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From Maureen Moss: The Future of You and New Radio Show

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          From Maureen Moss: The Future of You and New Radio Show The Future of You and New Radio Show Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your
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      From Maureen Moss: The Future of You and New Radio Show
      The Future of You and New Radio Show
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      Maureen Moss Inc.

      From Maureen Moss
      June 2013

         In This Issue:

      “The Future of You: Out of the Void and Into The Light”

       “The Future of Love”


      (details below)

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      Dearest Hearts,
      As always, I pray you are well. As many of you know, when I stepped down from The World Puja Network, my plan was to be on hiatus, visit friends and family, come into a deeper rapport with the God of my being and write, speak and teach when I felt compelled to.
      That is precisely what is occurring, along with the sprouting and watering of new creations that I am thoroughly enjoying playing with for myself and on behalf of humanity (more about that below.)
      Though being a creator, and loving it, much has changed in the way in which I create, and live in balance. Each moment I remind myself no more pressure, no more have to’s, and to make deeply thoughtful choices.
      LIFE, is now of our own Creation. We are the Creators, the stewards of our ships, the blessed ones now able to make our own dreams come true and be supported by the Universe. This is not somewhere in the future it is now.
      It is not accomplished in the grasping and clawing for anything. It flows with grace to us in the stillness and surrender, the peace and the quiet, the choosing and the noticing.
      The old contracts we traveled to Planet Earth with, along with the archaic ways and means to succeed are over, unless you prefer otherwise. We are the Soul/sole stewards of our lives now Beloveds. Original Missions Complete!
      People say I have a new twinkle in my eye, now that I know this greater Truth, and it’s time we all did. There is no doubt I feel a more authentic expression of my life emerging as a result, and we are all being given the same opportunity.
      We have blank slates to create our lives anew Beloveds, and this month of June fully supports this. Out of the void and into the Light.  A new Light comes onto the Earth during this month. It’s a liberating one, a supportive one and a loving one.
      You will notice a great deal of ‘pressure’ being released this month, as more of your density melts, more karmic imprints are released and your destiny comes closer.
      Once we have cleared the final energy imprints and our storylines that we have erroneously identified with and solidified in our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, physical bodies and cellular bodies, we will know for ourselves we have been born anew and made (with our conscious assistance and choices,) more available and clear to Thrive.
      Every challenge you may still be enmeshed with stems from an imprint that turned into a conflict, having you believe you have to fight it or destroy it in order to be whole and healthy.
      That couldn’t be further from the truth. Every imprint Beloveds is a holographic projection of the entire human condition that you agreed to participate in the healing of. The all of humanity was necessary to heal the main missions of what is often called the shadows through individuated experiences. That is why, you might remember in Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements, his second agreement was “Don’t Take Anything Personally.” Because it’s not.
      There is a way to rotate your entire energy field while releasing all karmic imprints and holographic projections. I have made the ways and means clear in my latest article “THE FUTURE OF YOU”  posted on my website at www.maureenmoss.com/newsletter-sign-in
      This Article Promises to shift your perspective on your entire life, share with you what is happening to and for you, right now, and empower you with new information and actions for you to take on behalf of your future and moving into a higher dimension. This is the month when you will begin to really notice who has clearly made a move. Will you be moving?
      And something new: you will find it easy, to read my latest articles from now on. Just put in your name and Email at www.maureenmoss.com/newsletter-sign-in No passwords, or usernames.


      Through pure guidance, I have launched a new, revolutionary radio show called “Thrive.” Actually it’s about to be more than a radio show in it’s evolutionary journey. It’s unique approach to interviews, round table discussions, teleseminars, webinars, global events and more are being created to empower you to merge with your Divine Destiny and “Thrive.” Check it out and have a listen and look at www.maureenmoss.com/radio-sign-in

      Thrive: A New Evolutionary Radio Show

      If you missed the first show with Simran Singh, author of “Conversations With The Universe,” it was quite the conversation. We covered holy ground about the obvious and not so obvious ways in which the Universe talks with us, and how you are being guided every step of the way toward your destiny. The conversation is available for you to listen to for Free. People worldwide have said both the conversation and book have changed their lives!
      Next up, June 11, 2013 on Thrive is going to be an eyes and heart wide-open conversation on The Future of Love with multi-best-selling author, and 6-time guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Daphne Rose Kingma. (I call her the quintessential queen on the art of love, as do millions of others.) Marianne Williamson, wrote the Forward, and praised the unique approach to the ways to enrich and thrive in love and relationships.
      On tonight’s show, following the interview we will be taking your calls live, and there will be a cash give-away during the Q&A part! (more details on www.maureenmoss.com under Radio)
      The Future of Love - Daphne Rose Kingma    Cash give-away
      I can promise you this about Thrive. Don’t expect any guest, event, teleseminar, global event, schedule or any other aspect of this evolutionary adventure to be typical, mundane or re-hashed. (Not even telling anyone too far in advance, what’s next!)  It’s time for something new for me and it’s time for you to Thrive!
      May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.
      I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!

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