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Creating a Sacred Space at Home

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  • Ash
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      Jun 10 2013

      Creating a Sacred Space at Home

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      sacred11th June 2013
      Contributing Writer for Wake Up World
      Creating a sacred space is like giving yourself a loving embrace from the cosmos. It’s a way of both loving ourselves and honouring the divinity that flows through all things. Our personal sacred space can be like a sanctuary to help us realign with higher consciousness, whenever we lose touch. It is somewhere that reminds us of our innate spiritual nature, resounding a vibration that takes us back to our divine beingness. It’s amazing how quickly we can flow back to divinity, if we lovingly tend a space for that very purpose. It can become a highly charged portal to the divine. Can something so divine be so simple? It can indeed. Creating a sacred space isn’t complicated at all.
      Sacred space creating is a totally individual and unique thing. There is no right or wrong way to do it. It’s all about what inspires your soul. You can make sacred whatever you have available to you. If you live alone, then it’s relatively simple, you have the run of the whole place. If you share your space, then make your bedroom a sacred haven. Even if you share your bedroom, then you can make a corner or a even shelf sacred. The most important thing is that it’s there.
      If you are away from home, then bring something with you, to remind you of that sacred energy. Or make a point of connecting with nature every day. Mother Earth emits a deeply healing, divine frequency.
      If you share your home, then there is probably even more need to create a space with a special energy that inspires your soul.

      Seven tips on how to create your sacred space

      1. Meditate on it: Before you begin, clear your mind, cleanse your energy field through meditation. Try a guided meditation if it helps. I created a meditation called ‘Return to Light’, which is about letting go of that which no longer serves your journey. It works well to help cleanse your field and encourage a clear mind as a great place to begin. Click on the link opposite to go to meditation.
      2. Now you are clear - Spend time, feeling where your sacred space will be. Dissolve into the space and co-create with the divine.
      3. Allow your soul to guide you - with the energy of divine consciousness that you’d like to infuse into your space.
      4. Resist the temptation to ‘fill it up’ with stuff immediately. It’s important to keep the space clear and only bring things to it, that carry the energy that inspires you. You might have special things already that mean something to you – things you’ve found in nature perhaps during synchronistic moment. You might not have anything, it really doesn’t matter. As things come to you, loving arrange them in your space.
      5. Honour what is right for YOU. Remember it is different for everyone. Some people are drawn to fabric, whilst others are drawn to rocks. Some have a special crystal, a feather, flowers, plants, an image or words printed on a card. Most people use candles at some stage.
      6. Fragrances . Sacred scents can be particularly energising. Different fragrances carry different vibrations. Explore and feel which ones work for you best. Certain herbs and flowers can bring in particularly healing energies. We have a bowl in the middle of our meditation space during workshops, filled with fresh sacred herbs. The emit a frequency, that helps to purify the space whilst people are releasing deep seated energies. Some people use incense, which can be found in different forms. Personally I prefer essential oils. For spiritual cleansing, we use a good quality frankincense a regularly. I have others that are deeply sacred to me.
      7. Meditation cushion. If you meditate then have a cushion that is just for you. You might even like to make your own natural one. Your cushion will hold the energy of higher consciousness if you keep it sacred.
      8. http://wakeup-world.com/2013/06/11/creating-a-sacred-space-at-home/

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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