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[ANGEL]: 7 Gemini, The Angels of Symbolism

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Today is a wonderful today for group prayer and meditation, especially concerning the healing of the planet in all ways. All things work for good. Give
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      Today is a wonderful today for group prayer and meditation, especially concerning the healing of the planet in all ways.
      "All things work for good."  "Give thanks for all things concerning you."    "All that I do, ye shall do and more!"



      7 degrees Gemini

      The Angels of Symbolism

      Also known as


      The Angels of






       We are the heavenly host of interpretation and symbols.

      Those who interpret dreams do so with our inspiration.

      Any symbol becomes understandable with our help.


      We inspire appropriate symbols for every outside form, archetype, and for every virtue and quality in the realms of mind and feelings.


      The wisdom that we inspire, through the divine virtues of our name, allows a son or daughter of Divine Being to correctly judge the true nature of any being, or symbol, on any world or level, by its form.


      By being able to learn about the symbols of the analogies’ through the angels of

      Morilon it is possible to ‘understand any being appearing...in any sphere.’



      Here is one of our stories:




      Once upon a time an executive named Jed had to make a very important decision that would determine the fate of his computer company.   He had to choose a new manager for the technical operations division.


       He knew that the job responsibilities of this new person were so important to the survival of the company that who he chose would make or break its future success.


       He thought of the many fine intelligent people who had been drawn to work for this company, working together with good will and high visions to serve others. The company was working on cutting edge sophisticated computer technology.  So far, all of the company’s success had resulted from sustained enthusiasm, high levels of genius, good feelings and loyalty among the employees. The job required someone who would encourage and sustain these high spiritual ideals and espri de corps.  It had to be someone with good people skills and brilliant, inspired technical expertise.


      The most pressing problem was that he had to make a choice quickly. Time was of the essence.


       He knew that each of the three candidates that had been chosen by his personnel managers would try to impress him.  How could he see through their manipulations and make the right decision?


      He called on the Angels of ‘Morilon’ for help.


      A sense of deep peace descended upon him.  


       Flowing divine feelings opened his heart. His eyes softened. 


        A sense of the grandeur of Divine Being brought him comfort.  


       He knew he could trust his inner guidance.


       He relaxed back into his chair and looked up with a sense of joy when the first candidate, Joe, came into his office for his interview.


       Jed saw right away that Joe was unusual. First of all, there was a shimmering light around him. Even though he obviously had no sense of fashion, there was something about the way he moved and carried his shoulders that looked finer than any expensive suit could ever look.  


        He was relaxed and self contained.  


       He was beyond fashion.  He had no need for it.


      Like many geniuses, Joe seemed to have attention deficit disorder.  He would look sharply at Jed with a laser intensity in response to certain comments and questions, but then would fidget and seem bored as Jed drifted into seemingly casual talk.  His coffee stained resume was so technical in places that even Jed had trouble understanding parts of it.  


       This guy was obviously really out there.


      What was really fascinating about this candidate was that when Joe answered a question, his answer went straight into Jed’s soul and left him amazed and impressed.   It was as if Joe saw a much larger picture than the mere science of the situation. At times Jed felt as if he were in the presence of a spiritual master. 


       There was something uncannily incisive about Joe.


      Joe had a fine high forehead.  His hands were large with fine tapered fingers.  His nose looked like a Greek patrician and his skin glowed.  He wore a large ruby on the ring finger of his left hand with a mysterious symbol carved on it.


       Jeb felt that the inscription had a profound meaning. 


        When he asked Joe about it, he said it had belonged to his  favorite  grandfather,  a mysterious hermit who encouraged Joe to read fascinating books about mystical philosophy  


       The Angels of ‘Morilon’ inspired Jed to see that the symbol represented the four levels of  divine energy  that operate through enlightened mankind :  conscious omnipotent divine will and faith for the highest good of all, divine mind contemplating the original purity of all ideas, divine feelings of cosmic love, of all divine virtues, and happiness,  and finally divine sensations, memory and logic 

      Radiating Heart

         As he went within to listen to inner guidance, they showed him that many of the holy mystical symbols on earth represent this 'quadrapolar magnet' in various ways. He realized that these four represent the four brainwave patterns of Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta that develop from infancy through adulthood. They correspond to pure being that is one with Divine Being and all creation, pure deep inner thought, pure holy feelings and pure sensations.  In a poignant flash, he remembered his own purest states of infancy and childhood, the time of dominant Delta and Theta brainwaves, and understood what it meant in the Bible when it said, "Ye must be as little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, which is within."


