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Quado's Garden: Unfold to Each Other ~ Power Animal of the Week: Lion & Leopard

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  • Ash
    Release your plans, fantasies and expectations with the dawn... This does not imply thatplanning and holding to what we can clearly see within us to manifest
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2013
      "Release your plans, fantasies and expectations with the dawn..." This does not imply that planning and holding to what we can clearly see within us to manifest outwardly is not apart of our growth and life.  Rather this emphasizes, especially with the relationships we have with others (and let us also be conscious that this speaks of a relationship with ourselves, with Nature, with Spirit for each are intimately linked and apart of the other), to let go of what how we think it "should" take place or turn out to be. At times we have very unknowingly and unintentionally attempted to make a relationship or other person into who we would hope or desire them to be. Let go of those types of expectations and know that each of us are as we are in this moment. As the message below begins "Today is as it is". Allow the day, allow your Self (in all of your sublime Divine Beauty and Essence), allow our Earth and allow others to be who they are and each develop in our own Authentic Genuine Way. A patient and loving unfolding to one another, to YOU, to Spirit, to the Earth.

      Change does occur and we are moving in and through deep, powerful and wonderful change. This is a change which occurs naturally and through the choices we make as we open and bloom to the Divine Within us and the Divine Manifestations around us. There are the examples within us and the examples that Our Beloved Earth provides especially with flowers. Two buds that begin to grow and slowly unfurl, unfold and bloom together. Each being their Divine Self. You can speak and live within your integrity and with love that does come from the very core or center of our Being.

      A rose, as it blooms within a garden, can have a multitude of colors, and each of them have their own intrinsic beauty, gifts, insights and wonders. Love unconditionally, be your Self and Know that each relationship truly does assist each in seeing more of the wonders of within ourselves and we do See the Earth more clearly and divinely as we unfold and Open to Her.

      It is especially within these areas that Lion and Leopard appear to walk with us, speak with us, and give their guidance and support. Both exude confidence and patience with a grounded heart and spirit. Lion helps with unlocking, knowing and living within your Truth. Finding your Voice and speaking with a calm gentle strength that gives leadership not through force of arms or "right by might" but by how you stand and embrace your Truth. Confidently sharing your abilities and, when those times call for it, to roar out with lovingly confidence. Not a haughtiness but a clarion call that gives inspiration to others as you have been inspired by the lions within your life. That they too find their roar. You can, do and shall rediscover your deep connection to Our Beloved Earth, to Spirit, and to that which is the Deepest, Highest and Most Divine Part of Who You Are.

      You will be able to adapt to any circumstance and hone your skills of observation and to move with grace and agility becoming more and more attuned to ourselves, our world and becoming more intuitive naturally and confidently. The Leopard will give her loving, patient assistance in these and many other areas.

      Both of these strong, loving guides will show and encourage us to allow ours lives to be a Simple Divine Unfolding of our Self and that gives us a peace and clarity in our relationships with Love, Peace, Wholeness and Joy.

      Unfold to Each Other

      Today is as it is.  You are as you are.  All people simply are as they are.  Release your plans, fantasies and expectations with the dawn and allow each relationship to blossom and develop in its own authentic way, a slowly unfolding discovery as two people explore themselves and each other.
      Let it be like this.  Be as two flowers that open to each other, gradually revealing more and deeper truths.  Let the rising sun of truth reveal the beauty which is you, deep within.  Lift the fog of fantasy and expectation and just be.  Be yourself shining forth in all that you are, exactly as you are, saying, doing, feeling and being with a deep integrity which reaches down to your core.  And allow others to be who they are.  Do not try to change them. Do not judge and criticize.  Reveal and understand, unfolding to each other.
      Each relationship should be like this, a way to learn from each other, a deepening of your relationship to each other and to yourself.  Each relationship fully explored will introduce you to more and deeper parts of yourself.  And each bit of love that you give freely and unconditionally, makes your heart more open and receptive for the great love of the universe to flow in, an unending stream of light and goodness.
      Allow your life to be a simple unfolding of the self, like a rose opening on a summer day and sending perfume across the garden.  And allow the other roses to open in their own way, with their own beauty, some still in the bud, some in their last days, some red, some pink and orange, but all beautiful
      The Lion
      Courage          Confidence          Command

      Take a deep breath and invite the spirit of the lion to fill you.  Click here to Listen to the Lion's Song
      When you walk, walk like the lion.  Be proud to be who you are, exactly as you are.  Hold your head high.  Look each person in the eye and silently say to yourself:  I am the lion. 
      The lion will fill you with courage, the courage to be who you are and show it to the world.  He will teach you how to roar out with your power, displaying your talents and announcing your presence.  He will teach you to have the courage to be yourself, always and in all ways and to know the deep truth, that you are exactly as you should be.  After all, you are the lion. 
      The lion is power, but power contained.  He will teach you the strength of quiet command.  He will teach you to hold yourself with such presence that merely being around you will fill others with respect and awe. 
      Know and be the quiet strength of complete confidence.  Speak calmly and with authority.  Act from a place of personal truth and wisdom, a wisdom that comes from the quiet times you spend just being and feeling your deep connection with all that is.
      Walk with grace and strength.  Hold your head high.   And once in a while, give out a resounding, magnificent roar.  After all, you are the lion.

      The Leopard
      Preparation          Positioning          Agility

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the leopard fill you. Click here to Listen to the Leopard's Song.

      Strong and silent, moving with grace and stealth, the leopard knows how to position himself to his own best advantage before acting.  He will give you the ability to seem to disappear when you care to, so that attention is directed elsewhere, allowing you to prepare unobserved for the timely display of your powers.
      The leopard is also highly adaptable, able to live successfully in almost any terrain, from the deserts to the mountains and forests of the world.  He will bring you this strength, so that you will find yourself quickly at ease even in new circumstances.  Just take a deep breath of leopard energy and you will feel instantly at home, no matter where you are.
      The leopard will also fill you with physical health and vitality, bringing you his agile grace, whether it is required to climb the tree or swim the river.  Wherever you need to be, you will do well, for you are the leopard and you know no boundaries.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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