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Quados Garden: Send a Silent Blessing of Love ~ Power Animal of the Week: Owl & Zebra

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  • Ash
    Every day is a day for us to open our hearts more to compassion, tolerance and acceptance as Quado s Message begins. For as we begin to open our hearts wider
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22 11:43 PM
      Every day is a day for us to open our hearts more to compassion, tolerance and acceptance as Quado's Message begins. For as we begin to open our hearts wider allowing each person to be themselves we are becoming opening and accepting of ourselves. One cannot without a divine, profound effect on other. In truth we discover that this key which opens one door opens also reveals that the doors of our heart, our consciousness and another are in truth so intricately and divinely connected that the many doors we see more clearly as one door. That door being the Door of Love. When we Open that Door life brings on new depths, insights, compassion, healing and whole.

      See others for who they are underneath what fears, doubts, and circumstances. Releasing judgment and glean more deeply and act wisely for their highest benefit. For what can be called need nor be that you are doing what is needed in their lives for them. Rather that you are being a present, compassionate, and loving soul. It need not be a word that is said other than your being present. An act, an expression, a gesture...whatever it may be that this touches them to where one more layer they are able to remove, to transform and to experience their Truth in the Light and Radiance of Love.

      As you watch that radiance begin to grow see your own reflected within that. For as one Light of Love grows so too do more and this includes your own. It is apart of letting them Know within a shadow of a doubt that you accept them as they are in that moment. You are not asking them to be someone they are not, to change for you. You bring respect, tolerance, compassion, acceptance and love knowing that they can grow and change naturally and with that they always have your love and respect. You bright that same respect, love, acceptance and tolerance into focus for yourself as well.

      In this see how the Owl and Zebra bring their insights, guidance and teachings into this along the other riches which they carry. The Owl will bring the clarity of inner Vision to where you can perceive more accurately and deeply what can speak, sing or move another to their best, purest, highest and moving compassionate and loving benefit. For when you assist another in discovering, knowing, embracing, being and living their Truth you are doing the same for yourself. You are becoming, remembering and being the Divine Authentic Loving Being that You Are. You are penetrating and going deeper and higher into the center of your very Spirit and that brings you once more in touch with the Heart of Creation.

      You can take those aspects of yourself that you may have seen as conflicting or at odds and See that much more clearly how to blend them together, to integrate them into a beautiful synergy and harmony that is uniquely YOU while also radiating that eternal connection to Life, to Love, to Spirit, to Our Beloved Earth. Just as your presence and blessing of love to another assists them in loving, forgiving and accepting themselves more fully and completely so too does that act of compassion and love become an act that you discover is reciprocated to you as well. We become catalysts of change, of transformation, of wholeness, healing and at the center of it all of LOVE! *:x lovestruck

      Send a Silent Blessing of Love

      Today would be a wonderful day for you to open your heart to compassion, tolerance and acceptance.  Feel your heart opening wide and allowing each person to simply be as he or she is, without asking that she change, without asking that he be something other.
      See each person as being just like you, a shining light, underneath the fear and the doubt.  See that each person wants approval, wants to find a way to make life meaningful.  See that each person is searching for a sign that she is important, that his life has meaning, that she is worthwhile.
      Help each person to achieve this through simple acceptance and tolerance.  Help each person feel your love, caring and compassion, through your words, through your actions and yes, even through your thoughts.
      Today, send a silent blessing of love, so that each person may shine a little brighter, simply because you helped them remove one layer of fear and doubt.  Shine brightly from your own heart of love and see how it lets everyone else do the same.

      The Owl
      Wisdom          Perception          Truth

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the owl fill you. Click here to Listen to the Owl's Song.

      The owl brings you wisdom as well as great powers of perception and intuition.  Welcome her into your heart and life gladly!
      The owl has very keen hearing and vision, enabling her to perceive what others cannot.  With her powers within you, you will be able to penetrate the darkness with your intuitive senses.  You will see through deception and illusion.  You will uncover all mysteries and bring truth to light.  Fill yourself with her power whenever the truth is unclear or hidden; she will shine the light so you may see.
      The owl also allows you to move silently and unseen.  When you do not want undue attention paid to you, when you wish to just quietly keep your own counsel, call in her spirit as you would an invisibility cloak. 
      One of the greatest powers the owl brings you is to penetrate your own secrets, to see into the beauty of your own soul and uncover there your personal truth and intentions.  Feel her within you now, opening yourself to yourself, your true purpose sparkling like a treasure within.
      Ah, what a blessing to be the owl!

      The Zebra
      Individuality          Health          Harmony

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the zebra fill you. Click here to listen to the Zebra's Song.

      Zebra energy will help you to take the apparently conflicting parts of your personality and weave them into a pattern which is unique, distinctive and beautiful.  As a zebra, the artist within you can live in harmony with the businessperson, the spiritual explorer with the secular decision-maker, the dreamer with the practical goal-setter, neither overpowering the other, each retaining its place of importance and full expression.  The zebra will teach you to honor the black and white sides of yourself without compromising yourself into a dull gray.  
      The zebra will also teach you how to seek out others who are like you, finding comfort and company in groups, while maintaining your own unique identity, your pattern of stripes like a fingerprint, unlike any other.  This combination of individuality within community will be a very powerful force in your life.
      The zebra energy is also the energy of physical health, long life and great stamina.  Breathe in this vital source of very real physical power.  Feel how you are capable of running across the plains for hour after hour, each step filling you with vibrant earth energy, so that the more you exercise, the more energized you become.  Then just kick up your heals with joy, for you are the zebra, vital and alive.  How fortunate you are!

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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