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High Council of Orion - Detoxification of energies as we move into Higher Levels of existence ~ Abigail Wainwight

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    http://spiritualconnectedness.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/high-council-of-orion-detoxification-of-energies-as-we-move-into-higer-levels-of-existance/ High Council
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      High Council of Orion – Detoxification of energies as we move into Higer levels of existance

      Through Abigail Wainwright, posted June 1, 2013
      Greetings dear one. Many of you are experiencing intense periods of detoxification right now as the vibration of earth continues to rise at ever increasing speed. There is indeed an influx of light entering the earth’s atmosphere that is extremely intense and this means you will be releasing that which no longer serves at an even faster rate than ever before in this realm of existance. You may be feeling very unusual and uncomfortable energies within your system. Sleeping patterns become distorted, digestive issues, body cramps and pain, skin irritations, mood sings, depression etc… At other moments you may also feel the other end of the spectrum also surface such as feelings of joy, love, gratitude, calm, peace, knowingness and inner wisdom. These may be some of the things that rise to the surface as you continue to shed the layers of old stagnant emotions that have laid beneath the surface until this moment. Many things are coming up that have not been dealt with in a very long time and we guide you now in the way to release them, which is to experience them fully for what they are and to go through the feelings of the old energy within you. Please do not be alarmed by this process, it will not last forever, though the time frame between individuals will vary according to your own life lessons which may feel like a long time in your linear 3D time frame. To assist in dealing with these heavy energy detox symptoms please work with these sensations within you and your breath. You have so much power to transmute these energy blocks within the system by working with each moment as they come into your experience. Resisting these sensations will only hinder the release of these energies and what needs to come out; in which you will experience it at another point in time and posibly more intense until you consciously choose to work with it.
      Dear one, your body is your communicator as to what you need to listen to, learn and release in order to grow right NOW. Find a sacred time slot each day to allow yourself to lie down, connect with yourself and all that you feel within your being. Just allow yourself to experience it for what it is, without resisting or judgement. You may feel thoughts, sensations and emotions rising up that perhaps are connected to the energy and emotions being released within you that have been blocked for quite some time. Once you have found this deeper connection to what you are experiencing, begin to breathe deeply and with intention into the area of concern. Breathe in, and then out deeply and consciously. See the energy being released with love as you breathe out and then fill your entire being with crystalline light on the in breath. Please know you have the ability to connect, observe and release whenever you feel the need to do so. Many of you also have pets and they may be experiencing the same symptoms as humans because they too are growing and evolving on a soul level. If you notice your pets going though similar discomfort, please work with them to assist them in also growing through love and light. Sending animals healing light via the heart and gently nuturing them will greatly ease any tension. The entire universe/All-That-Is will experience this shift because all is intricately connected and evolving in unity. It is time to love all and come from a deep level of compassion for all right NOW.
      There may be people and experiences entering your life in many new and unusual ways. You have reached a point in your growth where many karmic ties and patterns that stretch many lifetimes are ready to be released. Many people and situations from past lives may begin to enter and/or leave your life as you are ready to grow through the lessons you still need to go through in order to evolve. Please know that no matter what outside appearances may look like, that all really is love and is assisting all to grow with compassion. Looking at things from a higher perspective and with unconditional openness will assist you in gaining clarity, a deeper understanding and to feel unconditional love for all. Everything always enters your life for a reason, there are never any mistakes within your universe. All is connected very intricately and is assisting your growth right now. When coming from this perspective, you can easily open your heart and experience unconditional love and compassion to all situations that may arise. Your ability to connect with yourself by going within will always bring you to the truth of all situations surrounding you. Take the time to meditate and have this deeper bond with yourself daily and soon all will be revealed. Just surrender all to love and let your soul BE and all will be released that does not serve your growth.
      Everything right now is being brought into harmony and balance in the quickest possible way, so that all may evolve in consciousness and move into higher ways of being. Please be gentle with yourself and fellow beings of earth. You are all at different stages in growth, however you are all equal within your divinity. As you continue to go through these very intense light shifts in consciousness, use your ability to connect with the light through the heart-space. Light is a powerful tool to assist you in all areas of your life. Your imagination will aid you in creating balance within yourself using light. Know that you are loved and you are supported always in your journey. We are ONE.
