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[ANGEL] 3 Cancer, The Angels of Mystical Eroticism

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    ** * * ** ** ** ** ** ** * *3 degrees Cancer * *The Angels of Mystical Eroticism * *Also known as* ** *The Angels of ‘/Jachil’/* /**/ /**/ *Beloved, * **
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      3 degrees Cancer

      The Angels of Mystical Eroticism

      Also known as
      The Angels of

      The Lover, the Beloved, Love itself……..
      then a state of Oneness with all life.
      THIS is the ultimate destiny
      We inspire and teach secrets of mystical and sacred love-making when Divine Providence guides a person to form a Divine loving sexual relationship.
      Omnipotent Divine Will to out picture the splendor and majesty of all the Divine virtues taken together can release all encompassing Love and Enlightenment through ecstatic spiritual sexual union. 
       Rainbow and
      A primary step in arousing mystical sexual attraction is strong flowing feelings of Omnipotence for the highest good, which is the faith that overcomes all obstacles, combined with deep empathy.

       Deep sacred flowing feelings of
      empathy come from unconditional all-encompassing Cosmic Love, which is the Divine virtue of letter J, the first letter of our name.
       It is in the silence that each person flows with feelings.

      When feelings are beautiful, loving them helps them become ever more beautiful.

       If the feelings are wounded and painful,  let them to flow to healing and transformation in an atmosphere of unconditional all encompassing love.
      This is how they heal, transforming the wounded soul, so that feelings are beautiful once again.

      We help couples heal each other this way.

      They become each other's 'best friend', someone that holds sacred space while deep soul wounds heal.

      Wounded feelings become worse by destructively acting them out or resisting, denying, bypassing, suppressing, or medicating them.
      Feelings heal by flowing, especially in an atmosphere of
      empathy and unconditional love.

      As feelings flow, either positive or negative, insights grow.

      Feelings are compressed information, like a zip file.
      By moving safely with sacred feelings,  either positive or negative, the body is actually healing and balancing itself, keeping energy meridians alive and flowing.

      Feelings can be expressed through sacred dance.
      The human body is a most sacred temple.

       It is the microcosm of the macrocosm,
      the “as below” of “the above”.
      Emotions are clearly communicated through nonverbal gestures and body language as they course through physical bodies of the Children of Light and Love
      By being fully present in the moment and listening to inner guidance from Divine Providence, Divine Love awakens so that two people experience ever growing mutual feelings of healing, Empowerment, Love and Sexual attraction.
      The development of sympathy and its expressions are the first steps of the art of erotic love-making.

      As long as sympathy, or common ground, is maintained, erotic love blooms and flourishes if the following steps are followed.
      The second step is eloquence and awakening gifts of clairvoyance to guide erotic sexual energy into exploration and sharing of the seven levels of Divine experience of creation.

      Sexual energy that begins at the base of the spine must travel upwards and enliven all seven nerve ganglia or chakras.

      This is done through deep mutual sharing at each level.

      Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Paolo and
Francesca Da Rimini (Detail) [1855]
(public domain image)
      In this way a pathway is created for the upward course of sexual energy during orgasm in sexual intercourse.

      When a relationship is begun, it is wise to begin with the top chackra and work downward in deep empathetic soul sharing.

       This leads to enlightenment.

       Wisdom and enlightenment is the divine virtue of the second letter of our name, the letter A.
      The purpose of this is twofold.

      Sexual energy, or "kundalini" energy as it is called in the ancient language of Sanskrit, is coiled at the base of the spine, and should connect with the master gland, the pineal gland of the brain, for Divine psychoactive mood altering and body healing chemicals called neuropeptides to be secreted into the body’s bloodstream.
      These psychoactive chemicals are a thousand times more powerful than any other form of psychoactive chemicals from other sources, and they contain Divine information codes that affect all other glands.
      The saying
       "Where the attention goes the energy flows"
      describes the conscious process of enlivening this top center with erotic sexual energy, or kundalini.
Michael: Dear children of the light. The
time has come yet again and I call upon
you to join me in the highest realms of
existence for the initiation process to
lift your energies into a higher vibratory
state of being. Those of you who are ready
to meet your true selves, who are ready to
discover your true potential, shall walk
into the light in the next 10 days. Some
of you will be called into a deep
meditative state, others will know it is
time, yet others I am asking to
consciously call upon me – A.A. Michael,
so that I can guide you and show you the
true manifestation of your existence and
grant you the gifts that you are ready to
discover. Simply go into a meditative
state and ask for me A.A. Michael and the
Ascended Master of your time to come and
join you in a circle of light and love.
Once you are in a meditative state, those
of you who are ready for the initiation
process to take place now will experience
our presence. We are standing by you. We
are ready to welcome you into the light
dear children. Call upon us this moment,
for the gates have indeed opened up yet
again. The next 10 days of your linear
time, are the initiation of AA Michael
into your true highest perception and
potential. I A.A. Michael am with you. I
love you. Goodbye for now. Channeled by
Anna Merkaba - ©
       This is done through using deep sympathy for each other to build a mutual safe psychological environment in each chackra level.
       Each person eloquently shares deep personal truths starting with discussions of God and what this means to each of them in the top chackra.

       This continues until each partner discovers true and sincere common ground with the other at each level.
      The place to start is the Crown chackra.

       Finding common ground here is to discover an area of shared, mutual, and compatible beliefs about the experience of and nature of Divine Being, ultimate reality, spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

      Common ground means shared intuitions, shared realities, or simply an unimpeded flow of energetic connection when both parties are clear of any negative or blocked feelings at this top level chakra.
      An example of both Lovers connecting here energetically would be when both are consciously attuned to the experience of oneness with ALL.

