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The Quantum Awakening Newsletter June 2013 issue 172

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      JUNE 2013 Issue 172
      Over 20 years online publication and distribution
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      Created, Channeled, Written, Published and Copyrighted
      since 1986 with Love by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
      This newsletter is Spirit Driven and  has been in circulation since 1986.
      It reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers.
      One to one, light to Light, it births itself into completion from that point forward
      This newsletter is lovingly crafted by Spirit
      any imperfections in spelling and grammar only enhance its beauty and uniqueness.
      *** The Soul Is Destined To Expand
      *** KEYS OF LIGHT
      *** Progress is quickened as time marches forward
      *** When you see a need fill it……
      *** Council of She
      *** Cosmic Classified
      The Soul Is Destined To Expand
       Re-Creating, Re-Defining Your Lineage Of Light.
      During this time of cleansng and purification when all are stripped down to their bare essentials, it is important to remember that there is a light that seeks you, as much as you seek it. The feeling of drowning is real as you learn to swim in deeper waters inter-dimensionally.   The dross is consumed by the phoenix as it flies thru the fires over and over again seeking rebirth seeking anu. Hold tight to whatever is your personal blessing, as it will keep you afloat until the tides turn. Distraction of energy and pending disasters keep you busy seeming to abandon your post and commitment to Source.  Running about and amuck, like the mad hatter, we enter the many rabbit holes of change.  Meeting your mark is not necessarily a date with destiny. what you marked with desired attention is as varied as apples in an orchard, each mark will taste a little different. From see to shining sea the water level changes as the world enters the month of liquid learnings.
      All energies move forward in a band of invisible manifestation.  No event is wrong or right that serves the Light.  The sequestering all thoughts into doorways of right or wrong,  damages the delivery process.  One does not, nor can not, see what purposeful outcome will be. For all that is expected, births the unexpected.  Everything leads to evolution no matter where the path begins.  It is by walking upon your own creations that you will understand your hidden abilities.
      As you walk into the wholeness and the holiness of the expression of who you know yourself to be, you will find that the lines that divide and conquer your being begin to fade.  Open the gate to the vastness that you are.  Open the door to all that keeps you separated in thoughts, in fears, in longings, and heart’s desires.    it is your belief systems that can decay the body and spirit.  It is your cul de sac canyon that seems endless in a sky that seems cloistered.  Open the gate and set free all that has once served you so that it can learn to fly, learn to swim, learn to tunnel deep in the earth.  Open the gate to everything that your parents, your teachers, and your lovers told you that you could not be, you could not accomplish, you could not experience. 
      Experience the flowing of the trueness of your beginning without end and without beginning.  Let go of all self-imposed limitations.  Let go of all excuses that you have worn as medals, and all the procrastination's that you have used to lift you to places you fell from. Un-pot the potential that you have kept sequestered away, allowing the roots to bind themselves in containers of thoughts that limit you, containers of fears that only grow weeds, and containers of truths that were seeded to you by others.
      Open to see all that is happening in a single moment in any place in this universe. What you seek is inherent within everything. What is of value to you?  Is it diamonds?  Is it gold?  Is it wood?  Is it water?  It depends on what part of the universe you park your self.  You can beckon to you all things that hold the richness that you seek.  The letting go of perimeters, of expectations, of boundaries, of containers, of thought forms frees you up to be it all. 
      Your desires have great potential within them. Let go of the way you define yourself and allow your soul to re-define you in a way that serves the soul’s illumination and soul path.  The soul is destined to expand, to re-create, and re-define your lineage of light.
      1.      You are continually and completely responsible for your life. No one has ever done anything to you; you are not a victim. You have written, directed, produced, and acted in the script of your choice that has been created and provided by yourself for yourself.
      2.      If at any time you tire of the script that you have created, you then have free choice, and free will to create a new script to act in and out. (reruns and season finales are a personal choice)
      3.      Anyone can write a script. It is written with every word, every thought, every action, every reaction to all-personal situations and worldly stimuli. What you think today then becomes your weekly mini series tomorrow.
      4.      Co-Creatorship is not a job for wimps. You are not here as a tourist. You are here on a mission; selective amnesia is no longer permitted. The coffee of remembrance is being served energetically on earth deck 4D. Awakening is guaranteed.
