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Blooming Humans: Day 34 - Garden of Illuminated Hearts

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  • Ash
      GARDEN OF ILLUMINATED HEARTS Imagine standing on a sidewalk, concrete stretching in either direction beyond our ability to physically see its end. We see
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      Imagine standing on a sidewalk,
      concrete stretching in either direction
      beyond our ability to physically see its end.

      We see rough patches, and areas of distress,
      making the Way difficult and unpredictable.
      We guess it stretches on ...
      though it is a mystery where it goes.

      It is our choice now to move,
      to choose a direction and go.

      Do we go right or left,
      following the sidewalk?

      Or do we venture into the open fields,
      now just come into our awareness?
      Flowing in all directions around us,
      is a Garden of Illuminated Hearts to explore.

      With Gratitude ...

      We Be-Member we have activated our Dream Seeds,
      growing a Tree of Love in our Sacred Hearts,
      and so in these fields, too. Beyond the concrete world,
      these fields represent our collective co-creations -
      our Dream Seeds Birthing New Reality in the collective
      field of consciousness.

      The Spirit of our Tree of Love speaks to our Hearts,
      calling us onward, 'Come ... let our Hearts be One.' ...
      and so we go, venturing off the concrete path
      into the Garden of Illuminated Hearts,
      to Unite with our Tree of Love.

      Gazing with Heart wide open,
      we see the Beauty of All that IS before US.
      Following our inner guidance,
      we journey through the Garden,
      our HeartFire illuminating the Way.

      With each breath, each step, a feeling of Joy
      and Bliss grows as we draw nearer to our
      Tree of Love.

      As we come to see our Tree of Love,
      in the Garden of Illuminated Hearts,
      we gaze from a distance ...
      allowing the Great-Full-Ness of its BE-ing
      to be seen, witnessed, appreciated.

      Ecstasy fills our Be-ing as we move forward
      to Unite with our Tree of Love.  With Gratitude,
      we step into the shade of its canopy
      and sit Heart to Heart with the Tree,
      resting after our journey.

      Breathing in the Beauty of this moment,
      we close our eyes and allow our selves
      to energetically merge with the Tree of Love.

      In this Divine Union -- A Great Coming Together --
      of our hearts and minds, dreams and waking reality,
      we become ONE with our creations.

      Just for today ...

      Consider using the above visualization to guide
      yourself to your Tree of Love in the Garden of
      Illuminated Hearts.

      As you arrive, imagine sitting underneath the tree.
      Merging your Heart with its Heart, allow this Great
      Coming Together to take you on a Spirit Journey.
      Gift yourself the freedom to let go, and flow with
      the experience ... where ever it may lead.

      This journey is an awakening, a Be-memberance,
      of all that you are, and will offer guidance, clarity
      and inspiration.

      When you are complete, breathe deeply into
      the Heart, bringing your awareness fully into
      the present.

      Record what came thru the meditation/visualization.
      Be specific, taking note of even the smallest details,
      trusting these are designed by your Highest Self to
      provide guidance in Fulfilling your Role in Birthing
      New Reality.


      Blooming Humans are WE!


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      This is how we Birth New Reality!


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