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Quatnum Awakening: Order of the Black Pyramid crystals from Gillian

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  • Ash
    There are more of these to see at the link and quite a few in fact. :) http://www.thequantumawakening.com/aaaorder%20of%20black%20pyramid.htm ORDER OF THE
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      There are more of these to see at the link and quite a few in fact. :)


      Black Phantom Crystals
      I have been waiting on these powerful black phantom crystals from Brazil for a long time. Many many moons ago a wonderful person in Hawaii asked me about the order of the black pyramid, we both researched looking for historical data and only found scraps of info.  I told him that one day we would get some stones that represented the order of the black pyramid energy and voila,… finally we have.
      It is amazing how stones show up exactly for the energy circumstances that we are experiencing. Lately we have being going through some financial terrorism with a nasty mortgage company that ate our original mortgage company. They are recalling our furniture store loan in full.  Knowing full well that the average citizen can barely afford to 'pay attention' they insist upon the seemingly impossible. As we all float thru the financial riptide and make due with less, trying so hard to keep the American dream alive these stones come to remind us about how to stand up for what is light and right. Infusing these stones into the global crystal grid will assist with the darkness that seeks to take our light and hope.
      Lately we all seem to have a cross to bare, no one is skipping easily thru these energies. Its our choice to be a Victor or a victim. These powerful crystals insist on us standing up for what we know to be truth.  Like Dolly Parton said, “honey get off that cross cas’ someone needs that wood !”
      These stones are strong of purpose, honor, and courage. They are like warriors of light getting ready for battle, readying themselves for what is to come. Preparing themselves in the holy manner.  As with many promises and vows, we that hold the Light hold the code of honor thru all situations and dimensions, and it can be no other way. We have to believe without a shadow of doubt that the Light will succeed in all actions. Knowing that, one day all we have endured, will make sense. These powerful little guys are new crystal allies that have made their way up from the depths of earth, just to bring you significant truths that will assist you on your upcoming choices on the path of light.
      I researched to see if any other black pyramids have been located in the last few years.  Apparently, large black pyramids have revealed themselves on maps from Alaska, to Egypt, and off to Antarctica. What I have found as I have researched energetically is that the order of the black pyramid was aligned with a black meteorite that fell from the sky in Mesopotamian times. Many pieces scattered about the land big and small, it is said that the stone of Mecca is made of the same star substance. Local people began to polish the pieces forming them and saw a spark of light ignited, in fear they were given to the holy wise men of the time. The holy ones having been instructed by the star gods themselves knew of such things. Many of the original tales of genii in a bottle were attributed to the magical black stones destined to be pyramids.
      The order of the black pyramid was formed in early times as the energies of these star stones made themselves known to those in wisdom. They were secreted away just like the holy grail, to be seen and touched by only a few. Throughout history, many leaders both good and bad, searched for the hidden power of the black pyramid. It represents what is hidden within the carbon based human, stardust waiting to be birthed from the inside out.  In this day and age, the order of the black pyramid and its secrets comes to the surface of time to reveal what is hidden. The vows of the black pyramid order were blood vows never to be released. They held strong within the DNA and bloodline of those in power from time immortal. All pyramids in the universe are connected. Whether stone or structure, earth or Jupiter, asteroid or moon, a pyramid is a generator.
      PYRAMIDS are perfect transmitters and receivers. They are powerful cosmic antennas and galactic generators. Pyramidal shape phantoms within gives these crystals ‘pyramid power’. The pyramid has a great reservoir of untapped energy.  The pyramidal phantom within the crystal is a sacred place that only time remembers. It asks you to enter as the multidimensional being you are. look deep into the crystal and see yourself entering a glassy pyramid made of meteorite.  Feel the ancient energy as it wraps itself around you moving you in to a fluid state that allows you to give and receive freely, like a perfect transmitter.  
      As the energy wraps around you in a timeless embrace it forces you to listen to that small still quiet voice within. It reminds us we are all vast beings who have come to earth to help with the healing and awakening. We search for what has been hidden in time reflecting codices and ancient star maps.. Leading us to the secret chambers as what is invisible, lifts its skirt to shown us its time-slip. As the energies become more pronounced and animated humanity will arrive at a sacred complex of holy energies that are willing to go the extra mile to prove them selves worthy.
      A phantom crystal can help you heal from being hurt, past/present/future. These are important crystals that will come into your life at a time when you are ready to heal. Just sitting with this crystal will help you heal the pain.  The phantom crystal has experienced numerous lifetimes, of learning, and "being", while continuing in the same physical configuration; the crystal represents the many phases of life, symbolizing universal awareness.  The energy of the phantoms work is one of the Earth stones to be used for salvation and cleansing of the earth.  The structure within the crystal is triangular and pyramidal.  These formations radiate the energy to save, renew, and assist with the spiritual health of earth. The phantom allows the earth to recall how it was prior to any destruction; allowing for smooth earth changes during the healing processes.  It is an excellent tool for meditation and connecting with the higher realms of knowledge. It can also be used to access the Akashic records of future and past-lives.
      The phantom crystal is used to get closer to ones spiritual guides and teachers.  Each phantom records the exact time in history when it was formed: you may be looking at earth that is 200 million years old. These are the keys and the recorders of the past. The phantom is a great reservoir of untapped energy. Phantoms are the keys to Time they have experienced numerous lifetimes, of learning, and "being", while continuing in the same physical configuration; the crystal represents the many phases of life simultaneously. The structure within the crystal exhibits triangular and pyramidal formations, these formations emanate the energy to shift and awaken all. The phantom allows the earth to have total recall.  these beautiful crystals are a powerful remembering tool. The beauty of the phantom assists in one truly seeing the perfect undisturbed state of light inside. Phantoms allow access the Akashic records (future, past and multidimensional lives).
      Black Phantom Crystals
      SOLD#1 Order of black pyramid phantom weighs 7 oz.
      SOLD#2 Order of black pyramid phantom weighs 8 oz.
      SOLD#3 Order of black pyramid phantom weighs 4 oz.
      #4 Order of black pyramid phantom weighs 5 oz.
      SOLD#5 Order of black pyramid phantom weighs 3 oz.
      #6 Order of black pyramid phantom weighs 3 oz.
      SOLD#7 Order of black pyramid phantom weighs 4 oz.
      #8 Order of black pyramid phantom weighs 3 oz.
      #9 Order of black pyramid phantom weighs 3 oz.

      please use your real name/ not just email name & address/
      with  2000+ on crystal list it is hard to keep up. 
      Please Pay for Crystals in a timely fashion, they are an energetic investment.
      All crystals are sold on a first come first serve basis via emails. 
      Please  be patient in this process I am a multitasking multi-dimensional woman living at least three lifetimes in this one,  like most of you. I answer all emails. What is destined to be yours will find you.
      Go to   www.paypal.com  to make Payment to thequantumawakening@...  
      (MAKE SURE YOU PUT "THE" IN FRONT of QuantumAwakening when making Paypal payment)
       please list your real name and what you have ordered. Packing theses beauties is not always a easy process they are singing loud with energy on their way to you, so any and all help is appreciated.
      We only accept INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT via  www.Paypal.com please be sure to tell me if you live outside of USA so I can add extra for international postage.
      Please send Payment in USA funds $$$, there is a double conversion fee via  paypal, so if send in wrong currency I will refund, so you can send in USA Currency.
      extra shipping charge for all international orders
      (all international orders over $100 must be insured)
       Please send USA check to address below
      Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
      PO Box 217
      Dandridge, Tenn.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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