritofmaat.com
      Look for articles from your favorite writers such as Cal Garrison,Bill Coper, Anya Briggs, Julia Griffin, Peggy Black, Jo Mooy, Seth, and of course Drunvalo's Corner!
      Check out DRUNVALO'S remaining SCHEDULE FOR 2013! Only ONE available workshop in November.  If you are interested in attending a workshop with Drunvalo this year and become a part of The School of Remembering, please register soon.  Go to www.drunvalo.net
      Spirit of Ma'at
      P. O. Box 687
      Sedona, Arizona 86339
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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