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  • Ash
      Archangel Metatron ~ Ascension; what does it entail? And an update: Everything is already finished on the etheric level and now the physical aspects will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2013

      Posted: 01 Jul 2013 10:01 AM PDT
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      Archangel Metatron as channeled by Méline Lafont


      I greet all of you in the name of my Presence of Love and gratitude. I Am Archangel Metatron, at your disposal at all times. In the name of the Heavenly Realms of Light I bring you great tidings full of love as well as an update on your current reality.


      Beloved children of God and of Mother Earth, it truly is a pleasure to be in connection with all of you as you are immensely loved, each and everyone of you. The times you are living in are remarkable to say the least and this gets more obvious for all of you. Nothing is at it seems anymore, everything changes and collapses in on itself on an energetic level. New forms and creations are adopted, in which the old energy finds a new life back into a higher light aspect of itself, for you all grow quite astonishingly into a light body and everything around you automatically follows the same path.


      All reality around you follows the inner creations and reflections in their forms and emanations. More loving designs have been created as the heart now runs your reality and your Being. Everything that flourishes from now on out of your Being will reflect the facets of your Being in a creation and a form of energy within a deeper context of Love and Light. Admittedly, some ascension shifts have taken place in your world of Being, that is for sure. Nothing can obstruct this Ascension process any longer for it runs at full speed and it cannot be stopped.
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      Posted: 01 Jul 2013 12:54 AM PDT


       Thank you to:  lucas2012infos         

      natalie glassonWith love, as I unfold my energy to you, I express the truth which has been imparted to me through my own process of spiritual growth and the awakening of the Creator within my being. I am Master Saint Germain, it is always such a deep honour to connect with your energy and to speak of truth. There are often many layers of false interpretations within the fabric of the Earth, humanity’s existence and consciousness. To speak of truth allows for many false interpretations which disguise the Creator from you to be dissolved and erased eternally. Seeking the vibration of truth within your being and projecting it into your reality for experience encourages you to be consciously aware of the Creator during your time upon the Earth. With conscious awareness many limitations that you perceived to be true fall away allowing for new limitless ideas and inspiration to form. When we speak of truth, especially upon the Earth, there is an element of competition and survival that emerges from within many people. This is simply a misinterpretation of knowing the truth.

      As you are aware, to know something is often interpreted as understanding something completely, often holding an element of confirmation. There is often no form of confirmation of the truth, divine wisdom and consciousness of the Creator but there is a knowingness within each of our souls which acts as our guiding light, source of empowerment and encouragement. To know the truth is to feel it and to sense it without truly understanding or having a need for understanding. A spiritual knowingness of truth is very different to an intellectual knowingness of truth. It may often seem as if you are weak if you admit that you do not understand the truth and will of the Creator but this is a beautiful space that you can enter into, accessing a deep steam of freedom from within your being that offers tremendous expansion and connection with the Creator. In many ways it is as if you are letting go of any form of control that you may have upon the world, your reality or being, entering into a space that truly allows you to experience the truth of the Creator. Often revelations of the truth of the Creator will emerge and form within you as a feeling, maybe even as the most beautiful scent that embodies your entire being. Frequently truth will emerge as energy within your being, you may not be able to express this energy but you will notice and recognise its freedom and familiarity to the Creator. Such integrations and awareness of truth cannot be interpreted verbally due to the fact that you are considering the great source and energy networks that are the Creator, trying to describe vastness in a few words. Even as ascended masters we can often have difficulty in sharing or inspiring truth within your being. We often contemplate, how does one explain the multidimensional, expansion, all-encompassing presence of the Creator to bring forth recognition?  Entering into a space of freedom and expansion allows for inspiration to arise.
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      Posted: 01 Jul 2013 12:44 AM PDT


      Thanks to: lucas2012infos         

      arcturian-group-333x500Greetings once again dear ones.  We observe you bursting forth with more  and more light as you awaken to truth and begin to live it in your daily lives.  We observe no reaction to many issues that previously would  have  upset you–you are beginning to experience a non- resonance with all that you are ready to leave behind.

