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OmPlace ALTWIRE - May 23, 2013

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  • Ash
    SPIRIT CARD Namaste by Diane English Visit the Spirit Card Center! OUR 300th ISSUE Welcome to Issue 300 of OmPlace s Altwire. Please direct your submissions
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      by Diane English

      Visit the
      Spirit Card Center!

      OUR 300th ISSUE
      Welcome to Issue 300 of OmPlace's Altwire. Please direct your submissions and suggestions to: susanp@...

      FREE OmPlace Radio

      2013 Asheville Percussion Festival

      June 14-16, 2013
      in Asheville, NC

      The second annual Asheville Percussion Festival will take placeJune 14th-16th, 2013 at the Odyssey Community School in Asheville, NC. The mission is to provide a creative environment where percussionists of all traditions gather to explore, create and innovate. The festival will be hosted by Asheville's ambassador to rhythm River Guerguerian.Details and registration: see the website

      Akashic Records Intensive ~ Sacred Wisdom for Transformation

      Guatelamala ~ September 21-Oct 2, 2013
      The Earth energies have changed and will continue to shift for the next few years. We have completed a Karmic cycle of 26,000 years that ended December 21st 2012. Join Ernesto Ortiz, author of The Akashic Records ~ Sacred Wisdom for Transformation and Lorraine Meyer for an Inner exploration of the self in the land of the Mayas, where the Sacred Prayer magic came from. There is no better place in the world to explore the Akashic Records than in the birthplace of this energy. If you have been looking for a crystal ball that can help you and guide you in your life... Look no further; the Akashic Records is the answer. If you need direction, change of career, healing, inspiration, that is what you will get when you learn this material. Details and registration: journeytotheheart.com.

      Sacred Geometry
      Oracle Deck

      Anyone who has ever gazed at a spider's web, meditated on a mandala or Yantra, visited a pyramid, walked a labyrinth, or peered through a microscope has felt the effects of sacred geometry. Now the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck introduces an entirely new way for you to gain access to this wisdom and unlock its power. The set includes a 128-page 6X9 paperback book with 64 full-color oracle cards. See this page for more info or to order.

      Catch a Falling Star and other prints by visionary artist Francene Hart

      are available for only $45 each. Each print is 12x18, matted, sealed and signed. Please see this page for more information or to order.


      Upload music, listen to music, share music with your friends, and even make new friends. Most of the services are available with a free musician account and advanced features are available for less than 20 cents a day. For more info see the website.

      Reading Room
      Opening of the Higher Consciousness Through Praanaayaam
      by Brijendra, Transformation Meditation Online Institute / Excerpted from In the Stillness of Breath, Praanaayaam for Meditators
      As the air moves in currents in the atmosphere, or water moves in currents in a lake or ocean, so in the human system praan, too, moves in currents. The channels of these currents are called naadis. The naadis range from physical channels, such as arteries, veins, and nerves to subtle channels which, though unseen, exist and are vital to the living manifestation of a human being. In the natural, externally focused growth and development of a human being, life is considered to be dependent upon the physical channels, as seen, felt, known through the five senses. But these physical channels are manifestations of subtler currents of praan.
            Read full article >>>

      The Importance of Energetic Awareness
      by Diane Wing, M.A. / Excerpted from The True Nature of Energy: Transforming Anxiety into Tranquility
      Energy is vast and pervasive. It is all around us, forcing us into a relationship with it. All interactions contain an energetic component. The unifying forces of the Universe are omnipresent in both living entities and inanimate objects. People, animals, situations, objects, and environments contain and give off energy. Energetic insight is a source of constant information, an intuitive knowing that increases self-confidence and removes the drama by seeing yourself, others, and situations objectively and accurately.
            Read full article >>>

      The Power to Never Feel Powerless Again
      by Guy Finley / Excerpted from The Essential Laws of Fearless Living
      In one way or another, we often feel "trapped" by life. If it weren't true, we wouldn't spend as much time as we do trying to escape our circumstances. We're so involved with imagining and swimming to our own Fantasy Island, we never consider this important question: what if the condition we wish to escape were only an illusion that feels real? How would such a realization change our lives?
            Read full article >>>

      In the Stillness of Breath Praanaayaam, Yogic Breathwork Home Study Course by Brijendra,
      Transformation Meditation Online Institute

      Brijendra offers a complete program for studying praanaayaam, yogic breath work, in the comfort of your own home. This course provides the novice as well as the advanced practitioner both the foundation and intermediate levels. This will enable you to master the practice of praanaayaam for yourself and to teach it to others. Praanaayaam, is the fourth limb in Patanjali's system of Ashtanga Yoga, the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Pranayam practice comes right after asana, or the physical postures of yoga, called hatha yoga. Praanaayaam is essential for you to be able to meditate easily and to enhance and deepen your meditation practice.

