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June Newsletter from Jamye at Crystalline Soul Healing

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        June Newsletter from Jamye at Crystalline Soul Healing This month s energy... Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Friend on
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      June Newsletter from Jamye at Crystalline Soul Healing
      This month's energy...
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      Crystalline Soul Healing

      Monthly Energies TeleClass

      Trusting the Self

      Tuesday, June 11th; 7 - 8:30pm MST


      As you are peaceful in your knowing of your ability to navigate life, you find your path of destiny unfolding at your feet. 

      Learn to find the inner stillness and read the signals of life confidently.  Trusting yourself is a gift of ease in the constant change of life.

      Learn a powerful exercise to release doubt and receive support in the midst of change.  You are a powerful creator!

      Receive powerful Light Language transmissions and practical guidance that clears and activates your innate encodements.


      Comments on TeleClasses:

      "Thank you for this marvelous class.  Of course it was exactly what I needed at the moment, but the wisdom was timeless.  So empowering, multi-layered and comforting all at once.  Practical, magical and wise."

      "Thank you sooooo much for your Monthly Energies classes! I really enjoy them. The Heart Symphony series was especially powerful and insightful for me."

      Light Language Healing Audio

      Channeled Light Language codes help you release unconscious blocks, activate healing, understanding and Soul Progression.  Your Higher Self activates the codes for your betterment. 

      Each time you listen you initiate a new level of profound healing.



      "I would like to thank you for light healing audios I bought a few days ago. I have experienced a sense of well being and calmness when I listen to the healing audios."

      "I've really been enjoying the Faerie Light Language activation. It's so beautiful and I feel my connection with them strengthening each time I listen."

      Individual Healing Sessions

      Get 3 Crystalline Soul Healing sessions for $300!

      I offer two different healing sessions over the phone.

      A Crystalline Soul Healing session activates your Divine Blueprint and Ascension codes, initiates healing, releases limitations and blocks and integrates the wisdom of your challenges for movement forward.  You'll experience Light Language channeled directly for you and practical information to live your new vibration in the real world!

      An Axiatonal Alignment clears and activates your galactic meridian system and helps align you with your Wholeness, path of expansion and sharing your Joy in life.  This session only needs to be done once.


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      Weekly LightBlast!

      The Weekly LightBlast is an opportunity to participate with other Lightworkers in a weekly healing meditation based on a channeled Ascension topic.

      I do the healing each Saturday at 9am MST if you choose to participate at the same time.
      As we heal ourselves, the world changes. We then participate in life from a more balanced and empowered space. Blast on!