      5.      Earth is a 24/7 school. There are no days off, you cannot call in sick. Homework assignments must be completed each and every day. No copying off of other students, you will be graded on a universal curve determined by you and only you.
      6.      Once you have completed earth school you will then graduate leaving YOUR present BODY and all accumulated stuff behind. All students of earth are guaranteed to graduate no matter what their grade point average is. J
      7.   As you exit the planet, you are given the gift of experiencing every moment of your life in full spectrum IMAX presentation. The good the bad the ugly and the beautiful will show itself for one last curtain call, wrapping around every atom of your body mind and Spirit as you surf the spiritual tsunami onto a new island of self.
      Progress is quickened as time marches forward
      As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
      Whenever you have a resistance towards anything, you end up creating an electrical charge, a bio-electrical response.  This charge then becomes positive or negative depending on which pole you direct your sled towards (your sled being every thought). Earth is filled with infinite possibilities.  Possibility lives in every situation you are being drawn into, every energetic thought, and reaction.
      Imagine yourself as a mathematical equation, a series of numbers and letters.  Each time a number or letter in that equation changes, the outcome changes.  When your life moves you into a cul-de-sac that seems to have no way out, it is then you must learn to fly above what blocks your progress.  Lift your thinking upward to a new plateau of creation.
      Anything that is happening in your life is there because of you.  Own it. You are not a victim but a student surrounded in deep dynamic teachings.  Like learning to become a soldier with real bullets this is not a practice run but the real thing. Even though earth is holographic of nature all actions on earth are recorded and held secret. Even in your holographic universe all thoughts count like live ammunition.
      Progress is quickened in everyone’s life as time marches forward and faster than you think or know.  The lessons are thicker and deeper than one has expected after years of clearing up the debris of the personality.  You no longer live on the same street of light.  Your soul address has changed once again. You're Moving on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky... You are asked to experience a new level of self and soul that you are not familiar with nor comfortable with. Like meeting new people all you can do is observe until it is safe to act.
       The mind and the body are joined by new beings of light. They are suspicious and confused by this new vibrational presence.  The old aspect of you has left never to return but in a fleeting memory.  The new aspect of your soul presence is not attached to any outcomes as the old you, once was.  The new aspect sees the sum total of the dialog and sits in the land of deliberation with a feeling of power.   There’s one glitch in this vast portrayal of light enhancement.  There is a thin ethereal membrane that keeps the new light intact.  This thin delicate membrane is like a protective sac around a newborn baby.  It keeps it safe from the harsh outer world until it is ready to be birthed, then the membrane weakens and tears.  The new soul light that has been given to all Humanity will not be fully felt until the time is right and all have come to a point of internal peace.
      there is a feeling of being torn between two lights, two souls, two loves and two worlds.  The sense of being you and not being you is amplified because of the past three eclipses. All elements of life point at you asking 'will the real you stand up?'  you try to identify yourself but the confusion gets stickier and deeper. 
      Allow time for the covering between layers of light to quicken.  Fill up with what is good in your life and embrace what is beautiful around you.  There will always be something that is unresolved in your life.  It's important to move your awareness above chaos, into the beauty of life.  There will always be a pulse of polarity that keeps the small black hole in everybody’s life spinning. 
      Do not be sucked into what is wrong, life always holding you hostage. What is wrong is but a minute percentage of your life force.  Move your awareness into what is right, what is good and what is blessed and spend your creation in that place.  Every thought changes something.
      When You See A Need Fill It……
      As Received By Gillian Macbeth-Louthan
      You AS A PLANET, are asked to place all of your desires, your wants, and your needs upon an invisible future.  Life is Asking you to stand at the top OF WHAT YOU KNOW YOURSELF TO BE. As you reach into your higher heart for more truths, you also reach for higher creational abilities.  Your hearts’ desires live above the patterns of the mass chaos and consciousness.  The new doorway of dark matter materialization sits on your porch waiting to get fed. This is the place outside the boundaries of safety. The heart of safety no longer lives within the earthen code of evolution.  These manifestations live in the invisible. They live within the power of all those things you have deleted and pushed away, to be dealt with another day.  You have each walked into a stairway of inquiring, what is the next step of my journey, of my heart, of my mission. There are so few that truly know without a shadow of a doubt, that the invisible will manifest in accordance with how deeply, how strongly, how powerfully one believes. 