      The KEY is for them to be “in sync” and share a sympathetic resonance as concerns spirituality, irrespective of the specific content being shared.
       Native Sunset
Pictures, Images and Photos
      In this time of the Alpha and the Omega, the art of gestures in creating new realities is understood through the flowing feelings of wisdom in the heart.

       People meditate and flow with divine feelings of grace and mercy, cognition brought about by Love Divine, justice and harmony, and supreme happiness.

      The ability to stay in a deep trance state and understand each creative act  of yourself and your partner and its on going effects are perfected.

      Strong currents of flowing feelings of  divine virtues from the highest realms are flushing out all that is hidden, and healing every wounded heart, and the movements of people are becoming ever more beautiful and wondrous to behold
      Through loving sympathy, respect, and real emotional safety, each person is encouraged to reveal their truest and deepest understandings of what the original truth of the Universe is to him or her.

      5D Relationships
      This intense and shared concentration, ideally, on Divine Providence Itself, stimulates the pineal glands of both lovers, and prepares them for the fire of rising kundalini.
      As much time should be spent on this process as is necessary to clarify and remove obscurity concerning each person’s most inward and deep spiritual truths and feelings at each level.

      Purity and clarity is the Divine virtue of the second letter of our name, the letter Ch.
       In this sympathetic process of deep intimate spiritual revelation, the common ground that is discovered concerning the nature of Divine Truth enables both partners to obtain a similar altered state of consciousness through the production of compatible neuropeptides in the pineal gland.
      As these psychoactive substances from the pineal gland enter the bloodstream, erotic energy is already powerfully enhanced.

      This powerful erotic energy must be directed carefully and systematically down through each glandular plexus, or chakra, along the spinal column on its way to the sexual organs.

       This activates psychoactive hormones associated with each of the seven gland centers and stimulates them, as explained below, to bring erotic energy to its height at each level
       The careful journey of sharing and finding common ground through each chackra awakens memory, remembrance and conscience.

       This is the virtue of The Laws of Cause and Effect, which is the Divine virtue of the fourth letter of our name, the letter I.

      This virtue awakens the understanding of the Law of Analogy, the “as above, so below” and the use of breath to create reality.
       At each chackra, the couple shares deep intimate truths about the nature of reality as they find common ground, removing all blocks to shared kundalini that will rise at this level during orgasm.

      At the Third Eye, they discuss and share their views of the nature of wisdom; at the throat, the nature of creativity; at the heart, the nature of love; at the solar plexus, the nature of sovereignty, individuality and self-determination; at the abdomen area, the nature of relationships; and at the genitals, the nature of physical reality and security.
      The process of sympathy and eloquence is used with each glandular plexus, or chackra, in order of descent, taking as much time as necessary to explore and discover mutual agreement and resonance at each level of consciousness.
       The time that it takes to do this varies with each relationship.

       In the altered state of erotic arousal, this process of shared realities is a mystical journey of self disclosure, mutual discovery and growing Love.
       Self-discipline is required in this journey as it is in all of the journeys of life.

       By carefully adhering to this plan, erotic arousal can be heightened to almost unbelievable peaks of safety, love, respect, excitement, transformation, enchantment and bliss.
       This brings about states of attunement with the splendor and majesty of Divine Being, youthening, vitality, and true spiritual morality, which is the divine virtue of the last letter of our name, the letter L.
       These steps guide erotic energy to carefully build and build and build, transforming feelings and the chemical makeup of the physical bodies entirely.

       In the process, the entire human emotional and physical realities are rejuvenated, enlivened, and refined.
      Here is the primary list of the glands to be enlivened and brought into sympathetic resonance:
      Pineal Gland: Find a common understanding of Divine Being, of the Divine Creator.

      Pituitary gland: Third Eye chakra, find common ground by sharing intellectual insights and ideas about wisdom and enlightenment.

      Thyroid gland: Throat chakra, share creative interests.

      Thymus: Heart chakra, share love, loving expressions, and experiences. Find an area of agreement about the nature of love and its responsibilities and rules.

      Adrenal: Solar plexus chakra, share insecurities and beliefs about free will, self-determination, individual divinity, and personal sovereignty.

      Ovaries and abdomen: Sexual chakra, share feelings/beliefs concerning relationships. This means relationship with each other, with people in general, animals, and all other beings in the universe.

      Testicles, penis, and vagina: First chakra, share feelings/beliefs concerning security, abundance, and the manifesting of heaven on earth etc..
      Sharing on each level is continued until feelings of coming together in harmony create a compatible closure of finding common ground.
       golden light
      As this process of sympathetic sharing is completed, actual physical lovemaking commences more strongly.
      In this way mutual channels are opened in the subtle bodies of each person, so that when orgasm is reached, energy shoots up the spine and bounces back and forth between the two bodies enlivening all of the gland plexus in each person, forming a caduceus.

      This guides orgasmic energy to unite the two lovers, and because it reaches the pineal gland, it also allows the two lovers to unite with Divine Being.
      During the love making phase, care should be taken to come close to orgasm at least four times and optimally seven times before actually climaxing.
       Stopping at this point of very heightened arousal, just before the “point of no return”, requires mastery, sympathetic resonance and timely communication between the partners.

      That is, the partners must be in sync to communicate exactly when to abruptly stop any movement in order that the one who is “on the brink” can stay on that cutting edge.
      Each time of “coming close” is immediately followed by frozen movement, a pause to allow the powerful arousal to subside somewhat before continuing, and to meditate on the refined cosmic energy flowing.

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