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Crystalline Soul Healing: Being Yourself by Jamye Price

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      May 30, 2013


      Being Yourself

      You are unique in your energy signature.  Like the snowflake, you are unlike all others.  You are God in form, Life expressing and expanding.  Each thought you think, breath you breathe and choice you make is Divine.  It is Life, through YOU.  You are a Being that was born eons ago in such depth of Love that from human perspective it is nearly unfathomable.  Love of such capacity that it is completely unconditional.  There is no behaving a certain way, looking a certain way or even smelling pleasant that is required.  The Love remains, fully flowing for All Life no matter what the conditions.  That is a level of Love that few even have for themselves, much less another.  There is no judgment or wrongness in that, it is merely a condition of 3D earthly Life.  As you love the conditions, you gradually express and expand your own capacity to Love.  With that expansion comes access to the next level of awareness. 

      Dear Blessed Being, your energy/information is part of Life.  You are a unique Being within a collective.  All that you emit is information that informs the system of Life.  Do you marvel at your creation of you?  Do you marvel at the mastery of the cells in the physical body, the profound connection of the emotions, the power of the mental expanse?  These are mere drops in the ocean of your Life as you become the Divine Being that you are remembering you have all ways been.  There is no regret from broader perspective.  There is no mistake that has not propelled Love.  There is no Being exactly like you.  As you allow your unique vibrational emanation to speak to the fields of others, you are informing the collective energy field of humanity.  This is the language that has the most information within it, far more than the words you speak.  It is a reflexive ‘language,’ meaning it speaks from all angles.  The actions you do or do not take, speak.  Your true intent behind your words or silence, speaks.  Your thoughts and beliefs speak.  As you become aware of this ‘silent’ language and direct it with the focus of a creative Being, you participate in the creation of your world with greater intensity. Life responds.

      As we sit to Blast Being Yourself (Being Myself), we are allowing the flow of Self Love to permeate the air so that those that lack it can breathe it in.  We are appreciating the beautiful diversity within the unity of Life.  We are viewing the world from the perspective of love and transforming our physical into a vehicle of Love’s flow.  We are remembering the True Glory of All Life, such that its actions speak softer than the intent of Love.  We are the becoming the Wayshowers of Love’s grace, seeing it in the spark of Life that resides in All.  Blast on!

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      Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel and teacher. She channels Light Language, which are universal language codes that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently. Light Language works like a stem cell, it is Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjust to your needs in each moment as guided by your Higher Self. When Jamye is running healing frequencies, she speaks and signs Light Language, tones, emotes, and physically clears imbalances through Divine Grace. Jamye’s work assists with transmuting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks into wisdom, compassion and empowerment. She teaches self-love, forgiveness and finding a perspective of Love to provide people with practical tools for Soul Progression and creating a joyful life.Jamye’s passion is Ascension - bringing people to the understanding of the Truth of who they are; cherished, powerful and brilliant Divine Humans, interconnected with All Life. Jamye offers private sessions by phone, group sessions and classes, Light Language healing CDs and a free Monthly Newsletter and Weekly LightBlast to help assist Lightworkers on their Divine Path. For more information visit www.JamyePrice.com.
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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