      You cannot see your future because your future does not live here on earth.  It has not come as of yet.  It has not manifested, you are ahead of your creations.  In this knowledge there is great aggravation.  It is like baking a cake from a mix box that has no directions on it, putting it into an oven that is invisible and turning on a timer that does not exist. 
      Every great person that has existed on this earth has held their vision in secrecy.   First they imagined it, then they embraced it, and then they loved it until the invisible became true.  It did not come by some divine decree. It came into manifestation through the hearts, the yearnings and the desires of those that called it into existence.  You are responsible for creating the hidden dream that dwells in your heart.  You hold it as one who holds a baby bird in their hands – comforting it, giving it warmth, nurturing it.  You are continually birthing what you need, and what you desire.  
      Most people give up before it is manifested -- the very day the birth is to be announced they quit, they stop, and they walk away.  They think who will notice?  Who will care?  Everything of life notices and everything of life cares!  All of Earth was ready to welcome in that manifestation that you so lovingly created, and germinated inside of your heart and that you so thoughtlessly aborted before it was birthed.
      Trust the seeds that you have planted.  You must trust that what your soul yearns for is true and will come forth and be birthed. The Creator does not ever and can not ever hold back from you or sequester something from you.  You are given full reign on earth. You are the ones that will birth the future. 
      When you see a need, fill it.  At that moment in time the universe is saying to you – “Help me to birth this. Each of you is asked continually to help birth a better future, a better Earth,  24/7 just by you're thinking.  Hold the vision of goodness  for your world – not just your own wants and needs. Whenever you have an opportunity to seed another’s thought – give them the gift of what you know to be truth and hope.  Hold that gift long enough until it is birthed.  Do not ever give up on it. 
      The Creator, the Source has never given up on you. Do not give up on others.  Do not laugh at their dreams or toss their dreams to the wind because sometimes a person’s dreams is all that they have to live for.  Help to birth the dreams, the desires, and the invisible into the visible.
      POLARITY IS A 2-LANE road
      As received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
      Whenever you desire an object, a situation, or a material acquisition, with your very first seed thought you birth the opposite.  Polarity is a two-lane street, a coming and going, a receiving and rejecting, a have and have not. While you are on earth, every thought has a counterpart that is birthed automatically.  With each thought of manifestation, we are immediately drawn into an internal/external confrontation with lack.  Everything within us, as well as our outside world reflects, mirrors and magnifies all the reasons that this manifestation cannot, will not, should not, be created!!
      We wrestle the alligator of our primal earth consciousness to the ground.  Just long enough for us to birth what our humanness feels that it needs to manifest.  However, the alligator eventually gets lose.  Creating a thought and situation which ignites the greatest fear of loss. We have spent so many years beating ourselves up for the past and the pre-programmed genetic weakness of lack.
      The planet Earth is a living breathing school of opposites and counterparts.  Each person, place or thing has an energy attached to it, which is a divine creation issued in the format of an opposite polarity.  Plenty goes hand in hand with not enough. Rich dances with poor.  Happy embraces sad.  Truth sits side by side with lies. And of course, the age-old polarity of Good/evil, Light/dark, Heaven/earth.
      Mankind sequesters and guards their very own gods of polarity.  These polarity gods ride shotgun in the front seat with our dreams.  Everything holds equal parts of the opposite.  That is what makes earth such a glorious wondrous place!  Earth is a school for gods in training, a spiritual boot camp, and a master's retreat.  While you are on earth the foundation of who you think you are is stripped away to reveal who you truly are!  Everything that happens to you is a learning and a gift that is considered to be priceless by universal standards. 
      Learning to manifest what the god in one wants and desires is a spiritual conundrum.  To truly manifest and hold that manifestation in physical form you must come into union with the god within.  It is only from this original point of light, can you create at all.  All else is a magic trick, a slight of hand, an illusion of manifestation.
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      May love & light...always be your guide
      Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
      PO box 217
      Dandridge, Tennessee

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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