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Divine Guidance/Path of the Soul Card: Receiving ~ Vibration

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  • Ash
    There is a beautiful and divine synergy as we continue to open ourselves to receiving and giving. Without question with the guides and beings who are around us
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2013

      There is a beautiful and divine synergy as we continue to open ourselves to receiving and giving. Without question with the guides and beings who are around us and within us for these reflect how we open ourselves to the Divine that lives, breathes and moves within us and all around us. There too is how we attune ourselves and enter into a loving relationship with Our Beloved Earth. The flow and connection there which enrich our lives as commune with Her. Certainly not least in any form is how we have those who are connected to us at our deepest levels. Those relationships with the souls of those who have touch us, encourage us, move us and support us. Those whose emotional and spiritual support enable you to see your value in yourself. It is through how they touch you that you experience love to its fullest and highest expressions. Just as they touch your soul so too do you touch theirs. Those who live here with you and no less the spiritual beings who walk with you for just as they guide you with their wisdom, patience, and teachings you truly do you touch them providing the same love, insight and wisdom. That is a powerful, deep growth and exchange.

      There has been much said via a number of sources in how that we are all discovering, to one degree or another, much being released and transformed and healed. A releasing of attachments and within how we are experiencing the letting go of attachments we are also embracing a purification and deepening of those bonds and connections which are, and always shall be, apart of all that you divinely are. New levels of showing, making, sharing and creating love. In that we can and are becoming more responsible and mindful in what we give thought to from our hearts and minds. This is not to be overly cautious nor tentative or hesitant in our life. It is being thoughtful and aware of the energetic 'powerhouse' that you are and how you touch and impact the world. Keeping our intentions on the Highest Good and if there is ever any question on what that may or may not be make this one simple choice. To Love And To Be Love. You begin to embrace and experience the passion of life more fully. That deep level of intimacy awakens that Divine Love inside of you and you are both transformed together into new levels as both of you have expanded the state of your connection and love for one another and for yourself. This can, does and will reach out to impact others across this planet as well as the Earth Herself and the Universes above us and those within us. I am uplifted and made new each moment through this experience by those who have touched my heart and soul in the deepest of ways. You know who you are and in the Language of the Heart and Soul we hear, move and touch each other and always will.

      Remember that you do make a difference in this world and there are those who both you and they can also say "You not only mean the world to me you are the world to me". Let us continue to lift up, touch one; give, make and share love together. The Earth and all that live upon it will continually be moved by this Divine Act of Love that continues to be made in each rapturous moment. *:x lovestruck


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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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