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The Radiant Rose Academy: Your July Prayer Calls, Tuesday schedule: save this message!

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      Radiant Rose Newsletter June 29, 2013 Your Invitation to the July 2013 Prayer Calls! Beloved Hearts from around the world, we have prepared for your
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      Radiant Rose Newsletter
      June 29, 2013
      Your Invitation to the July 2013 Prayer Calls!
      Beloved Hearts from around the world, we have prepared for your convenience, your July 2, Global Healing Prayer Calls and links, and a link with precious gifts- excerpts from recent events that will be of great benefit to you.
      Our Tuesday Prayer Calls Events are for EVERYONE- whether you do the prayer calls on your own, with others, with or without the teleconference/webcast. The July Prayer Calls, which include the most recent ones given to us by the Angelic Host, can be found on your Radiant Rose Academy website at: http://www.akashaonline.com/help_our_planet/monthly_teleconference_decrees.html

      Your Options
      Here are two options for doing the Tuesday Prayer Calls. Participation is cost-free due to student contributions of time and funds. You can offer up the calls on your own or with others, starting your preparation at 6:45 p.m. reading your decrees at 7 p.m. your local time, on July 2, 2013.

      Option A: You can read the July Prayer Calls (link above) on your own or with others. You can start preparing at 6:45 p.m. to begin reading at 7 p.m. your local time. If that is not convenient, you can offer up the calls at another time on Tuesday that works for you, and still be part of the 24- hour global energy field that is our collective offering.
      Option B: “Live” July 2 Teleconference/Audio Webcast at 6:45 p.m. Mountain Time (Salt Lake City, Utah). To see how this time zone corresponds with your time zone check this time converter using the meeting planner option: www.worldtimeserver.com or write to: rrateleconferences@.... We start our music a few minutes before to help us all prepare for our service together.
      Choose one of three ways to join the teleconference/audio webcast:
      1. Web link to listen via your computer speaker for no cost high quality sound: http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=42959541
      2. Phone: U.S. number which is not toll free: Primary (206) 402-0100 Secondary Number: (925) 627-8261 Backup #: PIN Code: 819752#.

        If you call from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia or the U.S. find a free or less expensive local access phone number in this link (some numbers have changed and new ones have been added): http://InstantTeleseminar.com/Local/

        Important: You will need this Conference ID # for either phone or Skype: 819752#.

      3. Skype: The free Skype option is accessible through the above web link. Last month, there were issues with Skype. If your Skype connection fluctuates or you cannot get into Skype, contact us at: rrateleconferences@... with your location and phone number and we will try to help you access the teleconference another way such as the web link or one of the local access phone numbers.
      • Note: Please do not use any links or conference codes from past events. These details above are specific to this event. Instant Teleseminar, our provider, assigns a new link to each event.
      Update your calendar! July Tuesday Prayer Calls Schedule
      Access the "Ascended Master Readings Context for July Calls" Here!

      Tuesday Prayer Call Events: Due to the global crisis, we are dedicating an hour or so each Tuesday to offering up prayer calls in a 24 hour wave around the planet. Here is the July schedule which will help us sustain momentum in all our global projects:

      Tuesday, July 2: July Prayer Calls.
      Find all related files here!

      Tuesday, July 9: Untouchable Clarion Calls for Youth and Feminine Side of Life.
      Find all related files here!

      Tuesday, July 16: July Prayer Calls.
      Click here for related files, including the July 2 recording

      Tuesday, July 23: Untouchables Clarion Calls for Indigenous People.
      Find all related files here!

      Tuesday, July 30: Untouchables Clarion Calls for Intervention for Syria.
      Find all related files here!
      If you have questions or special needs, such as a plain, image-free Word version of the Prayer Calls, or help with the webcast, contact our student volunteers at: rrateleconferences@..., allowing time for a response. We also created a Question and Answer Overview for you: Tuesday Prayer Calls Overview PDF file “click this link”

      We thank all of our musicians: Roisha Ray (Denise Hagen), Erik Berglund, Magic Moreno, and Isaiah and Iloni, for lovingly sharing their music for these events.
      We look forward to serving together on Tuesdays throughout July as
      One Global Chorus in our 24 hour prayer call offerings to the Heavenly Host!
      The Radiant Rose Academy

      Radiant Rose Academy Logo


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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