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Simion through Amariah Mara: Creating IN LOVE? Simion Transmission June 2013

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        The Transformation Series June 2013 CREATING IN LOVE? Part Two of Being In Love SIMIONthrough Amariah Mara
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      Heart Lights
      The Transformation Series

      June 2013

      Part Two of Being In Love
      throughAmariah Mara


      We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  In our last transmission we relayed What Love Is, in our definition:

      "The Love we speak of is What You Are.....and have forgotten.  You look for it outside somewhere, because you have lost the awareness that it is within you, and it is up to you to become conscious of this.  True Love, to us, is the origin and the ALL of  the Universe.  From Love came every expression of existence in every realm of reality."

      If you missed this full message look to last month's Part One of Being In Love called What is Love.

      Now since all existence is in fact a Love Vibration, All Creation comes from this place.  The purer your state of being is to this eternal essence, the greater, more fluid, and easier the creative process and manifestation becomes.  The farther you are from this Source Awareness, the more difficult it is to create what you intend.  It is as simple as that. 

      You are living in a world of dualistic experience in order to challenge yourself to become the God within and manifest accordingly.  You chose this experience to perpetuate your soul development and to grow and allow more Love to be generated in new ways of expression.  This is also called Evolution. 

      Light centered HeartWe are intending to spark your consciousness into being the best creator you can be, as an individual and species.  The only way to find your creative juices and to let them flow is to find your space of love and create within that space.  Otherwise, you are doing a lot of floundering and trial and error.  You would call this "learning the hard way." This is how most of you are flailing about in your life.  You can stop that and have a splendid time creating within a more balanced flow instead of experiencing constant set backs.  How about that?

      The way to do this is to find your LOVE center and make that your place of creation, more and more and more, until it is your Being.  Keep going back to practicing feeling the Love within and that connection to all that exists, and then begin to use this sensation to envision the reality you wish to see and be.  Within this vibration, anything is possible and will be. 

      Only do your envisioning in this state of being.  Then go about your business and watch the love at work in your life.  You just sent out a signal to the purest place where manifestation has no boundaries.  Boundaries are only an illusion created when you are outside this state of divine love.  Within that place of love, boundaries dissolve into particles of creative force. 

      Heart CloudWhen you find yourself out of love again, and in a denser field of emotion, practice stepping back and remembering your place of love and bring the focus back to that state of creation.  Definitely do not try to create in a state of anger, jealously, despair or any denser emotional vibration where you feel stuck.  As guess what,  your creation will also get stuck and that is yuck!

      Some may ask, "If it is so simple, then why are we not all doing this?"   It is a wonderful question.  You have free will and there are many avenues to traverse.  You have been given the gift of emotional sensing, which can lead you to your home of love or away from it. 

      All beings must learn how to be in this place and learn the skill of choosing it over denser choices to become responsible directors of their evolutionary path. Otherwise, they simply remain directed, instead of being directors.  Those that do not choose the high road, so to speak, will be influenced by many forces that can take over their own will.  Hence, they no longer are truly creating their own destiny.  In Love, you are choosing your destiny, and this is what creates your deepening awareness and elevated consciousness.

      Heart in Hands of LightThus, everything you are challenged by is an opportunity to transform your awareness to being in love.  As you do so more often, your love being is further amplified, and so are all your abilities as a creator.  This is when you begin to see from an elevated perspective and your senses become more acute and you become more psychic. 

      When you tune in to this Source Light of Love, you see through all the illusions created by density, and then your creations become ever more dynamic.  When you step your consciousness into the place where all creation exists, then it is easy to create.

      We leave you with these simple ideas to practice.  This is what it is all about, and where you will find everything that matters to your heart! 

      Note:  We hear many of you saying that you already know all this.  Then, we say, Excellent! Are you doing it?  If you are, and it is not working for you, then we ask you to ponder why this may be. Are you really Being in love, or is it something you think is love.  If you are not actually practicing, then ask yourself what is stopping you?  If you are on your way, and seeing the results, continue to let it overflow.

      In Love Creation,
      ~ Simion

       Visit www.simion7d.com for more Simion guidance through Amariah.

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      Amariah MaraCosmicAmbassador and Author for Simion, and other Beings of Light
      www.simion7d.com ~ twitter.com/#!/Simion7d ~www.facebook.com/simion7d


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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