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Spiritual Connectedness: Forgiveness by Abigail Wainwight

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    http://spiritualconnectedness.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/forgiveness/ Forgiveness By Abigail Wainwright One of the biggest lessons many go through on earth is
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      By Abigail Wainwright
      One of the biggest lessons many go through on earth is learning how to forgive both others and ourselves. We often choose to come into this world and go through many experiences that our mind simply does not understand, however on a deeper level of being and through opening our heart we know that all has assisted us in so much growth. We got to the level of consciousness we are at now because of these amazing lessons in growth. If we are still living unconciously, then often we will see ourselves as somewhat of a victim to all that occurs within our personal life and thus blame others for not knowing any better and creating pain in our life. We forget that before we incarnated, our soul chose certain lessons, soul mates and family to connect with in soul agreement that will assist all in understanding who we are more deeply and ultimately learn how to love unconditionally through these lessons.
      We did not come to earth to hold onto bitterness and close off our heart and hate others for what they did to us; we came here to expand ourselves, to let go of things that do not serve us, and to grow and learn how to LOVE more deeply. It helps to understand through compassion that the only thing that can create pain is pain itself. If someone is hurting you, it means that inside they too are hurting, they are struggling within their pain-body and thus projecting that pain outwards… this is a cycle that we are learning to let go of rather than hang onto and recreate. We are learning to love those people, ourselves and situations that need love the most in order to transcend the old cycles and enter the NEW and higher vibrations. LOVE is the only way to tune into the higher vibrational levels and with knowing this, we also know that one must be willing to forgive and let go to lighten their energy up to match the higher realms.
      Looking back at some of the things that did not make sense such as growing up in an unstable environment and being the subject of much physical, mental and emotional abuse, negative relationships; it is easy to just identify with that pain-body self and become the victim of whatever life threw at us. But we can only be a victim if we continue to choose to be identified with that one aspect of who we are, the mind/pain-body. We are not seeing our power, our inner strength, the bigger picture of our entire life and why we chose to grow through those particular lessons. We will find that each time we choose to go within and understand the core lesson, it is always going to lead us back to our true essence, LOVE. We are learning how to LOVE on all levels of being. Loving ourselves no matter what is the key to assisting in letting go of old stories and old hurts after the lesson is done. When we truly understand that we are not the mind or the story that is attached to the perceived pain and suffering, we can begin to let go of whatever it is we have held onto for so long. When we realise that what we go through on earth is ultimately teaching us to open our hearts to love, we can understand this lesson in forgiveness might be a wonderful opportunity to grow and reach higher than before we incarnated this lifetime. We are learning how to love ourselves and others unconditionally and forgiveness is the first step.
      Forgiveness is another word for releasing old and unserving energy and it will lighten our entire aura when we do so. Working with the idea of forgiveness, I have found that if we begin to see things in a new way it really helps in the letting go process… for instance, if we understand that everything is energy we can see that unforgiveness means that we are holding onto heavy, dense energy from the past that is sitting within our aura in the NOW and thus creating our future. If we do not forgive something for whatever reason, it means we are still identified with it and holding onto that bit of energy that we connect with in the past. Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves. It is not condoning anothers ‘negative’ behaviour towards us but rather setting our energy free from that old and dragging weight. It is simply allowing the old, unserving energy and attachments to the past experience fall away from our being so we may emerge as our true self. It does not mean we allow negative people, experiences or behaviour in our life… It simply means that we have cut the cords and sent LOVE to ourselves and all involved for deeper healing and transmutation. When we realise it is only ever the ego that feels wounded and not our true selves, we will find it easier to move into our heart-space with love and compassion for all beings. Forgiveness equals release, equals healing.
      Your true self can not be hurt or destroyed. You are not your mind or your body but rather an infinite source of consciousness in the vast totality of all-that-Is. Ego can only ever grab onto another false ego and it never touches your true self. Your essence is LOVE and that is something that will always remain whole. Your mind can fuel the illusion of being hurt and great fear, but this is never within truth. Your true state of being is untouchable and will always remain perfectly whole and intact. When we take full responsibilty for our life, we move from being a victim of circumstance to fully empowered beings. Our perception sifts into higher awareness. We move from blame to compassion. Thank you for sharing this incredible journey of life, it is an honor to be connected and sharing right NOW. We are ONE and we are LOVE.
      ~ Abigail Wainwright


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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