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Crystaline Blue: Simply Be Love by Suzanne Carwell

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    http://crystalineblue.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/simply-be-love/ http://crystalineblue.wordpress.com/category/the-awakening/ Simply Be Love. Posted on May 23,
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      Simply Be Love.

      imagesThere is so much division  around the world  because of Religion and what people have been lead to believe that Love has been lost. Jesus was trying to bring all people together as were many other enlightened beings through the fabric of time but some how their teachings got lost in translation. It is now I know why they gave me the title for this blog in a channel all those months ago. Back then I did not really understand the meaning of these words now I do.                                                                                               Through my writings my Heart must be allowed to fully open to reveal what lies inside, I must show that Love survives through all things. Love is and will always be no matter where you were Born, Raised, Taught. No matter your Culture, Race, Language. Love is what links us all for it is a part of us. It is the Heart that beats  the Rhythm of the Soul, the spark that creates life our God Source.   Since my world was turned upside down, I have felt a disconnection to my words of late because of a shift in energies. Now I must look deeper than I have ever looked before.  I feel I have disconnected to the life I live  but at the same time I feel connected to something far greater than the me I am in this Now.  I have a sense of being in a form of stasis and when fully awakened every thread that has been pulled from my conscious and unconscious thought will attach  creating a tapestry of life that I am but a small part. In my mind I see an exquisite Mandala forming.                                                                                                              I also see the heart break in many these days when life sends them a curved ball.  This ball appears as if at random but in essence it is to make you stop in its wake and look around you. Look to what is true, see the beauty amongst the debris that is waiting to be discovered. Look into your being, do you like what you see is this what you really want to convey to the world or is it just a mask. Many of us hide behind many masks and in time loose the very essence of who we are what we are. Many of us have experienced many lives on Earth in many different environments,cultures,time lines. Now it is time to remove these Masks and stand with our true being exposed showing  those around us just how we got from A to B. The journey of the soul has been long and at times we have been lost with no idea how we even got this far but we did.  What many could not physically see within us they felt and were in time drawn to through out our many incarnations on Earth and this has grown each time we have incarnated. You see we all carry a spark waiting for the right moment to ignite into a flame. This flame resonates with sound with light. In the words of my Twin Musical notes made light Portals many time brighter and kept beams of light flowing forth in a constant beam of energy. Light only takes a light particle moments to break the sound barrier, light now has sound. Music now has design on many levels. Repeat sound makes a form on Earth project an image only Earth formed beings can see.   In Jesus case he is in the body of a Man but he is also of the light which makes him transparent, when we are also transformed into the light he will again be visible as will many of our Ascended Masters. Creator source is all around and within us all, do not place a label or a box called Faith around it. Light vibrates as a part of everything. Stand in Nature for a while listen to every man women and child without looking at their Race,colour,Religion,Culture then you will find Love is Universal without judgement.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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