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[ANGEL]Thanks for the comments and how the angel music came about

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    * * Thanks for the comments on the angel music. I am thankful it is helping. Also, thank you for the questions about the music..... * /Oil on linen by Cynthia
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       Thanksfor the comments on the angel music.
       I am thankful it is helping.

       Also, thank you for the questions about the music.....

      Oil on linen by Cynthia Rose Young

        How the Angel Music Came About

      It began in the early '90's one day while I was sitting next to the phone waiting for a call.

       I sank into a deep reverie, it was a comfortable lounger chair, my feet were up and I drifted off into a dream.

      Suddenly I was awakened by a  feeling of very strong presences in the room.

      I looked up, and there before me were a group of very worried angels, with their hair literally on fire.

      I could sense that there was something wrong, that there was something that they wanted me to do.

      I was much younger then, and didn't think that I knew how to communicate to them, since their bodies were somewhat ethereal, part manifest and part hazy.

      So I spoke to them in my imagination, and asked them if I could help them in any way.

      It took a while for them to calm down and telepathically communicate.

      This is what they told me:

      They told me that there were 70 people who had incarnated to bring through their music.

      It was very special music for these times, special music that had to be done a certain way.

      They told me that all of these people had failed to bring through heavenly music in the way that they required, and that I was their last chance.

      I told them that I was a visual artist, [feel free to download paintings at www.sacredpaintings.com and have prints made from them if you like] and that I couldn't read music, that I didn't know how to play musical equipment.

      At this, their hair flamed up even higher and they wrung their hands.

      So I made a deal with them.
       I said, "Look, if you will get the musical equipment here, show me how to use it, and inspire me when I sit down to play,
      and take care of absolutely everything else connected to the music, such as getting it to the people who need it etc., then I will do it."

      They made me agree to never mix the white and black keys, to never mix the pentatonic keyscale with the diatonic keyscale, and  to always play
      and record 90 minutes no matter what.

      That was it!
      They disappeared.

      Me playing music was just so hard to imagine.

      When they were gone, I pondered.

      Maybe this was just a very bizarre afternoon meditation event that was more unusual than almost anything that had ever happened to me in meditation before.

      Over the next months, unusual money showed up,  people, equipment. 

      Deep times of meditation with the owner's manuals of the keyboards that the angels guided me to and recording equipment somehow made sense and
      before long I was sitting in front of sophisticated keyboards channeling the most beautiful music.

      The presence of the angels while playing and recording live was blissful and effortless.

      We had about 4 keyboards and other people would sometimes show up and  play too.

      Same thing, effortless perfection and peaceful bliss as we recorded live together each time, never mixing the white and black keys and recording 90 minutes.

      We began reproducing and sharing audiophile quality cobalt 90 minute tapes of this music, giving permission for folks to copy  and pass them around.

      Then a few months later a reporter showed up at my door, asking to write a lengthy article on the music for a global magazine called Angel Times.

      Orders came from all over the world.

      Testimonials too....

      ....from ordinary people, people on  spiritual paths,  from hospitals, retirement homes, parents of autistic children, psychologists, and others.

      It turns out that the body works in 90 minute alternating cycles between the para sympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems,
      therefore the reason for 90 minutes.

      Turns out that the pentatonic or oriental keyscale [black keys on the keyboard] stimulate the para sympathetic nervous system.

      The parasympathetic nervous system activates  our inner reality, when you meditate or dream, shutting out the outer world.

      The 90 minute tapes done in black keys helped people meditate and find divinity within themselves.

      And yes, you got it, the dorian or western keyscale stimulates the sympathetic nervous system.

      The sympathetic activates when we are engaged outwardly in the outer world.

      The tapes done in the white keys helped people find divinity in the outer world, seeing creation as holy and beautiful through new eyes.

      Now I know why I couldn't mix the two.

      I stopped recording around the year 2000, to write angel messages,  manifestangel clothing in colors of the divine virtues, make the trauma clearing DVD's that are free on the website,  and work on the art studio.

      We are preparing to start recording again.

      angel clothing in natural fibers by Cynthia Rose Young

      downstairs of art studio

      We are getting requests for CD's from people who want to order these at a modest price instead of having to download, even though downloading is free.

      We are working on it!

      Will let you know when.

      How to download free angel music on website www.spiritussanctus.com

      THe Golden
Hippie Years ( i miss them )

      On the homepage of website, www.spiritussanctus.com, click on the button at the top menu called SHARE MY WORK.
       A window will drop down.
       Click on Downloads.

      A page will open where there are LOTS of high quality downloads to choose from.

      [I've heard that the selection called Benediction is not working. But the others do.]
      That should do it.
      [I apologize that this website is so confusing about this.]

      Thanks for sharing this music.

      Cynthia Rose Young


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