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Selacia's Article - Divine Changemakers Awakening

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      Awakening of Divine Changemakers

      With invitation to unique 4-week course  
      tailored to a select group of Divine Changemakers:
      Divine Changemaker Series - starts June 23! 
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      Dear friends - As we sit in the expanded energies of Wesak season I'd like to share some things with you about our true role on the planet and some ways we can accelerate the personal and planetary transformation we all seek. Please check out my article below, as well as my invitation to a brand-new 4-week Divine Changemaker Series. I'm thrilled to be able to offer another course to give you and your friends essential tools for realizing your full potential as divine changemakers. Contact me soon with questions and your interest in joining us for what is sure to be a life-changing series! May your path be blessed until we meet again. - Selacia 

      Awakening of Divine Changemakers 
      Here to Change the World    
      by Selacia
      When you realize that you are at the helm of your own life, everything changes. Just knowing that you are the one in charge is a major fundamental shift.
      The really huge shift, though, is the one that comes when you master skills that help you to act on what you know. These are tools that allow you to connect with your own empowerment and inner resources - in an ongoing way and with divine timing.
      Divine changemakers all over the world are awakening, stepping onto the path of spiritual transformation. They are alive now to help change the world into a more loving place to be. This relates to the ascension into a higher-vibrational way of being - one that honors all life.
      The role of divine changemakers is to help make needed changes, be at the forefront of change, and be an example to others of how to be loving, conscious, and whole.
      Who are these divine changemakers?
      You are one, of course. You may not have called yourself this yet, but you have the energy signature of a divine changemaker. You were born with it this life. You are wired at a DNA level to connect with this powerful and benevolent energy, utilizing it to fulfill your purpose.
      There is no specific timetable for when you make the connection, but trust that you will make it. Indeed, the energy itself will over time become so strong, so incessant, and so loud within your being that you will not be able to ignore it. If you've already experienced this, you know how this feels deep within your being.
      Examples of how this can feel: (1) a growing sense is dissatisfaction with the status quo, in your own life and in the world, (2) a relentless desire to change yourself for the better, (3) an overwhelming sadness about the dysfunctional state of the planet, (4) an indescribable joy when you contemplate a loving world, (5) an unbounded happy feeling, sometimes to the point of tears, when you experience people being compassionate and caring, and (6) an insatiable desire to help people and animals in crisis.
      As you become conscious of feelings like these, your own Higher Self takes this as a signal to connect you with the tools you need to do something about how you feel. As you pay attention to and act on the nudges of your Higher Self, doorways previously closed open to you. You may wonder why you didn't see those doors before - no worries - everything is in divine timing and divine juxtaposition. So don't waste precious time by judging yourself for being asleep to what's now obvious.
      Moving forward, do less overthinking and connect more with your heart's wisdom. Your Higher Self will use your heart to guide you into the new territories. Trust your heart to show you what to pay attention to and what's important from a big-picture perspective. What you will access won't be typical linear thinking that convinces you there's no time or funding for what you feel is right. You will access a multidimensional perspective.
      You as a Divine Being
      It is that multidimensional perspective that helps you tangibly connect with concepts that some people may find strange or off limits.
      Here's one example. You become aware of your role as a divine changemaker - including awakening to your divine nature. This is not about religion. It simply means that you are a divine being, from the cellular DNA level to your true consciousness. At your core, then, you are divine. You aren't saying that you are more divine than the next person. You recognize the divine in all beings, and in all life. As you recognize this, you help others to have the same awakening to their own divine spark. You do this by your presence in the world. Don't underestimate just how powerful this is!
      At the same time, realize that many people steeped in religion believe only certain beings - or perhaps one supreme being - can be divine.
      A second example of concepts outside the norm is the notion of being a conscious creator. To even get this far reading the article, you believe this about yourself. You will meet plenty of people, however, who have other views on this idea. This includes people who perhaps think on one level that they can impact their own destiny, but they also think that much is left up to fate, luck, or the will of another being.
      Did you know there's really no such thing as luck? You could have good fortune, of course, because of past benevolent actions. Energy is energy and it does not lie - even across the timeline of multiple lives. A lucky streak, however, does not come from a roll of the dice in the way conventional wisdom portrays it. From a spiritual perspective, there are endless synchronicities and divine juxtapositions at play!
      The key thing to remember is this. Your present conditions stem from past energies now ripened. Future conditions will reflect new actions and the new more light-filled consciousness you can create within yourself from now.
      Awakening and Awake
      Think you are awake already, your job of awakening done and simply here to serve others? Consider that awakening is a process over time. There is no finish line. Even enlightened masters continue to evolve. Each time that you evolve to the next level, you help countless other beings by your mere presence.
      The process of awakening requires that you get and stay awake - in all kinds of situations and in the company of people who may not be as awake as you are. This takes great skill and persistence. Your role as a divine changemaker is to become increasingly skilled and resourced. As you do this, be patient with yourself, remembering that this is what you are encoded to do. It may not be easy, but you intuitively know that it's worthwhile beyond measure.
      Copyright 2013 by Selacia -

      (Note:  You are most welcome to publish these articles on your website, blog, and social media - as long as you provide the source - Selacia - http://www.Selacia.com, http://EarthsPivotalYears.com. Thank you for sharing these articles and for your connection and feedback over the years. May light shine on you and your path!)  
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      Highlights of Divine Changemaker Course:
      This is a unique kind of series, originated by Selacia and offered in 4-week courses. The concept of 'divine changemaker' came to Selacia back in 2000 when addressing the United Nations about divine power. Since the series began in early 2012, dozens of people from all over the world have participated.   
      The course starting June 23 is the first foundational course. Others are available to you over time to build upon what you receive.  
      Each week you receive timely, practical, and easy-to-follow materials from Selacia in an email. This is followed up by a 1-on-1 personal check-in with Selacia during the week. At end-week, on Saturdays, there is a group call with Selacia and other participants - via phone or skype, recorded on mp3 in case you are unavailable that day or want to re-experience the guided process again later.  
      Dates/times of group calls:   
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