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Aquarius Paradigm: Julie Miller - Archeia Lady Mercy: You Deserve your Own Love and Forgiveness

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    http://aquariusparadigm.com/2013/06/10/julie-miller-archeia-lady-mercy-you-deserve-your-own-love-and-forgiveness/ Julie Miller – Archeia Lady Mercy: You
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      Julie Miller – Archeia Lady Mercy: You Deserve your Own Love and Forgiveness

      Posted by Wes Annac
      You Deserve your Own Love and Forgiveness
      Message from Archeia Lady Mercy
      Received by Julie Miller
      June 10, 2013  
      Bright Hearts, a joyous pleasure to come to you today through your welcoming divine sister.   We ask you to think Bright Hearts on what love is. Does love to you bring positive or negative energy or emotions? Love on its own by merely looking at the word or even thinking about is really quite neutral. It only gains positive or negative connotations through the choices you make to how to accept or reject love. Love becomes positive or negative as a result of certain consequences that were chosen by you, not by the energy that moves with Love. Yes Bright Hearts love is infinite just as God is infinite; both have no boundaries.
      When you make the conscious choice to accept love for your Self, or when you share this love with others, you are expressing Mercy. Understand Bright Hearts, Mercy is described as compassion in action. Mercy is the action of love flowing freely without any boundaries. It is through Mercy that the unbiased energy of God is able to pass through each of you without causing any interruption to your day. God brings to you unbiased love Bright Hearts, providing you with the opportunity to make use of this energy when you need it. Understandingly when you choose to be merciful to others, you Bright Hearts are definitely demonstrating God in Action working through you and through this merciful interaction you are on the deeper level of the soul recognizing their own sacred divinity.  
      Your journey has provided you with many interesting turns. Some of the hurdles you had to overcome were extremely difficult. Some of the challenges produced heated discussions; poor use of words exchanged, stress was high, etc. You found the courage that is a part of you to carry on and continue. Through every experience you encounter, the good ones and the bad all have important lessons to teach you.
      Even in the most traumatic situation, there is something positive to gain. As you continue on your journey, an important aspect that will help provide healing is forgiveness. Forgiveness is an essential part of your healing. It is deep and extremely powerful and definitely divine. When you apply forgiveness to any situation that was difficult you are empowering a divine inner cleansing that will affect every part of your being. Forgiveness will reenergize your own subtle energy and bring you out of the depths of despair as it travels through your soul from God’s own Light and Love.  
      It is common after you worked forgiveness into the healing part of your journey you find yourself understanding the core of the situation that exploded with you in the middle. Your forgiveness does not condone or deny what had happened, nor does it ignore the negative behaviour that was demonstrated. Understand dear ones your words by themselves do not speak forgiveness, your feelings thoughts and actions must also work together as one. You cannot speak the words of forgiveness, yet still think unkindly thoughts. Forgiveness heals not only the other person but yourself as well. Forgiveness helps to remove any bitterness that often remains after many heated discussions occur.  
      It is absolutely true; learning to forgive is not an easy process. In order to forgive Bright Hearts, you must be willing to face those strong feelings you often bury with distractions; feelings of anger, shame, loss, hate, etc. When you bury these strong feelings, emotions often go with them and the intensity of each feeling increases often becoming so huge they become dark shadowy monsters that live within you until you find the strength and courage to face them all. And the best way to face these shadowy monsters in through your own Unconditional Love and pure acceptance.  
      When true forgiveness has settled in, you are able to let go of those negative feelings, and release their energy to God. Through your release, you inhale relief. As you release you receive a gift of understanding as the pain of the situation is replaced with love. The love you receive Bright Hearts is love for who you are at the moment of the release, love for who you were during the painful situation, love for those that caused you the pain and love for who you will become as a result. Before you can truly love others, you must be able to love yourself Bright Hearts, your whole self, not just the nice and pretty pieces. You must be able to love all your imperfections, your perfections and everything else in-between.
      Forgiveness works this way as well. During every situation, that brings pain and difficulty it is essential to forgive your Self. You, yourself deserves to have your own love and healing of forgiveness. As infinite as your soul is, it is also fragile. It carries all your cherished perfections and the imperfect aspects of each experience and it is your soul Bright Hearts that will through your own self-love bring you to your wholeness.  
      Don’t hide your true self that lives through your heart and soul. Break the walls that you have created to protect your soul and through your strength you will discover you do have the courage and trust of yourself to face all the experiences that are yet to come and you have the ability to nourish your Faith through the Love you have for your Self that is shared to you from God. God does love you. He is ceaselessly and unconditionally sending you His love. Many of you still work within the confining walls of your doubtful mind and question His love, but when you surrender your heart to Him, you will feel a great pour of Love enter you dear Bright Hearts and this love will touch every cell of your Self.
      God loves you completely and wholly. He loves you so much because through each of you His divine plan for mankind has hope of being fulfilled. Each of you carries a piece of His Divine Plan and He knows and trusts you will fulfill and help complete what you have been chosen to carry out.   God knows Bright Hearts because He is always with you that sometimes you add misery to your journey when you choose to deceive another, or act in jealous ways.
      Your negative actions do carry consequences because your conscience gives you a call throughout your day, reminding you what you did. We observe many of you trying to curse the negative memory away, but it is there not to punish you but to teach you Bright Hearts the error of your action. It is you that punishes you, God does not punish you, God still loves you even if choose to deceive another or act in jealous ways. When you notice you are hating yourself, that is you trying to punish you, it is not God in Action. God breathes satisfaction when He sees the Power of Forgiveness flow through you that is derived of Unconditional Love and acceptance.
      He forgives you too and through His forgiveness combined with your own, you discover the great strength within you that will transform any weakness of self into strength. God will always deliver unto you compassion, He loves you and He encourages you to continue growing and developing into His own image.   God loves it when you smile; He wants you to love and to exceed in all areas of your journey. When you give God a smile that demonstrates your heart and soul, you are pleasing Him.
      It is through your human concept of love that will continue to attempt to separate you from your true self. By allowing divine love to work through you, you will not separate from your true self but you will be able to see the multiplicity of your whole being through the completeness of God’s Love and Power working through you.   By surrendering your Heart to God, you are telling God you love Him and Trust in Him; your Faith in Him is wholesome and pure. God will continue to give you His love and devotion and will always take care of you.
      Through your ability to forgive and love yourself you ultimately bring your whole self into liberation from ignorance and needless concern of creating your perfection. Bright Hearts, God already loves you as you are.   Remember Bright Hearts, pure love holds an inner connection between your Self and God. It takes you from feeling and being limited into being unlimited. When you approach God, you use love. You cannot become one with God without Love Bright Hearts. Real soul-deep love is giving and developing your Self as being ONE with everything, all humanity and divinity.
      There is no possession. When you demonstrate soul-deep love with another you love the highest aspect of the person, the God-liked-ness part of them. Understand Bright Hearts, when you love from a soul-deep level you love the soul and this brings your Self into freedom. When you only love the body, you are attaching, not freeing yourself to the highest aspect of your being.   Remember Bright Hearts, nothing is greater or more powerful than love. Love is the inspiration behind your knowledge and wisdom. Love is portrayed when you pray and mediate when you say God’s name.
      When fear enters your mind Bright Hearts, counter that fear with Love and know God is right there with you.
       Don’t be so hard on yourself, truly forgive yourself and allow yourself to feel your own love.  
      I AM Archeia Lady Mercy through Julie Miller


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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