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Expect Wonderful: Atlantis Revision & New Message from Archangel Michael

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  • Ash
    opening to the fullness of you, opening to the world          news from the ideafrontier may 27, 2013        Hello Universal Being,   The Eclipse
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2013

      opening to the fullness of you, opening to the world 
      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth  
      news from the ideafrontier
      may 27, 2013
      Hello Universal Being,
      The Eclipse Energies are just starting to wane a bit, and we're deep in a process of expansion.
      More and more the old energy that was associated with not expecting so much, feeling uncertain about getting what we wanted, holding ourselves back from reaching for the joy we were inspired to create, are fading. The energy of Atlantis and within the lineage of many of us, persisted as a very subtle, yet strong, reticence, to expect fulfillment. And this is being transformed by the wholeness we are now embodying. As this stream of our consciousness comes forth into our energy now, it encounters the coherence of our remembering of Unity and Wholeness. It is enfolded in this wholeness and the distortion and interference of this experience, is opened. What this feels like is an increasing comfort in our humanity. We can embrace this and anchor our presence even more, sink more and more into our precious humanity and really get into this game of embodied divinity. We can open ourselves up to innocence and joy. To a sense of playfulness and an accurate orientation to our true capacity and the eternal "can-not-do-it wrong" and "there is nothing wrong with me." We can let the ourselves feel the truth of our being: I am WHOLE and dynamically expanding that wholeness over and over. 
      Our role in all this is to remember and once having done so, to cultivate our ability to continually open to the fullness of our being and the world and to do so expecting wonderful! More and more I see the truth in this idea of living. It deepens as we open more and more to how life truly is, doesn't it?
      To support and cheer you on, in your adventure, I'd like to invite you to our next upcoming event and also share a new channeled message from Archangel Michael which I received today.
      Our next upcoming event, supports us in living more and more directly, without the filters of identity, beliefs, habits, patterns and old ways of the old paradigm. In a sense the more we can live directly the more life can show us how to participate in the new energies and expand into more of all the wonderful stuff!
      Next Upcoming Universal Being Global Webinar

      New Moon - Universal Being Event
      Claim What You Know: Open to Living Directly
      Saturday, June 8
      Live Webinar at 11:00 am pacific
      or via Audio mp3 at Your Perfect Time
      For information on this and the other upcoming events, visit the Event Page.
      New Channeled Message
      Today's message is an extension of the recent soar fest. It's one of those transmissions that helps us flow, unleash ourselves and feel the new potentials within the ascending stream.
      May it support your joy!
      Much love,

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