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Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter: The Rule of Threes

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          Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter Spiritual Growth, Vitality and Wellness The Rule of Threes by Owen K Waters Murphy s law is a witty saying, typically
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      Spiritual Dynamics Newsletter
      Spiritual Growth, Vitality and Wellness
      The Rule of Threes
      by Owen K Waters

      Murphy's law is a witty saying, typically quoted right after something goes wrong. It says, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

      The Rule of Threes says that it'll happen three different ways before it's done!

      It's great when nice things happen in threes, but not so great when two things have gone wrong in a row and you're thinking, "Oh no, there isn't a third version of this waiting in the wings, is there?"

      Why is it that things tend to happen in threes? I have discovered why, but, first let me tell you a story about what happened to me just the other day.

      I got stuck in a queue of cars following a bus down a slow, winding road for what seemed like an eternity and never once did the bus driver pull over to let everyone pass. Then, I got to the bank where I needed to see the bank teller, and I arrived with perfect timing right behind someone who wanted every possible service from the teller, right down to the details of her financial history since the Stone Age.

      Then, it hit me, "Oh no, that's two in a row - bizarre, yet inescapable, delays in what I'm trying to do. Was a third version of this strange energy waiting in the wings?"

      Well, if there was, I found a way to avoid it. I mentally said to the universe, "I don't need another version of strange delays. I send this energy out to the universe. Goodbye." I can't say for sure that there was a third version, but I can say for sure that I never did experience one.

      Considering how often things do occur in threes, I'll be sure to try that send-it-away trick some more - unless, of course, I've just experienced two nice things in a row.

      How the Rule of Threes Began

      The Rule of Threes started all the way back at the dawn of Creation so, as you can imagine, it's quite powerful. It started when the original, all-pervasive Beingness - the Godhead, Tao, the Absolute, Brahman, or Infinite Being - decided to create the universe.

      In order to achieve this feat using the one and only tool available (consciousness), the passive beingness of Infinite Being formed an active aspect of itself, which we refer to today as God the Creator. In order to make Creation possible, the Creator formed three aspects of itself - thought, feeling and motion. By having these complementary aspects of original thought and original feeling interact with each other in various ways, all of Creation became possible.

      Once this original triad of the creative principle was in place, each part of it promptly created three more aspects of themselves. The Rule of Threes, where the one creates three sub-aspects, had begun. In everyday life, that rule translates into this:

      The Rule of Threes states that, when a soul desires and creates an experience, it will typically manifest as three different versions of itself, with each version in turn representing one of the basic creative principles of thought, feeling, and action.

      Think about the last time three things in a row happened to you. Was one related to thought, e.g. it made you think about such things? Was one related to feeling, e.g. it stirred significant feelings that you needed to work through? Was one related to action, e.g. it sent you on a path of action in order to correct the kind of issue that this experience had highlighted?

      It can simply be something that is brought to your attention, like a certain book that you need to read. The first time is comes to your attention, a mental awareness of it is born. The second time may bring emotional meaning into what the book's message can do for you. The third time should prompt you to take action; in this case, take steps to read the book.

      Ask your friends about their experiences with the Rule of Threes. It really throws light on some of the mysteries of life's seemingly random experiences.


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