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      June 2013 Newsletter

      The Halfway point of 2013
      stand-strong-picHere we are at June of 2013.  It’s been half a year since we passed the much anticipated 12/21/12.  We are still watching the control systems falter, the large structures like corporations and banking shift, as well as the exposure of what was hidden.  It’s not an overnight process and it’s not a pleasant one, but the end result is worth it - like the contractions of labor bringing in new life.  2013 is a 6 year, a year of balance.  Better stated in our Polarity Integration work, it is a year of ‘expanding your foundation’ which is a larger fulcrum from which to balance.  If you stand with your feet close together and someone pushes you from the side, you are easily thrown off balance.  If you spread your feet apart, the same pressure can not throw you off balance.  This is our year 2013 at month 6.  We are increasing our (under)standing in order to be more balanced. 
      Polarity Integration is integrating the opposites in order to become whole.  It is the 'middle road' expanding out to encompass All.  As we each become whole within ourselves, we are informing the Field of Interaction that each being cooperates with; emitting a frequency that teaches Wholeness on a subconscious level.  Herein is the paradox of Unity Consciousness.  You are an individual and will identify as such throughout your life on Earth.  Yet you are a collective of Consciousness, not truly separate from all that is around you.  Life interacts with life, transforms life and propagates more life.  This universal constant of movement is within you and manifests outside of you.  2013 has been stretching us to a new level of inner strength, the ability to Love and Enlighten within any circumstance.  As such, all life becomes a platform for the foundation of Love, the binding force of the universe.  It is inclusive and propulsive - the electromagnetic grace.
      May Review
      May was a challenging month for many.  We had 3 eclipses and a Pluto/Uranus square, so it’s understandable if it had some intensity to it.  June’s astrology is a little less intense, but we are still in a phase of internal change.  May brought a notable shift in personal responsibility.  The energy of ‘Trusting the Self’ began to build in May and will continue through these next months.  We are building our vehicle of empowerment, the empowered and loving Self.  Through this Self, Life flows and forms.  Your empowerment is your relationship to your inner world of creation and that in turn flows forth to your outer world of inter-action.  Inspired action and participation in life are key ingredients for Lightworkers now.  With all the inner healing we’ve done (which will continue), we are prepared for interaction with greater empowerment, even in challenge – not as easily pushed off balance as before.  The Divine Feminine also shifted to a new level of empowerment in May.  Men will be finding more compassion within, and women will be finding more strength within.  Ascension begins with the inner world balancing.  We are all born from masculine/feminine energy.  As we utilize them equally in the world of creation and interaction, we find balanced humans interacting.  What a different world we are building!
      The Energies of June
      In general, June will feel a bit calmer than the past few months.  The theme of Trust will continue through June, though I distinctly feel a more personal, internal note to it – as if we will be processing all that we have experienced and choosing with greater fortitude.  It doesn't feel like a slow month, just a calmer month.  It will be a time of internal review so that you understand your motivations, expectations and reactions better.  As you discover your internal truth rather than being overly concerned with others' opinions and judgments, you establish your boundaries.  These boundaries should instill empowered interaction rather than shut you off from life.  Discovering your truth requires an open mind, the ability to adapt and to look deep within yourself.  Trust your Truth to lead you forward in the most beautiful way, even if there is challenge along the way.  This universe is intelligently designed for Life.  YOU are that Life, as is all other life – even the person you disagree with.  Your happiness, your freedom and your courage to traverse those opposites to establish your strength is supported.  Trust yourself as you navigate through life and choose with the peace of one that is non-resistant to what-is and confident in what-will-be. 
      Establishing your own truth and trusting yourself and the process of life is a path to peace.  Peace is an interactive, exciting and powerful force for change.  It isn’t an emotionless state, it is a state of being involved yet detached enough to have perspective.  Being peaceful is the same as being neutral.  The opposites don’t pull you apart, in fact you can unite opposites when you are neutral.  I find that in creating my reality, being neutral (peaceful) is the most important step.  If I’m not neutral, then I can be worried, over-controlling or avoiding necessary action.  Once I find that neutrality, which is sometimes challenging, the flow opens up and I am surprised at how quickly and easily things move.  Just as I was typing that sentence a young black hawk that is learning to fly came into view.  Hawks use thermals to spiral easily into the air rather working hard to fly upward.  This young hawk had to maintain its composure as it was swept quickly over an abnormally wide distance because it is very windy today.  Maintaining our peace in times of change is like that.  It can feel like we are being swept away, yet with proper perspective and internal empowerment, we have the focus to know when we are safe and how to react with swift balance.  We have the peace of knowing we can handle the outcomes.  We have the neutrality to let go when something isn’t serving our highest good.  There is nothing wrong with feeling emotions like fear or frustration, just find the peace that passes all understanding as soon as you can.  It is within you.

      In Summer-y ;o)
      June is set to be a relatively smooth month with some swift internal movement.  Though Neptune and Mercury turn retrograde this month, I actually feel like many will start to see forward movement where things previously seemed stalled.   Have you noticed things often roll into place at the last moment?  Often with surprising twists.  While sometimes those twists can be annoying, they do offer opportunities to shift focus and certainly practice detachment!  This is the new balance.  Powerful Lightworkers that are open to change, creating change and patient for change.  Wayshowers that walk the talk of Love in the silence and the storm.  This is the feeling that I felt when I did the Light Language transmission for June - a nurturing, loving encouragement. 

      Ride the winds of change with the grace of a hawk.  Hear the messages of Love from within.  You are so vital to Life and influencing it with every breath.  
      Have a great solstice!

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      June Light Language Transmission

      I am very excited to now offer the Monthly Light Language Healing on video!  It is not necessary that you see it or even hear it.  I mainly work on clients on the phone and I also work on clients in the Weekly Distance Healing group that aren't even on the phone with me during the session.  But it's fun to see!

      Light Language is channeled Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjusts to the resonance of each listener’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing, activation, balancing and alignment with a new vibration of Wellbeing. Each time you listen, you initiate a new layer of healing based on your current vibration, your intention to heal and your willingness to participate in your Personal Path of living your Higher Vibrational state.

      As you watch and listen to the channeling, note what my hands are channeling through, as you will notice them directing energies in certain ways or working over certain chakras.  You may prefer to close your eyes and just feel the energy as it is not just limited to the specific chakras or movements I am channeling in the moment. 

      June's Light Language is a nurturing reminder of your inherent grace.  Enjoy!
      Watch the Video


      Have a fabulous June!

      Love & Light,


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