      Everything is energy and when your relationship with something or someone works, it means you are vibrating at the same rate. When an individual’s energy level changes, he often no longer  resonates with those same people, foods, entertainments, news, etc. and is  no longer on the same “wave length” so to speak.  Spiritual growth is the process of evolving out from under the dense and heavy energies of separation and duality consciousness and into the higher lighter frequencies of truth. 
      Some in ignorance of what is happening, struggle to  restore what they no longer resonate with, thinking that there must be a problem within  causing them  to no longer enjoy or  believe the way they used to. This is not a problem, but a graduation dear ones, and  simply reflects a shift in the energy from what you are used to (3D concepts and beliefs)  to what is now awakening  (truth of who and what you are).  This is what you have been asking for dear ones, so please do not be afraid to let go of anything and everything that no longer resonates with you no matter how much it has been a part of your life up to this point.
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      Posted: 01 Jul 2013 12:41 AM PDT

      As I was talking to a friend I had mentioned I have been monitoring lots of newly awakened getting in touch with nature, with telepathic abilities and seeing they have more things than their already known 5 senses.

      I hear of people not being afraid anymore to say to talk or even talk to nature, trees, plants and animals.  It is now felt as becoming more a part of us accepting to be one with all. We accept the realms of the earth, the forest, the mountains and waters and skies as being living breathing  vibrational energy frequencies like us and our earth gaia.

      For me past thursday, friday and saturday morning I was called with a loud cacophony of sound by all the birds to  awaken those mornings with a message that change is upon us.  I never got wakened that loud by birds when the sun rose. I felt their genuine message and looked out of my window seeing flocks of different sorts of birds calling out the change. It was awesome.
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      Posted: 01 Jul 2013 12:35 AM PDT


      ChakrasOnce you have scanned and removed all diseased and blocked energies, it is time to fill the energy chakras with new energy.  After you remove all diseased energy by scanning, feeling, sweeping and flicking the diseased energies (see step 4 on how to do this by clicking HERE), you are ready to energize the energy chakras.

      So here is the process on how to do this.  Remember that when you were scanning and cleansing the body, you were standing next to the body.

      So after you have removed the diseased and stuck energy, go back and sit down on your stool.  Your stool is behind the person’s head.  Put both your hands on the person’s crown, the top of their head.  If the person is not physically there and you are doing a distant healing, then imagine them there lying in front of youRead more »
      Posted: 01 Jul 2013 12:00 AM PDT



      When I started my first steps to communicate on a telepathic level it was “Badeem“, my Higher Godself, who was so helpful at my side.

      Badeem as a teacher has much patience – always – and when it comes to me – I am always again surprised what one is able to experience and learn from oneself ! Be it from past incarnations or even the present one. I have gotten so much used to my communication with Badeem and, appreciating it so much that I simply cannot imagine being without this communication any more.

      Due to such telepathic contact spirituality evolves to some entirely different dimension. No books at all dealing with spirituality as such are proving so valuable as your own contact to yourself respectively your Higher Goodself.
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      Posted: 01 Jul 2013 12:18 AM PDT


      Image converted using ifftoany

      It is time for us to discuss the movements that are occurring in your societies.  Others have done so.  Even other channelings have done so.  But we have only touched upon the topic here.  This may be a short message, but we trust you will give it thought and consideration.

      You see around you now reports of much upheaval.  You are told of riots, of massive protests, of government crackdowns.  You are apprised almost daily of plans and technologies which are meant to control you even more than you are at present controlled.  You are bombarded endlessly with stories of mayhem of all sorts, most of which, may we point out, has occurred many thousands of miles away from you.  If you are following these things, it is very easy for you to lose yourselves in feelings of doubt, fear, and depression.

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