      Benefits of pranayam according to recent scientific research:

      Several researchers have reported that praanaayaam (often spelled pranayam) techniques are beneficial in treating stress-related disorder. Pranayam has been shown to improve autonomic functions, relieve symptoms of asthma and reduce the signs of oxidative stress. Practitioners report that the practice of pranayam develops a steady mind, strong willpower, and sound judgement, and also claims that sustained pranayam practice reduces depression and anxiety, improves cardiopulmonary function and lowers the systolic blood pressure and respiratory rate, extends life and enhances perception. (see Wikipedia pranayam)

      This home-study course uses the In the Stillness of Breath Textbook and includes a course manual, mp3 recordings, email support, and a certificate of achievement from Transformation Meditation upon completion of the multiple choice quiz as well as a free listing for 6 months in our Worldwide Directory of Teachers and Centers.

      Download our Free Meditation Mp3s, Free Report on the Benefits of Meditation, and our Free Questionnaire: Am I Meditating Effectively?

      Please Register before June 30th to receive our special introductory tuition

      The Recent Breakthrough In HEALTHY LONGEVITY

      1. Makes the taking of your daily amount of fruits easier
      2. Boosts your immune system
      3. Balances the flora in your gut
      4. Promotes anti-aging
      5. Fights bad cholesterol

      While there are many factors that can lead a person to a healthy and long life there is one major factor that stands out. It is the RIGHT EATING HABITS. It includes most importantly 2 cups of fruits per day.

      To maintain a long and good health the USDA recommends 2 cups of fruits per day. Unfortunately according to John Hopkins University researchers only 11% of Americans consume enough fruits. This lack of fruits consumption is the main reason behind many illnesses such as; diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and etc.

      To make it easier for people to consume their daily recommended 2 cups of fruits, Maxx, Inc. created FruitsMax, which includes 21 fruits fused into one tasty tablet with an added plus, "Narine" probiotics, that belongs to the Lactobacillus Acidophilus family. This specific strain of Probiotics was proved to: a) improve the absorption of fruits' vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, b) balance the bacterial flora in our gut and c) strengthen our immune system.

      To Order Your Monthly Supply ($34.95/60 tablets)

      1. Call Now: 818-422-7456

      Mention the PROMO CODE: 7117 to receive 2 FREE Travel Packs ($7.90 value) with every purchase

      2. Or order online at www.myfruitsmax.com

      For online orders to receive 2 FREE Travel Packs ($7.90 value) send a text to above number with your FULL NAME and PROMO CODE: 7117


      Channeled Healings with Distance Awakening Sessions

      Loving - Powerful - Clear - Concise - Healing - Empowering - Insightful

      Distance channeled healing energywork, called Awakening, provides healing and clearing on all levels of your being. You will speak directly to Guidance in a Channeled Life Reading and then move forward into the energywork itself. This includes, but is not limited to, understanding the "blocks", more connections being made between your head and your heartspace, remembering clearly who you really are at all times and the clearing of illusions (this is their perspective of our unwanted experiences such as disease, limiting and negative beliefs, and all other forms of unclarity) thus healings occur on all levels. Your own Highself orchestrates your Awakening session making each one unique. These take 72 hours. Dr. Aaron will accommodate your work schedule.

      See what others are saying about Awakening


      Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training

      Have you always wanted to become a certified hypnotist as an adjunct to your current profession? Join our internationally recognized ten-day intensive trainings in Sedona, AZ and Los Angeles. This expert course is fast-paced, nurturing, thorough, highly experiential, and often life-changing. Mary Elizabeth Raines, author and teacher, is recognized by the National Guild of Hypnotists as "one of the leading practitioners of the art and science of hypnotism."

      "Have the time of your life learning tools for a lifetime!"

      For details, See this website or call 928-239-9805.

      OmPlace • 311 Montford Avenue • Asheville • NC • 28801
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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