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Blooming Humans: Day 37 - Intuition Fruition

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  • Ash
      INTUITION FRUITION Cover art, The Giving Tree by Shel Siverstein Each fruit has its optimum harvest time, a window where all the elements of creation have
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      Cover art, 'The Giving Tree' by Shel Siverstein

      Each fruit has its optimum harvest time,
      a window where all the elements of creation
      have conspired to produce sustenance
      for All Our Relations ...
      facilitating the continuance of Life.

      The fruits of our Tree of Love
      represent our visions, callings and intentions
      coming into BE-ing.

      All happy-ning in Divine Order, of course.

      As we align our Hearts and focus our genius
      on our 'Peace' of the Great Coming Together,
      we become present to the abundant gifts here
      and NOW.

      We see the see fruits of our efforts taking shape
      and come into material form. Now aligned with,
      and witnessing, the patterns of creation,
      we are continuously receiving subtle signals
      guiding us to take responsible action
      -- to know when it is time to act or be still.

      Our Intuition is a transducer for the subtle
      energies and signals of shift in our environment.
      When fully present to each moment,
      our intuition provides insight and awareness
      allowing us to act in accordance with our
      Highest Good.

      Just for today ...

      Be present to the subtle messages, guidance and
      signals arriving as you go about the day.  These come
      in myriad forms -- a flash of insight; a sudden
      impulse to call someone; a feeling to take a particular
      path or a nudge to wait; to witness and perceive wondrous
      opportunities at hand.

      Gift yourself the experience of listening within, and
      following the inner genius guiding you.  As you do,
      you experience full alignment with the fruits of your
      intentions and efforts, being made manifest NOW.


      Blooming Humans are WE!


      Just like a fruit come into season, Intuitional guidance
      has a "window of ripe and readiness".  If we ignore it,
      or procrastinate in taking action on inner guidance,
      the window of opportunity shifts and changes.

      Our reality is a dynamic, continuously shifting
      orchestration of opportunities to manifest our visions
      and follow our Bliss. Thankfully, we are provided
      a constant stream of current information.  If one
      opportunity was missed, a new one will appear ...
      one that is energetically aligned to the elements
      of creation at play.

      By tuning in and leveraging the power and gift of
      Intuition, we access our inner genius and are guided
      towards people, places and resources to bring our
      visions, callings and waking dreams into fruition.


      "Explanations usually come along with intuitive
      messages on a "need to know basis."   When the bigger,
      more important messages need to surface, they will,
      so pay attention! Listen with your heart. We know
      know that the heart has many more neurons than
      it would need just for circulation of blood.

      By following through on your everyday hunches,
      you are actually taking test drives, virtually honing
      in on your listening skills. These skills will serve you
      well. Everyone is apparently somewhat psychic,
      but many people just have flabby psychic muscles.

      Learning to listen to your inner dialog tones and
      strengthens this muscle. The more you use your
      intuition the better you get at it. When we choose
      to ignore our gut instincts, we are only hurting ourselves.
      The holistic or wholistic movement is about healing
      this problem.

      Listening to your intuition is the essence of art and
      creativity and soulful living. Intuition is what you
      use to find the purpose of your life and your place
      in the world. Once you awaken your inner guide
      by unlocking the wisdom of your subconscious
      mind, you already know what to do.

      ~ AngelFire


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