      Many people are asking, when will we reach these higher 5th dimensional realms? How long will this discomfort last? How long will it be until we all ascend? Please know that most of these questions can not be answered in terms of the rational mind. All discomfort is coming from the resistance to the natural spiralling flow of light that is reaching upwards. The struggle is created within the mind, so transcending it is the key to peace. How long this clearing process will last is a deeply a personal matter as well as a universal one; for we are all releasing and growing at different rates that is right for who we are and this will affect the whole. This ascension process is about going beyond the identification of the mind, releasing your fears and connecting with your true self which is an unlimited being and therefore there is no final goal to reach. There is only cycle upon cycle of release as we keep expanding even higher. No one really knows for sure how long each cycle will last, we can only give assistance in opening up our heart energies; for when we do this process all of the answers can be found only within us, within our BEING.
      The fifth demension is actually already here NOW, we already live within a multidimensional universe and within parallel realities but most of you are only tuned into the 3rd level which is the mind and the physical plane. Demensions are not actually ‘separate’ steps from each other, but rather an energetic frequency we tune ourselves to. There is no limit to multidimensional realities. This shift is occuring because we are tuning into the higher dimensional levels once again. The shift will occur uniquely to us as we move fully into our sacred heart-space and tune into the energies of unconditional love. This divine LOVE is the vibration of the higher realms and the frequency of the fifth level, the new energy we are all speaking of. The world right NOW will be exactly what we make of it within our own level of conscious awareness. The forth and fifth dimensions do not function in 3D linear time frame; for the higher realms exsist only in the NOW. So in that sense your own mind which lives in the past and future is keeping you from ‘seeing’ the NOW and thus keeping you from seeing the higher realms. As hard as it is for our minds to comprehend… all is already here coexisting simultanisly to our current 3D reality.
      In this higher level of consiousness, we will be creating simultaniously that which we focus upon, so if we are tuned into fear, material reality, chaos and distruction… that is the reality we are going ‘see’ and experience. This is why the single most important step is to release your fears and to forgive all beings including yourself because you really do not want to be dragging that energy into the higher realms. If you do this you will be forced to go back down again through death and re-live your lessons until it is fully cleared away. Always send love to those things you do not understand, for when you do so you will aslo gain much more clarity and insight as to how and when you could help if needed. Remember only LOVE is real, what we tune into with our minds is mostly the illusion and by transcending it we will finally see truth and LOVE. There is no fixed time frame to reach this NEW world as the process will rely on you moving into your heart-space. The more you do this, the more all of humanity shifts and the more we all go higher infinitely.
      The heart is the gateway to ascension. The more you open up the energies of the heart, the more you align your BEING with the higher realms that already exist NOW. When you are fully within the heart you are in the now and your mind can work the way it is meant to, as an amazing tool assisting with creation of love and abundance. Spend a short period of time each day connecting with your heart-space, for this heart energy will get you in touch with your Higher Self which exists within the higher realms of exsistance. This connection with your Higher Self is the single most important step you could give yourself right now, because this is your true Self beyond all projections. When your heart has opened fully and you are in touch with your Higher Self, the illusion instantly dissolves and you have access to infinite Higher wisdom related to your current earth lessons. Please know that you are surrounded by an unlimited universe which is ready to assist you further in the your connection to your true self. The more you connect with your Higher Self, the more you can let go/forgive anything that you may have been dragging into the NOW. You no longer need to carry heavy burdens of old, stagnent energy that weighs you down from growing higher. When you let go of all that old energy, you will see your entire life shifting and you will begin to attract new and wonderful experiences in your life. The NEW world is created through you by your own energy expanding even higher through unconditional and divine LOVE in the NOW. Connect with the energies of the heart and Higher Self daily and know that your BEING will shift and move higher.
      You are LOVE and we are ONE. Thank you for all the clearing work you have gone through so far. We will speak again soon.
      ~ High Council of Orion through Abigail Wainwright


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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