       It seemed as though the company of Heaven hovered around Joe, and Jeb was sad to see him leave when the interview was over.  

       He realized that this man would be very advanced in his grasp of the subtleties of day to day operations of the company in addition to being an asset to the technical development of products.  


       Joe had felt like a long lost old friend.


      The next candidate came in with an outfit that would make a movie star envious.  Merle’s moves were smooth and his answers were verbally polished and “politically correct”.  He watched Jed like a hawk, but treated him casually like an old friend. His resume was textbook perfect, designed to impress.


       As Jeb questioned him, in his logical mind he became more and more impressed. If Merle could be believed, he was obviously the perfect person for the job. They would really be lucky to have him.


      Everything about him on the surface, though, seemed almost too good to be true. For some reason Jeb felt warily uneasy, as if he should watch his back.


       As this dangerous feeling got stronger, Jeb realized that even though at first glance he had thought Merle’s appearance seemed immaculate, there was an unnatural appearence to his expensive suit that made it seem uncomfortable, too pretentious. Merle also exhibited a very tight tenseness around his eyes, and there was a cruel tilt to his mouth at times. His sense of humor was a bit too cutting. In spite of his casual manner, Jeb saw Merle’s fingers clutch the arm of the chair so hard they turned white. 


      Jeb felt himself getting dizzy in his presence. A wave of nausea swept over him. When this man left the office, it took Jeb several minutes to recover his deep center.


      As he came to himself, the final candidate was ushered in for her interview. She was a quiet lady in her thirties, wearing a conservative pale green suit and a lovely necklace of lacy blue agate.  Her long hair was tastefully held by a pearl clapse. There was something royal and grand about her, but also a sense of weariness and suffering. 


      She seemed out of place, as if she were only there by necessity. The angels of ‘Morilon’ made Jed aware that the blue lace agate signified Janet’s purity and high spirituality.  The pearls represented her feminine energy of emotional nurturance, something the company sorely needed.  The pale green suit represented her attunement with the natural divine order of things and grace.


      She had an impressive resume, having worked with some of the finest minds in the business. It turned out that Janet was more than qualified scientifically.


       Interpersonally, Jed felt humbled in her presence, as if he were in the presence of true royalty. There was something rare and precious about her.


       He found out that she had indeed faced a recent change of circumstances that had caused her great sadness and hardship.


      As he spoke with her, time seemed suspended, and he felt as if he were transported into a more refined, exquisite world of sensitivity and grace.


      When she finally left he had the rest of the afternoon to ponder.


       In deep meditation, his first impressions were confirmed.  The first guy was a gentle genius.  If he were put in charge, every technical problem would be solved brilliantly, but he was a loner and would have a hard time socializing with other people.


      In Jeb’s opinion, the second guy could be a sociopath.  Unfortunately, he probably was in it only for what he could get out of it, or worse,  he might even be a corporate spy.  If he were put in charge, the department would become a political war zone and the business would be the final casualty.


      Janet, on the other hand, was a highly intelligent, spiritually advanced being of high ideals, impeccable ethics and deep insight into people and trends.  She saw the big picture; if he put her in charge, there was no limit to where the company would go.


      He looked at the budget.  He made a decision.


      He hired Joe and Janet both.  Janet became manager, Joe, chief of research. Janet and Joe became good friends.


       The company warmed up under their influence. Janet uplifted everyone spiritually.  Under her influence ethical decisions were made that put the company on the forefront of responsible global innovation.


      She quickly made healthful changes to the workplace.

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